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Adding my voice to the chorus of ‘2d Renaissance’ workers and aspirers


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It’s humbling yet ennobling, these days, to be among so many great and daring-to-be-great advocates of truth, justice, and liberty. I have written about rebirth and restoring the Republic, using other terms/phrases that lend themselves to the vision I’ve set forth in The Truman Prophecy for the New Paradigm. My so-called Billion+ Points of Light Society.

This column has a dual aim, proceeding from observations at the ramparts, so to speak: 1) to present what I’ve found to be the ‘Magic Move’ for acquiring basic independent understanding of our world and how to unravel the illusions/conditioning ‘we the people’ have had to deal with for decades, and 2) the immense liberating potential of understanding the legal meaning of key words.

The Four Horsemen of the Awakening… and Second Renaissance

The overriding fact is that what an individual believes or asserts depends on what he regards as valid sources of information. Most of my peers, including several to whom I’m very close, regard the mainstream media as THE source of their reality. They refuse to accept that this source is woefully corrupt and, in fact, a sophisticated mind-control technology run for decades by the Men of the Power Sickness.They refuse to accept that they have been lied to, that their perceptions and emotions have been engineered.

Fortunately, we can all break free of this mind-control agenda… thru a series of videos that invariably ‘break the spell.’ [Abandoning comfortable illusion is analogous to Truman Burbank leaving his gilded cage in the movie The Truman Show (1998); it is also the essential message of my Prophecy.] Herein, witness the cure (it goes by the mnemonic phrase: Thrive, Rule, Invisible, Experts)!:

  • ThriveThrive—is a social-activist philosophy and movement from Foster and Kimberly Gamble stressing free minds and free markets (the nonviolation principle), also exposing the full-spectrum dominance agenda of the Powersicks. Their epochal two-hour video is located here: It has been seen more than 37 million times in 27 languages. If you only watch one reality video for the rest of your life, Thrive deserves to be it.
  • Rule_ShadowsRule from the Shadows—needs to be in second place on your deprogram- ming bucket list. It’s actually a multipart video, but Part 1 is the essential documentary of how the oligarchs have manufactured perceptions and consent of the masses from—well, time immemorial, but mainly from—the early 1900s until now. This half-hour video ( is Mind Control 101; you will understand how and why the machinery has been unleashed on us.
  • Invisible_EmpireInvisible Empire—grimly entertaining exposé of the New World Order in its chief functionaries’ own words and deeds. Also approximately two hours long, this vid ( is the more specific complement to the Thrive video, showing pretty much who ‘they’ (who rule the world) are… though arguably the video’s creator excludes the Zionist-Israeli gang from his cross hairs. The conversational approach and presentation techniques of this video are nicely attuned to younger audiences.
  • ExpertsExperts Speak Out—(full title 9/11 Explosive Evidence: Experts speak out!) from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.T he best presentation of forensic evidence that the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings on 9/11/2001 was caused by controlled demolition—an expert process requiring months of preparation and access to the buildings. The two-hour long video (I find it here: is also exceptional in laying out other deceptions, the wars, and massive liberty violations that the true perps of 9/11 have accomplished thru this horrific false-flag act of state terror.

Anyway, with a couple of caveats and disclaimers, the above videos lay out the reality of where we stand as human beings of Independent psychology… and the threats we face from those of collective consciousness. If an individual is unwilling to consider the knowledge presented in these videos, or refuses to watch them altogether—the Thrive video is the most essential—then that person is most likely a victim of collective consciousness, and will only reach independent consciousness thru public pressure.

As I stated above, the videos compose a simple and convenient “‘Magic Move’ for acquiring basic independent understanding of our world and how to unravel the illusions/conditioning ‘we the people’ have had to deal with for decades.” These fine documentaries show you the truth, and the truth will set you free… setting the planet on a rapid healing course, a Second Renaissance.

What’s in a Word?

Cracking the Code, CtCIn the law, plenty… and the knowledge can be quite liberating. We need to realize that as a consequence of collective consciousness threatening now to overgrow the garden of independent human consciousness, Leviathan becomes a real menace to us Indies. Especially with corruption of objective, natural law. Whether one accepts it or not, the US Constitution was a carefully thought out legal document and the vocabulary developed under its aegis is quite exact: Black’s Law Dictionary (3d edition or earlier) sets out the precise meaning of many key terms… and the statutes themselves define any new terms arising.

On Earnings vs. Income

This past Sunday, the 3d of July, I attended author Pete Hendrickson’s annual gathering, which he calls Declaration Day… to celebrate one’s declaration of independence from inapplicable federal income taxes. You see, income has a precise meaning in the law, and it does not mean ‘everything that comes in.’ Rather, it means earnings as a consequence of exercise of a federal privilege—being a federal officeholder, receiving a government stipend, working for a federal agency or corporation, etc. Once one discovers that fact, as Pete did roughly 13 years ago, you know that if you’re making money ‘nonfederally,’ then you have no income and owe no tax.

As a result of this knowledge of the legal meaning of the word ‘income’ several 10s of thousands of individuals have recovered in excess of $2 billion in incorrectly withheld or paid taxes. Meaning they have kept their property per their natural rights and the supreme law of the land.

On Arms vs. Firearms, Keep vs. Carry

Also at the Declaration Day gathering I met an interesting individual who has done a lot of research into the precise legal meaning of words about guns. The Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms; this is an absolute natural freedom that inheres to individuals, who are the highest authority as sovereign. No law or statute can interfere with that natural freedom or right. This person sent me an email that gave me two links to his YouTube videos that explain the facts about gun freedom:

So the upshot is that when you start talking about ‘firearms and carrying’ instead of ‘arms and keeping/bearing,’ you’re playing the statists’ game, falling into the trap of accepting their rules. The government has the power to regulate and control matters of commercial privilege, which is what the former terms connote. Know the words, assert your natural rights, and refuse to submit. Some great insights and tips in these two videos, highly recommended for those wishing to exercise practical gun rights.

Note: Another great insight stemming from conversation with noduty2submit had to do with being proactive, in general, when an agency of government has launched proceedings against you. My memory is dim on the specifics, but basically you go on the offensive immediately and file an action in a ‘court of record’ that charges the agency who has initiated proceedings with misconduct, corruption, or attempted criminal violations of your liberty.

I’m going to be promoting this general strategy the more I understand it (of attacking instead of being in CYA defense mode) as I learn more about it. For one thing it integrates well with the current burgeoning understanding of the nature and role of people’s First Principles, independent grand juries—ref. my Truman Prophecy preview package here.

On Travel vs. Driving

As noduty2submit was explaining the importance of words regarding gun freedom, it became apparent to me that he was working the same basic conceptual corner as Pete was with on the federal ‘income’ tax. Interestingly, too, a week before the Declaration Day bash, I attended a light seminar by Mr. Larry Wise  of Michigan. His discoveries have led him to understand that traveling is an inherent and natural right of a sovereign people, whereas ‘driving’ and ‘motor vehicle’ and ‘transport’ have legal definitions entailing commercial activity. Further, the natural Constitutionally secured right preempts any interference by state motor vehicle officials or law enforcement with your freedom to travel.

Here is Larry’s card. He doesn’t have a Website at this point, but it’s coming.

Wise_Card1 Wise_Card2What you see on the bottom card is what Larry uses as his ‘license’ plate. His driver’s license has expired and he has no state vehicle registration. According to Larry, he has not been pulled over yet, yet has been driving for a long period. He sees law enforcement squad cars pull up, but they balk at interfering with him because (he asserts) the penalties for Constitutional transgressions are serious, and federal preemption of state regulations for noncommercial use of automobiles is ironclad.

His presentation showed a number of stops recorded by his adherents. They hand the stopping officer about three pages of explanation, and in every case shown the officer leaves them to proceed on their way. A short perusal of the Web browser reveals that the ‘right to travel’ movement is alive and growing. I’m not here to endorse Larry Wise’s specific program, but I can readily see his fundamental approach is the correct one: first know the law and the terms as they are stipulated in the law, then go ahead and uphold the law with confidence. [Note: you can see the system is frightened from a few anonymous sites purporting to debunk ‘right to travel’ (e.g.]

Right to retain direct earnings, right to keep and bear arms, right to travel. Peas in a pod. Make sure the individuals offering such liberating understanding have done their homework and are standup human beings, and, of course, check out their steps for yourself. [Over time the best systematic approach, that is easiest to implement, will win out.] Remember, we the people are sovereign in our liberty, and we must stand up for the clear meaning of the law, which at that base level enables what the founders and the First Principles of the Declaration set forth.



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