Movie Review: The Boxer (1997)

Love among the ruins of “the Troubles” (8/10)

The BoxerDanny: I’m not a killer, Maggie, but this place makes me want to kill.

A pleasant discovery, for some reason not a major work that many people know of in the Daniel Day-Lewis oeuvre, which includes:

A couple of these he won Oscars for and for others he was nominated, for Last of the Mohicans I believe he won an award for cross-country running. 🙂  (And it’s still one of my top 10.)  As in the first three in the list, the movie has to do with Ireland, in this case the IRA (Irish Republican Army) and one individual Danny Flynn.  A promising young boxer, at 18 Danny had some role in the IRA that landed him in jail, where they kept him for 14 years because he wouldn’t inform on anyone. Continue reading

Guest Column: Tom Woods on Ron Paul

What opponents seem to be saying
by Tom Woods

Tom WoodsTom Woods, historian and author of New York Times bestseller The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, is a strong spokesman and advocate for liberty,[1] whom I have recently witnessed emerging and leading the Tenth Amendment (state Nullification of unconstitutional laws) charge. He also is a salient intellectual on the frontlines of support for candidate Ron Paul. What will strike you most, however, in the majority of his commentaries—esp. in this piece he wrote back in February 2012—is his rapier wit and humor. Here’s a long excerpt: Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Memorial Day Thoughts 2012

For a change, this year, let’s pay respects to all the victims
of US government-led military aggressions …
by Brian Wright

“We Americans are the ultimate innocents. We are forever desperate to believe that this time the government is telling us the truth.”

Since my Memorial Day column from 2008 has been such a perennial visit-gatherer—and I must admit it touches all the libertarian emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bases—I’m going to continue that tradition this year… with more thoughts on paying tribute to those who fought and died for (or partly in) human liberty, whether or not they are American and whether or not they ever donned a uniform. Continue reading