Guest Column: Who’s the Mideast Monster(s)

War v. Syria would be Evil Empire final chapter
by Mark Farris

Mark FarrisHere is my latest letter to the editor printed in the Monroe Evening News Thursday Sept. 12th. I attended the 9/11 Advancing the Truth conference in D.C the 14&15th and loved it. I bought 100 copies of A&E Experts Speak Out DVD for $200 and am distributing them free.

Brian, below is the original I sent in as an op-ed and the paper refused it but accepted the downsized version as a letter to the editor. I think the original was 960 words and the downsized letter is 400.  I dropped the two underlined lines in the one I sent you earlier and added the bold line to make the 400 word maximum. I don’t complain too much when the paper won’t let me have my way because I know they take a lot of heat for printing my letters. I appreciate them allowing me to have a say, some papers only allow about a hundred-word letters. I’ve probably had a hundred or so letters and a few op-eds printed in the Monroe News over 30 yrs. Most of them against the grain. Continue reading