Brian’s Column: Tuesday 11/08/2016 is Independents’ Day…

… and, oh, coercive governments in America also will be electing sundry officials

pcr_trump_commentFirst, let’s take care of that ‘other thing,’ namely who to vote for in the general election for president [ref. insert and the PCR link]. →

Please, to all my friends in the liberty movement (or simply my well-meaning liberal friends who have deep feelings about common-sense good government), DO NOT SLIT YOUR WRISTS if Trump wins. Liberty activists are driving the only moral-intellectual bus the Donald will be riding in on. Thus we shall have great influence over his policies, whether he likes it or not. Wikileaks isn’t going away; the Donald will stay above board and transparent—become a conduit for quickly dismantling the Global Mob (Glob)—or he’ll be outed like the Clintons.[1]

Note: Despite the Clinton Crime family being effectively demolished by Wikileaks et al in the past two weeks, the Oligarchs behind Hillary still have a few poison darts up their sleeves—not only Obama encouraging illegal aliens to vote, but reports that a false-flag cyberattack is being designed by the US deep state to cause a ‘blackout’ on election day that will blamed on the Russians [resulting in throwing out the results, martial intervention, if Trump appears to be winning].
My take: landslides cannot be rigged… or unrigged. Get out and vote Trump!

Trump says he wants the people to take charge of their lives and their government. We’ll see if that’s true. We have to be wary of last acts of Glob desperation or self-destruction, such as crashing the world economy and blaming it on the Freedom People. But I’m optimistic. Even if Hillary wins, she’ll soon keel over or be frog-stepped off the world stage in an orange jumpsuit. [We the people are finally on the verge of running things; the productive class stands ultimately to receive massive reparations from the banksters for centuries of central-state larceny.]

Which leads to my own contribution to Global Spring

Independents’ Day

Truman_Front_NewSome of you know that I published a novel early this year, The Truman Prophecy… which envisions a ‘Global-Spring’ [e.g. a new-paradigm Billion+ Points of Light society] for our species based on three central principles:

  1. cultivate psychological independence as one’s highest calliing—symbolized by The Truman Show (1998), where the protagonist walks off the giant TV stage, refusing to be manipulated or controlled by the collective any longer.
  2. pursue truth relentlessly—conveyed in the classic scene in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy’s dog, Toto, leaps from her arms and opens the curtain on the befuddled old man posturing as a godlike authority.
  3. insist on justice—from the same Wizard of Oz scene, as Dorothy reads the riot act to the Wizard for deceiving her… exacting restitution (get her and Toto back to Kansas); real world analog = resurrection of people’s independent grand juries.

Writing the book has led me, as well, to define a political philosophy called Trumanism that extols the above principles in action. In the book, my alter ego (the Prophet) Hiram T. Chance points out two companion works that flow from Truman: a spiritual writing[2] elaborating on the novel’s referenced ‘Spiritual Magic Move’ and a so-called Independents’ Field Manual. The latter is to cover the ‘how to’ steps for creating the Truman-prophesied world in reality, step one being a personal realization and public declaration of oneself as a human being of Independent consciousness (Indiecon).

Unfortunately, I have neglected thus far to stick to, or truly even create, any workable plan to accomplish either of these follow on booklets. And Truman‘s grandiose Independents’ Day celebration/launch event is now upon us: November 8th. Furthermore, I haven’t gone beyond the templates set forth in the novel to write effective document forms that, in the real world, we simply must have to effect the transformation to full human consciousness, worldwide. The nature of these forms is as follows:

  • Declaration of Independent—assert one’s rise to Independent being, a separate life form from collectivized-consciousness (Collecticon) others, and one’s intent to neither sacrifice oneself to others or others to oneself, esp. not by force
  • Affirmation and Code of Conduct—modest motivational tool, basic standards of behavior to distinguish and elevate ‘our kind.’
  • Affidavit of Self-Governance and Transition—dealing more with the legal details that characterize society as we Indiecons rise to deprogram (or leave behind) the Collecticons; more important in the early stages of the transformation.

All of the above I shall shortly plan and accomplish, but tonight I feel the need to write a provisional Declaration, to be made available in two days for me and whoever else should like to join me at Independents’ launch. Our true-life Independents’ Day will consist of each of us reading, then signing our personal Declaration of Independent document in the presence of a notary. Followed by photographs, w/ champagne and noisemakers. Maybe. Email me here if you are interested.

The provisional Declaration reads as follows (find the pdf version here):

Declaration of Independent
<Full Name>

As an individual being of conceptual consciousness exercising full and exclusive dominion over my body, mind, and judgment I declare my independent being and natural freedom to act for my life as I see fit… without initiating force on others. Accordingly, I shall:

  • opt out of societies run by or for human beings of collectivized consciousness
  • sever allegiance to and deny jurisdiction of coercive state bodies or agencies
  • turn humans of collectivized consciousness to independent consciousness
  • work to create an Indie society, for all who abide by the nonaggression principle

To prudentially effect the above actions, I accompany this Declaration with an Affidavit of Self-Governance and Transition (ASGAT), stating specific conditions that I shall conform to and require of existing government(s) pursuant to severance:

  • Transition period
  • Existing constitutional legal framework
  • Operation of people’s independent grand juries and petit juries
  • Duration of consent to lawful taxation
  • Expiration of government-benefit systems
  • Reparations from government central-bank financial associates
  • Abrogation terms (unconstitutional acts of government aggression)

Special Immediate Mandate

Regarding people’s independent grand juries, I require that I and every one of the people have access to an independent grand jury of our peers, which upon complaint or petition, shall interpose (investigate and indict) a) as a shield against corrupt public official attacks on individuals or b) as a sword to hold corrupt public officials accountable for gross misconduct.

Regarding people’s independent petit juries, jurors shall be notified by presiding officials of jurors’ authority to judge law and fact, and thus to acquit defendants based solely on a juror’s conscience.

Individuals shall have unfettered freedom to record any hearing in court or before public officials.

In the absence of government compliance with the Special Mandate,
I hereby deny consent to proceed


Thus, I solemnly pledge and declare: I am a free and independent being, absolved from all connection to or support for coercive governments… and hereby dissolve the bands that have connected us.

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

Signed: _________________________________ Date:_________________________

[Notary Area]

Info and copies of this Declaration form:


[1] On the occasion of the Oligarchy’s imminent collapse, I want to express my sadness and sympathy, truly, to those I know and love who have nonetheless succumbed to the Blue Pillar syndrome—psychological dependence on the Matrix. Esp. on its engineered image-feeling mind traps embedded in mainstream media. [Virtually all the pop pundits and ‘journalists,’ left or right, many of whom these dear friends of mine have come to like and regard as authoritative, will be given notice on November 9th. Some, based on Wikileaks revelations of their shielding racketeers from discovery, may be accompanying HRC to Leavenworth.]

It is horrifyingly traumatic when one’s whole worldview crashes in a relative instant. All I can say in solace is that the sun will come up tomorrow (at least assuming we soon put the climate engineers in jail) and you can learn to use your own consciousness in the manner intended: question authority and apply logic to your beliefs; learn to distinguish emotions from reasoning, abandon forever externally ‘acceptable’ perceptions and mind- collectivism. Global Spring will come to shine brightly through your own windows, too. Eventually as brightly as thru the windows of those who earlier adopted the path of Independent consciousness.








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  1. Hi Brian,

    Congratulations Brian, Trump is now USA President and I for one think he will do a great job!

    The Don is a hugely creative thinker and he fully understands employing/appointing wonderfully talented people and then allowing them free reign with minimum supervision.

    Hey Dude, not sure if you know but I’m 80 now…

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