Movie Review: The Boxer (1997)

Love among the ruins of “the Troubles” (8/10)

The BoxerDanny: I’m not a killer, Maggie, but this place makes me want to kill.

A pleasant discovery, for some reason not a major work that many people know of in the Daniel Day-Lewis oeuvre, which includes:

A couple of these he won Oscars for and for others he was nominated, for Last of the Mohicans I believe he won an award for cross-country running. 🙂  (And it’s still one of my top 10.)  As in the first three in the list, the movie has to do with Ireland, in this case the IRA (Irish Republican Army) and one individual Danny Flynn.  A promising young boxer, at 18 Danny had some role in the IRA that landed him in jail, where they kept him for 14 years because he wouldn’t inform on anyone. Continue reading

Movie Review: Last of the Mohicans (1992)

The Last of the Mohicans ___ (9.5/10)
Sparse dialog pure poetry for freedom fighters

Last of the MohicansDuncan: And who empowered these colonials to pass judgment on England’s policies, and to come and go without so much as a “by your leave”?
Cora Munro: They do not live their lives “by your leave”! They hack it out of the wilderness with their own two hands, bearing their children along the way!

When this movie first appeared, I had an older friend and drinking buddy whose first comment was “Geez, these guys are running at full-tilt boogie all the time; it’s like a track meet in the woods. I get tired just watching.”

I don’t. Continue reading