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Interlode from the Truman Prophecy, Final Thoughts on Independents’ Day

Chance, for 50 years has served on several fronts of the general liberty cause. Now, he feels he’s finally struck gold… with the Independents’ Movement (IM), as supported by the truth and justice salients described in this book. The essentials of the political world he sees are laid out in the following diagram (first produced as part of the  Worldwide Toto project}:

Simplified_Diag_w_TotoTwo important points are that a) the Truman-Indie project will be removing the Coercive Monopoly Government box (causing the end of the Old World Order in the upper left hand corner) and b) humanity will adopt a ‘voluntary government’ public service association (PSA) approach to supply legitimate public services.

From Corporatism to ‘Cooperatism’

Chance, during his Free State years, recognized that perhaps the key difficulty or reservation many people have about freedom of choice in government is that such governments would lack the power to confer economic privilege. W/o state privilege, how do large-scale enterprises (LSEs)—auto companies, airlines, energy manufacturers, etc.—exist?

But when one looks at an LSE instance, say, an auto factory, one sees nothing about its complexity, size of operations, or large numbers of workers that requires its ownership to be state-privileged. Its board could just as easily be a person, a family, a coop of the workers, etc., and that entity could raise investment funds by selling stock, running lotteries, whatever.

LSEs, seen this way, show that the modern state-privileged corporate form is a sophisticated shell disguising the concentration and flow of capital among a relative handful of political-class insiders. Who are in league with the state monopoly banking money and credit machinery, which as we’ve seen elsewhere in the book is in the ongoing business of extracting $trillions from the so-called 99% by systematically debasing the currency.

The voluntary-cooperative, privilege-free business model replaces the expropriative debt-based system with more localized, distributed, and real economic power. LSEs still exist, but are productive entities—commonly worker-owned—and genuine wealth producers. Cooperatism is the healthful natural result of ending the coercive Mob hierarchy of money and credit.

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