Brian’s Column: First Trump vs. Hillary Debate 2016

What’s missing from ALL the prez candidates is grasp/assertion of simple truths…

… and/or willingness to stand up for them

gary_johnson_debateWatching the first TV debate between Trump and Hillary. Both candidates are wholly buying the false terror narrative and not a word is being uttered on behalf of the fact that ‘we’—what I’ll rather whimsically, but nonetheless accurately, refer to as the Transnational Zionist-Neoconservative Alliance (TZA)—have created and support ISIS. Trump is a disaster on civil liberties, supporting NYC’s ‘stop and frisk,’ not even discussing the phenomenon of corrupt cops decimating the ‘underclass,’ mainly blacks and Hispanics, in the urban environment… not that that fact is what is causing the several riots, which are contrived responses, as well, for the chaos agenda of the elites.

Actually, on that score you have to give the edge to Hillary who does not support ‘stop and frisk’ and at least acknowledges the wholesale corruption and menace of major city police departments across the country… or at least doesn’t strongly deny the phenomenon. Both of them want to disarm anyone on a no-fly list, which at least Trump throws out a crumb, that the (vast numbers of) people who are on the list in error should be able to prove that they are there wrongly.

Trump even conceded that Obama was born in the United States, after he says he made Obama produce an “authentic birth certificate.” [Pardon me, I don’t think an authentic Hawaiian birth certificate has yet been made public, because I do not think one exists.] Of course, Hillary puppets all the false-flag ‘alleged terrorist’ incidents, using them as a pretense for more power to send to Washington to further destroy our rights. On that score Trump weakly chimes in with slightly different tacks, but conceding as ALL the candidates do, the false-flag TZA state terror and war agenda.

It’s hopeless, too, when you look at the cradle of WWIII, probably Syria, where both candidates support the ziocon agenda of removing Assad and creating chaos worldwide. Trump wants to “knock the hell out of ISIS.” When is he going to discover that ISIS is an agency created by the United States and the TZA?! He has to know that the policy there is to destroy not ISIS but Assad, whom Russia supports. The policy there is the Greater Israel Project and WWIII. When is he going to step up and acknowledge the truth? Both of them are leading us into WWIII.

After_911_Truth_Cover_Front_ReducedUnfortunately, the LP candidate Gary Johnson is close behind them, and even the Green candidate Jill Stein is either afraid to state the truth about ISIS or still ignorant about it. We do not have a single truth candidate in the field. Where does truth start these days? Geez, everywhere. But you cannot have a valid leader in the politics of any Western country at any level who accepts the official story of 9/11. The emperor is naked and not a soul on the mainstream media stage is EVER going to call him out… unless we the people of truth and justice pressure them to do so.

So who does one vote for for president? I’m still leaning toward Johnson, but barely. NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THE CANDIDATES WILL MAKE A WHISKER’S WORTH OF DIFFERENCE SO LONG AS THEY CLING TO THE OBVIOUSLY FALSE-FLAG, BRAINWASHING NARRATIVE OF THE ELITES. Frankly, it really doesn’t matter. But I will say that it may be best for the liberty movement that Hillary win, because whoever wins is going to be blamed for the economic crash that’s imminent. If Trump wins, then when the crash comes, the MSM will make Trump out to be a liberty person to discredit the liberty movement.

I will say that Trump has the demeanor of success. He provides a sliver of hope on the economic front, he talks about the reality of jobs and losing our humanity to globalism. Hillary is the same old s**t, she’s like Big Brother of 1984. Though they are both on the same false-flag foreign policy bandwagon. It’s a total crapshoot between which of them will initiate WWIII first, unless Obama beats them to it. For that reason and that reason Truman_Front_Newalone–which is actually a pretty big reason–I think the only rational decision is to vote for Johnson-Weld. Though they, too, share the same false narrative, I believe Johnson, in particular, is freer to choose to exercise common sense.

Jill Stein is not on enough ballots to win. Otherwise I think I’d vote for her. (She has Ed Snowden-worthy courage.) So that’s my pick and I’m sticking to it. Johnson-Weld: Least likely to start WWIII in the next two years! How’s that for a campaign slogan! Here’s my book ( and here’s a promo intro for my soon to be published next book:




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