Guest Column: Who’s the Mideast Monster(s)

War v. Syria would be Evil Empire final chapter
by Mark Farris

Mark FarrisHere is my latest letter to the editor printed in the Monroe Evening News Thursday Sept. 12th. I attended the 9/11 Advancing the Truth conference in D.C the 14&15th and loved it. I bought 100 copies of A&E Experts Speak Out DVD for $200 and am distributing them free.

Brian, below is the original I sent in as an op-ed and the paper refused it but accepted the downsized version as a letter to the editor. I think the original was 960 words and the downsized letter is 400.  I dropped the two underlined lines in the one I sent you earlier and added the bold line to make the 400 word maximum. I don’t complain too much when the paper won’t let me have my way because I know they take a lot of heat for printing my letters. I appreciate them allowing me to have a say, some papers only allow about a hundred-word letters. I’ve probably had a hundred or so letters and a few op-eds printed in the Monroe News over 30 yrs. Most of them against the grain.

Note: The Coffee Coaster is printing the long version.

Editor Evening News,

Cruise missiles didn’t solve anything in Iraq and cruise missiles and drones have not solved anything in Afghanistan. American intervention in Syria will only further destabilize the entire middle east and that I believe is the end game. Corporate America has it’s fingers in everybody else’s business and people wonder why America is hated around the world. We are the current empire in decline as we make the exact same mistake every preceding empire made by overextending militarily as infrastructure crumbles here at home.

Almost one and a half trillion dollars have been wasted on genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan and the war profiteers can’t find pocket change for schools and health care. America is bankrupt financially and morally.

Almost one and a half million people died in Iraq after they drank from the cup of American democracy. Few in the current debate on just another war are willing to address the fact America regularly uses chemical weapons around the globe to further the goals of the war profiteers in Washington D.C. You only have to look back at the war crimes committed in Vietnam to reveal self righteous liars.

Just 5 years after America helped liberate the French from the Nazis, America was helping reimpose French economic exploitation of Vietnam. France dominated Vietnam for a century and the Vietnamese people sacrificed a million and a half people to reject France and American democracy.

The U.S. used white phosphorus weaponry and napalm against innocent S.E. Asian villagers and we can never forget the 20 million gallons of Agent Orange spread across S.E. Asia during that sad chapter in American history. Zyklon B had to be used in a small area but Dow Chemical used a wide brush to paint Agent Orange on friend and foe alike. Absolute war criminals are war profiteers. White phosphorus was used by the self righteous war profiteers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Israel uses it against the Palestinian people and American war profiteers look the other way. The world looks the other way as the U.S. military spreads depleted uranium munitions used during tank busting operations in southwest Asia. Without a federal nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, I guess the profiteers decided to just spread radioactive waste around the other side of the planet.

Everyone should understand the destabilization of Syria is simply a prelude to a showdown with Iran. Only recently the CIA. has admitted that it set up a coup in 1953 against the democratically elected leader of Iran, Prime Minister Mossadegh. He was removed to make way for our puppet dictator, the Shah of Iran.

If you want a glimpse at a lesser Hitler, read up on Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi. He is only one of many torturous gangsters America has employed against innocent people around the world in order to allow corporate America to murder, rape and rob all in the name of profits. Our appointed representatives around the globe represent pure evil. Gangsters ruled the world then and they do now.

There is no concrete evidence Bashar Assad gassed anybody. If you go on line you’ll see as much evidence to show the US backed rebels are responsible for the release of chemical weapons on their own people. Our enemies are now our friends and our friends will soon be our enemies. Gotta turn a profit you know. Everybody should question why our government is working to disarm the American people as the war profiteers sell weaponry around the planet. It’s fairly well known war profiteers will gladly sell weapons to both sides to make way for the extraction of profit.

For a better understanding of the situation in Syria, everyone should know Syria is the route for a natural gas pipeline from Iran to the European economy. Also, understand Syria sells energy to Japan. Furthermore, corporate America had intent to sell a nuclear reactor to Iran but Iran instead went with a Russian reactor. Nuclear energy is a waste, it is antiquated technology which only leads to no good all the way around.

Cruise missiles into Syria will open a Pandora’s box of genocide in the middle east. Syria has the latest Russian anti-ship missile system in place and if in retaliation Syria should get lucky and hit or sink a U.S. warship, American boots on the ground are inevitable. America is financially and morally a bankrupt nation.

The true Mideast monster is Israel. The American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) is an out of control religious organization. The Zionist Jews are still fighting Old Testament wars and are intent on ancient payback. I can only hope there are enough Jewish people who understand their zealous leaders are mentally twisted. That they’ll fight to stop Zionist fantasies of being God’s chosen people. That minimalist ideology is racist to the max!

I hope there are enough American people fed up with greed to prevent another meaningless war. Bronze Age mythology still unfortunately dominates the modern world. Those who use the Bible to justify more war should consider the Book of Joshua 1:4:

The Jewish god said, “ From the wilderness and this Lebanon even unto the great river, the river Euphrates, all the land of the Hittites, and unto the great sea toward the going down of the sun, shall be your coast.”

Those Jewish authors considered those words an owners manual for early empire and the intent today is to carry that lunacy forward. The New Testament is of course just a title SunFLOWertransfer to the gentiles.

The military industrial complex has bankrupted this country. War with Syria will be the final chapter for this evil empire called America.

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