Brian’s Column: What the World is Coming to

Interlode from the Truman Prophecy, Final Thoughts on Independents’ Day

Chance, for 50 years has served on several fronts of the general liberty cause. Now, he feels he’s finally struck gold… with the Independents’ Movement (IM), as supported by the truth and justice salients described in this book. The essentials of the political world he sees are laid out in the following diagram (first produced as part of the  Worldwide Toto project}:

Simplified_Diag_w_TotoTwo important points are that a) the Truman-Indie project will be removing the Coercive Monopoly Government box (causing the end of the Old World Order in the upper left hand corner) and b) humanity will adopt a ‘voluntary government’ public service association (PSA) approach to supply legitimate public services. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Spillin’ with Dunkin’

“America [gets the?] runs on Dunkin’ Donuts”
by Brian Wright (orig. 4/25/11)

Let’s just start out by stating that in my humble opinion (IMHO) Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee stands only slightly above used motor oil on any sober taster’s choice scale. But that doesn’t keep the product out of the hands of millions of, obviously hungover, world customers, daily. What William Rosenberg began in Massachusetts after WW2 as a catering business featuring coffee-break snacks, became the franchise operation Dunkin’ Donuts (DD) in 1950; initially DD also focused mainly on the pastries. Now, according to its corporate info, “over half of Dunkin’ Donuts business today is in coffee, making it more of a competitor to Starbucks…” as opposed to its traditional baked goods competitors. Continue reading