Brian’s Column: World People’s Grand Jury on Crimes against Humanity

To obtain justice for the people, think independent grand juries and think BIG!

Justice_LadyPlease refer to this preview package from The Truman Prophecy, which describes and envisions one of the two major salients of the Toto (Truth) phase for fulfillment of the Prophecy. Namely, the reclamation of the American people’s inherent, First Principles tool of the common sense grand jury—an institution qua sword directly monitoring and controlling public official behavior (thus negating government-and- associates’ corruption/criminality), as well as to provide qua shield  a defense for every individual against any public official trying to run over an individual’s liberty.

Initially, I considered the idea of forming ‘virtual’ grand juries, which would be set up just as we envision real grand juries, only we would do the work online under auspices of a public service organization that would be populated nationwide at all the levels with virtual grand juries for high-profile, liberty-affecting cases. We would publicize the results of GJ deliberation to put pressure on public officials to start resurrecting real GJs for all jurisdictions.  This will work, and I have set it in motion with a writeup, but we need a major breakthru on this justice front NOW.

The Bingo-Eureka Discovery

At a 9/11 Truth event featuring a visit from independent journalist Christopher Bollyn, I had a Bingo-Eureka moment. I believe this is it: the best idea for encouraging the proliferation of people’s grand juries is to start out BIG. In this case, essentially convene a system of international ‘war crimes’[1] tribunals… only configure them as true courts with First Principles grand juries at the foundation with all the basics:

  • random selection of 25 jurors who are not on a government’s payroll
  • adequate juror compensation and conditions[2]
  • access to all state investigative, judicial, legislative, and executive resources, as well as privately contracted services
  • full authority to subpoena witnesses, direct the activities of judges and pros- ecutors, and to otherwise enlist the state police power to compel public official cooperation.

It’s going to take a while to fully outline the processes and and data for this concept, so I’ll keep returning to this column and amending it with bullets and questions/requests for help on doing the implementation. I have this feeling that people worldwide are going to flock to the concept of bringing to heel the horrific predatory governments of Earth, along with the thousands of specific Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS) who populate and enable them.

Consider simply the massive crimes against humanity facilitated/implemented routinely by officials of our own federal government: the illegal war against Iraq that killed an estimated one million people and displaced five million more persons… not to mention imprisonment and torture of tens of thousands. These victims and their heirs would have standing in a grand jury serving any World Court worth its name. Bush, Cheney, all the neocons and their toadies in the intelligence services and in the propaganda media—the whole kit and kaboodle—would be hauled before the grand jury and indicted.

Note: For example, imagine that an independent federal (or state) people’s grand jury(s) were formed to investigate and indict public officials for criminal fraud suborning aggression (and/or actual atrocities) in, say, the 9/11 Attacks… or the Sandy Hook hoax… or all the other government hoaxes and false-flag real attacks on innocent human beings… or vaccine compulsion and devastation… or genetically modified foods… or toxic atmospheric spraying… or fry and spy (‘smart’) utility meters… or federal income tax subterfuge (lies) and gross official misconduct… you get my drift. [Note: all these frauds and assaults are fully (and, I think, cleverly) unraveled in my novel The Truman Prophecy.] A single indictment of a public official for a covert or false-flag act of state terror/crime would collapse the MOPS in a New York minute. Game over.

‘Indicted’ means presented to a petit (trial) jury under the notice that probable cause exists that the crimes for which individuals were charged were actually committed. Conviction of the principal perpetrators at a world trial court would be a slam dunk, lower echelon officials might be able to plead their way out and/or avoid conviction and severe punishment thru extenuating circumstances.

What punishment?

How about every official found and convicted as complicit in the death, torture, false imprisonment, and expropriation of innocent persons suffer the ultimate penalty of a) death by waterboarding, if the capital crime is associated with an illegal war, or b) death by hanging or crucifixion, if the capital crime is not associated with a military attack [such as infliction of death and maiming by spreading toxic chemicals in the atmosphere]?

[Just being facetious. But I do have to say an evil demon in me would pay good money to see Dick Cheney waterboarded, then succumb to a heart attack, on Bill O’Reilly.]

Don’t Forget Reparations

Truman_Front_NewSo, no, this isn’t about revenge. We shall not implement the death penalty for these heinous crimes against humanity, rather hideously boring life imprisonment for the worst offenders. Moreover, all those convicted of high-crimes against humanity will forfeit their entire fortunes, to be distributed among their victims or victims’ families and descendants. Here’s an enlightening passage from The Truman Prophecy:

“For war crime reparations, these have historically been charged on countries or governments; but we now know that the prime mover of war and war crimes resides behind the scenes in the upper-control centers of the banking dynasties. So the individuals and ruling families of these dynasties need to be targeted and assessed.

“War crimes are, basically, murder. So by committing mass murder, those fundamentally responsible and complicit, to quote some libertarian restitution arguments, ‘incur an infinite debt.’ Those you have killed cannot be brought back or restored. What war crimes reparations means, then—in the purity of the logic—is total liquidation of the perpetrators’ wealth and resources… or rather transfer of the loot to the heirs of the victims.”

“I’d like to add my two cents, here, if I may,” Bro Al interjected. “Trish, you make excellent points, and I agree with them. I can see right away that justice requires the ruling families of the West, broadly speaking, to distribute all their resources to those they’ve victimized. Meaning essentially to everyone else.

“Accomplishing that in an orderly and just manner is rather like, ‘Let’s set the sea on fire, you work out the details.’ I don’t think we need to work it all out today, but I do feel we need to find some brilliant legal minds—who are not bought by the system—and economics experts to give us a hand.”

Chance then stated, “Two things: First, let’s recognize that we’re anticipating the result of the grand jury (and whatever form of trial jury will attend to it). Second, any transfer or payment to the victims of such a result has to be real; which to me means distribution must be accomplished by conveying ownership of real assets.

Yes, all of the assets—per your analysis, Trish. [And, yes, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and other crime bosses spend the rest of their lives in jail—or, better, under house arrest in modest middle-class neighborhoods.]

“I feel that movement toward a just world requires a whole new model of money and wealth, a new architecture of the economic system. Central banks and government control of money and credit are ending by Rise of the Independents. So, too, are state-privileged corporations. Economic power becomes distributed, cooperative, and voluntary. Large-scale, state-franchised-and-privileged enter-prises are dinosaurs.”

So it’s not a cut-and-dried solution. Which is why we the people are going to need some fine legal and economics’ minds, ones not associated with the crime families, to help lay out the restitution program. Bottom line: even discounting the massive wealth extracted and destroyed through the war machinery, the MOPS own tens of trillions if not hundreds of trillions of hard assets, the distribution of which to the productive classes (and to their war crime victims) will vastly ease our transition to the New Paradigm world of peace, freedom, and abundance.

Thus, the call for a World People’s Grand Jury on Crimes against Humanity also promises real economic justice.

Provisional Strategy on the World People’s Grand Jury System Founding Process

So how do we get started with the WPGJ concept? First let’s be clear that the purpose of the grand jury at the world level is the same at any other level of society: to give the people direct monitoring and control over public officials, the better to end these officials’ corrupt/ criminal behavior. Take a properly configured US federal grand jury, it is run by the people and for the people: once it brings its presentments (indictments), then the normal federal judiciary-maintained trial jury system takes over.

[Note: as people’s independent grand juries emerge, or rather reemerge, we shall also render the trial juries fully responsible to the people—with random selection of nongovernment-employee-or-corporate-state-beholden citizens, clearly established nullification powers, the right to judge law and fact, and jury supremacy over government officials.]

risk_gameMy point is that we need to keep the project manageable by using whatever we can in the legal structures (with proper people-oriented modifications) of supporting nation-states. There I just uttered the magic phrase: “supporting nation-states.”  It certainly is not a given that any existing nation-state government or global cartel profit center will support the WPGJ system.

For simplicity, we’ll target for WPGJ support all the nation-states of the continents we know from the Risk® game board, leaving out any abject, pathological fascist or socialist dictatorships like North Korea and Venezuela, or warlord-torn basket cases such as Somalia, or religious autocracies like Saudi Arabia. Here’s my starter list:

  • the US
  • Canada
  • Central America
  • South America
  • Israel
  • most Middle Eastern countries
  • the UK
  • rest of Europe
  • Russia
  • most of Asia
  • China, maybe will sign
  • most SE Asian countries
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • other ‘stable countries’ in Africa

If the project team can get the bolded major power states to support the WPGJ as the voice of the people and abide by its authority and presentments, then the remainder of the countries will fall in line. And, by the way, vice versa: In other words, if a large number of the nonbolded nation-states comes into the support agreement, the bolded countries will likely be pressured in.

Today’s reality is that the US and Israel are the predominant world empire tag team, pushing a Pax Americana/Greater Israel Project global hegemony. That aggression policy in all its variations is the ultimate source and prime mover of the lion’s share of war crimes and other atrocities—including the really nasty Big Brother stuff run by the spook brigades (so-called intelligence agencies performing black operations). Several other countries’ covert ‘espionage’ entities cooperate with the prime movers. Thus, to state that this transnational cauldron of New World Order (NWO) leaders and thugs is rife with WPGJ- indictable individuals is a gross understatement.

Further, once the investigations begin they are likely to lead to secret chambers of multiple Dr. Evils—the horror, psychopathy, and depravity of which can scarcely be imagined. Needless to say, the global Death Star’s shields are going to be on highest alert at the first sign that we the people are coming to serve subpoenas on the Darth Vader entourage. How do we, the world justice warriors, get by the shields?

As mentioned above, I believe the strategy has to be to leverage the non-NWO nation-states, or those governments who retain a halfway-sane and sympathetic connection to the real human beings of their country. Bring them in as sponsors of the WPGJ, much as a Congressman lines up sponsors for a piece of legislation he’s proposing.

Implementation of the WPGJ

The following shows the general outline for the prospectus, which also suggests the approach and project for popularizing and implementing the WPGJ system:

prospectus1Note: I am linking this outline to my Truman preview package pdf on grand juries.

Let me just say at this point that nothing will happen (to create a WPGJ system) without a substantial social movement of thousands, then tens of thousands, then millions of individuals. And it is becoming more important for me, myself, to realize that fact of reality. So realizing that fact—and the fact that I have neither the youthful energy nor popularity nor wealth and stature to “make this happen”— why do I bother conveying such ideas? Maybe just because “it’s there.” I find that I can’t NOT exercise my imagination… to put at least plausible solutions out there.

Maybe someone(s) with the qualities I currently lack will catch the spark and run with it.

The WPGJ is one such plausible idea that deserves a try. Has anything else worked to stymie and subdue the MOPS? If you’re of like mind and you see some real potential, please, as I mention at the bottom of the column, get in touch and let’s move the ball forward. I think the WPGJ stands a decent  chance of being an idea whose time has come; I present some education on the nature of true grand juries below. But first, let’s look at a prospective full WPGJ transition tool…

… Interim Prototype WPGJ for the 9/11 Attacks

911_WTCsThe crime of 9/11 has been crying out for a federal grand jury investigation bringing indictments of (what I would estimate to be) several hundred legitimate suspects based on actual evidence. Kevin Ryan has published a book identifying 19 of these. But researchers have uncovered dozens more, especially when you consider the documented actions and behavior of individuals with loyalty to and/or citizenship in other countries, mainly personnel in the executive branch, foreign policy, military, and intelligence agencies of Israel.

The legal crime prosecution problem becomes how do you go forward with investigation and indictments when perhaps the lion’s share of the suspects are citizens, even high-ranking government officials and corporate partners of other countries? Let’s look at this condition as an opportunity to forge the people’s justice with an international people’s grand jury composed of disinterested jurors to call witnesses and suspects to testify. Then submit indictments over to the existing World Court for trial, with the proviso that World Court petit juries be composed of non-government persons or persons who do not draw their sustenance from the same governments and corporations whose personnel have shown probable cause to have participated in the 9/11 high-crime.

We need to integrate any 9/11 grand jury effort on an international level with US federal and/or state grand juries. Here’s a passage to give you a fictional view from the Prophecy:

The decision was made to conduct Grand Jury 9/11 in stages: the first stage being creation of a virtual grand jury at the state level—probably New York or New Jersey being given preference, because of the residence of so many 9/11 truth activists there and because a greater number of the victims of the WTC destruction lived in one or the other of the states.

The second stage goes to actual independent and empowered grand jury(s) deliberation at state and federal levels.

The virtual independent state grand jury for 9/11 was composed of 25 persons drawn randomly from residents 18 and older… and who would agree to do the research and deliberate with other jurors in cyberspace for at least four hours per week. They had to swear an oath to the Constitution and to seek the truth and nothing but the truth.

At the point of the 9/11 virtual grand jury founding, the country was becoming a parade for grand juries. Masters and other leaders in New York/New Jersey Grand Jury 9/11 anticipated presentments and indictments—probably early 4Q.

And they would be publicizing deliberations to beat the band from day one. All leading to the actual REAL grand jury goal by end of 2016.

Arguably the premier 9/11 truth organization in the world, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (, has constantly pushed for an true, independent investigation of the attacks of 9/11, where investigators have subpoena power. Guess what! We Americans already have a body that meets that definition: it’s called a grand jury.

If AE911 would simply coordinate its truth and justice efforts with restoring and asserting our independent grand jury authority in this country, we would readily make the transition to handle the international culprits in the attacks… with a WPGJ. Then proceed to the other high-crime assaults, most of which have been caused by persons working under the transnational auspices of the New World Order.

Background on Common Sense, First Principles’ Grand Juries

HIddenMy understanding of this native grand jury power and our hallowed civic responsibility for wielding it originated in Kelly Mordecai’s, The Hidden 4th Branch: A corrupt government’s worst nightmare. This was in summer 2013. He and I have both learned a lot since then, and I’ve become impatient to make operational 24/7/365 what I call ‘ubiquitous, inde- pendent, people’s grand juries,’  by the end of this election year, or the end of the next year, 2017, worst case. It doesn’t take much, in theory.

I write about it in the Grand Jury Preview package here. In theory, grand juries are formed by the people directly as the need arises. Their purpose is to investigate and indict (present to a trial jury) a) wrongdoing of government officials and their associates and b) major crimes of private individuals and groups of individuals against one another. In practice, grand juries come into being through the laws of a legislative body (a sitting grand jury) or the action of government officials (a ‘special’ grand jury).

The US government uses both sitting and special grand juries. Most states and counties have grand juries, some do not. By First Principles and common law heritage, the people have direct access to file complaints or petitions of wrongdoing to any grand jury having jurisdiction where they reside. This access was commonplace in colonial times, but the people have allowed the coercive state at all levels to steadily take away this people’s access to grand juries.

Indeed, as important, the people have allowed the coercive state at all levels to steadily ignore and subvert the ultimate, supreme authority of the people’s grand jury over public officials of every branch of government—hence, the proper people’s independent grand jury as the ‘4th Branch.’ Today, grand juries are effectively rubber stamps of judges and prosecutors, most of whom are not about to inform them of their true power and authority.

So how do we resurrect the grand jury to its high echelon in the political cosmos?

Basically, through awareness and teaching the people about the institution. But considering the urgency of Threat Matrix high-crime assaults of the Glob’s Death Star ops, we the people have to move to take charge immediately. How do we go about it? I’ve given it a lot of thought. The sad fact is that even if we were to find a few good judges who understood the nature of grand juries and were willing to configure sitting ones or empanel special ones properly, we still have a HUGE learning curve for people to be able to take back their power effectively and imminently. [Plus these good judges would likely have to kiss off their careers or even face being physically harmed or killed.]

The answer then will turn out to be a combination of virtual grand juries, and, then, the subject of this column: the Big Kahuna, the World People’s Grand Jury on Crimes against Humanity. Please email me with ideas and suggestions for popularizing this bold new idea that will surely appeal to the hundreds of millions of individuals who have been hammered flat by the Global Mob.

[1] By war crimes I actually mean capital high-crimes against humanity of any nature, including all the assaults I identify in the Threat Matrix.

[2] For starters, jurors and independent prosecutors for an international people’s grand need to be paid commensurately with the average salary of the heads of state of major Western countries—same goes for jurors in subsequent international war crime trial juries (who shall also be bereft of any government-employed personnel). All expenses paid, the most luxurious accommodations, tax free. [Jurors will convene both in person—likely in the Netherlands, Switzerland, or another purportedly neutral country—and via secure teleconference.] Many cases, such as the 9/11 Attacks will require several months, even a few years, to adjudicate.











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