Brian’s Column: The Blue Pillar Syndrome, Part 2

‘Deprogramming’ the Blue Pillars—the imminent prospect of human liberation

emperor1The significant finding reported from Part 1 of this column is that truth-seeking independent human minds are figuring out how to unravel the mind-control lock that afflicts many of our ‘respected, moral productive peers’ due to the Global Mob’s (Glob’s) brainwashing programs. This is a HUGE discovery for advocates of humanity and liberty (via independent psychology), because when we Independents turn these so-called Blue Pillars away from their belief that American coercive establishment institutions (in particular) are morally legitimate, then in a nanosecond that malevolent beast of the establishment crashes and burns.

emperor2It will be like the Second Little Boy in the Hans Christian Andersen fable, The Emperor’s New Clothes. If you recall, in that story, the First Little Boy blows the whistle on the vain king. Then the boy suffers a whole lotta indignant reactions from all the adults, who say, “How dare you question our good and gracious king? You should be spanked and even sent to your room.” BUT—and the original fable doesn’t make it clear what causes the loyal subjects all at once to attest to the obvious truth.

Truman_Front_NewMy opinion, concocted in The Truman Prophecy, is that behind the scenes in the Andersen fable lay a ‘Second Little Boy’ who, in response to the adults castigating his friend, exclaimed in no uncertain terms that his friend, the First Little Boy, was absolutely and clearly right. At which point the crowd caved in immediately, ashamed of their lack of willingness to see and/or their cowardice/stupidity.

Therefore, turning the Blue Pillars, the respected ones who, over the years, have been subtly programmed to conform is very much like putting a Second Little Boy at the scene of the Big Lie… and having him publicly testify to what everyone knows is true. Frankly, I believe we are within a few months of a Second Little Boy doing just that and bringing down the Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS’) evermore corrupt and criminal house. I have four practical techniques for doing the turning, in effect decisively deprogramming our Blue Pillar friends:

  1. Toto (truth) via my Truman Prophecy ’10 Easy Pieces.’
  2. Dorothy (justice) via my idea of ubiquitous people’s grand juries—specifically, one BIG grand jury idea: forming an international people’s grand jury for investigating and indicting crimes against humanity.
  3. Truman (independence) via promoting the Blue Pillars to self-realize and then co-declare as Independents.
  4. Joy (being) via exposure to and practice of, minimally, the Spiritual Magic Move.

Success lies in the implementation details. I might also point out that powerful remediation forces are at play outside the Truman Prophecy context. Bottom line, just as in Andersen’s fable, I expect to see virtually all Blue Pillars turned and ‘the king’ suitably chastised by the end of 2017. Yes, there will be a substantial worldwide need and large scale projects for remediation of all the damage caused by the modern MOPS… but MOPping up, itself, will be a straightforward and rapid process. Humanity fully awake and everyone’s individual potential fulfilled by 2027.

I have this justified optimism thanks to understanding the immensity of the positive energy released into the universe as each precious Blue Pillar Syndrome sufferer comes on line. It will be unlike anything the world has ever seen. Now, the broad brush summaries of the turning salients. [Each of them refers to either a fuller exposition in a column or an soon to be released writing of mine.]

1) The Toto (Truth) Phase of the Truman Prophecy, Listing of the 10 Easy Pieces

These are 10 questions applying to each of seven high-priority ‘High-Crime Assaults’ (ref. the Threat Matrix) that I have posed in the Toto stage of The Truman  Prophecy. The questions are designed such that the answer to each is undisputed to both sides of the H-CA, whether an individual is pro or anti ‘official story.’

As identified in my Column “The Blue Pillar Syndrome, Part 2,” these truth nuggets are the first of four salients in ‘deprogramming’ our respected denying Blue Pillar peers. Use them as designed, eventually, if necessary, they’ll all be available on self-return-addressed postcards. I have written a separate column here, where all seven of the Ten Easy Pieces are listed and advisories for use included.

2) The World People’s Independent Grand Jury on Crimes against Humanity

HIddenPlease refer to this preview package from The Truman Prophecy, which describes and envisions one of the two major salients of the Toto (Truth) phase for fulfillment of the Prophecy. Namely, the reclamation of the American people’s inherent, First Principles tool of the common sense grand jury—an institution qua sword directly monitoring and controlling public official behavior (thus negating government-and-associates corruption/criminality), as well as to provide qua shield  a defense for every individual against any public official trying to run over an individual’s liberty.

Initially, I considered the idea of forming ‘virtual’ grand juries, which would be set up just as we envision real grand juries, only we would do the work online under auspices of a public service organization that would be populated nationwide at all the levels with virtual grand juries for high-profile, liberty-affecting cases. We would publicize the results of GJ deliberation to put pressure on public officials to start resurrecting real GJs for all jurisdictions.  This will work, and I have set it in motion with a writeup, but we need a major breakthru on this justice front NOW.

At a 9/11 Truth event featuring a visit from independent journalist Christopher Bollyn, I had a Bingo-Eureka moment. I believe this is it: the best idea for encouraging the proliferation of people’s grand juries is to start out BIG. In this case, essentially convene a series of international ‘war crimes’ tribunals… only configure them as true First Principles American grand juries with all the basics: random selection of 25 jurors who are not on a government’s payroll; adequate juror compensation;[1] access to all state investigative, judicial, legislative, and executive resources, as well as privately contracted services; full authority to subpoena witnesses, direct the activities of judges and prosecutors, and to otherwise enlist the state police power to compel public official cooperation. Here’s the column I put together to elaborate the concept.

Note: independent people’s grand juries are essential to ‘turn’ Blue Pillars away from their Dark Side states of mind. For example, imagine that an independent federal (or state) people’s grand jury(s) were formed to investigate and indict public officials for criminal fraud suborning aggression in the Sandy Hook hoax. A single indictment of a public official for a false-flag act of state terror would collapse the MOPS in a New York minute… by removing substantial numbers of Blue Pillar supporters.

3) Raising the Independents

T_B_Emblem_2The chief metaphor of The Truman Prophecy is to break free from and step out of the cage that the modern Matrix has tried to put us in—to spread our wings and fly, like Truman Burbank in the movie The Truman Show. That bold action of breaking free means, in reality, that we need to self-identify as beings of independent consciousness and then ASSERT that Independence. This is the big step that makes or breaks the species. And it happens one at a time inside every one of our private souls.

My book describing this metamorphosis, the Independents’ Field Manual, is in progress. It is the key manifested reality that leads to the New Paradigm of a Billion+ Points of Light Society, where all live free and flourish. I describe this process, as well as how we leverage it to readily turn the Blue Pillars, in a column here.

4) The J Spot—The ‘Move’

It emerged during the writing of The Truman Prophecy. One night, I happened to notice my sleeping cat, Tabby, and was transported into her utter stillness. I dwelt there in this restorative Deep Quiet for several minutes before going on to bed. In the morning, I awoke astonishingly refreshed—with an effortless inner flow of energy lasting the entire day. So I decided to try to reverse-engineer the process to come up with an everyday procedure that anyone can do to reach and abide in this place of peace… of Joy, Ease, and Lightness.

I speak more of The J Spot in my book of the same name, in progress. For converting Blue Pillars, the J spot via the Spiritual Magic Move (the Move) is a magic bullet the cutting of the Gordian Knot (please forgive the mixed metaphors). The Move helps to take a person out of reactive-compulsive mind and enables one to attain full consciousness—which is, of necessity, a product of independent being. I have produced a promotional introduction to The J Spot here.


[1] For starters, jurors and independent prosecutors for an international people’s grand need to be paid commensurately with the average salary of the heads of state of major Western countries. All expenses paid. [Jurors will convene both live—likely in the Netherlands, Switzerland, or another neutral country—and via secure teleconference.]


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