Brian’s Column: Going on the Offensive with Virtual Grand Juries

Some thoughts how ‘we the people’ can eliminate[1] corrupt public officials…
and those complicit in their crimes

LibertyLadyMy first thoughts—especially having attended on May 11 a judge’s peremptory dismissal of Dr. Georgetta Livingstone’s countersuit vs. the homeowners’ association that is driving Georgetta out of her Clarkston home (for working around DTE’s outrageous shutoff of her electrical power)—were “Aren’t they all?” Corrupt, that is.

No, I can name ~half a dozen current or former state legislators—say, like state rep Tom McMillin from the Rochester area (who was ironically term-limited out)… and reps Gary Glenn, Jim Runestad, Martin Howrylak, Sen. Patrick Colbeck (all maybe 90% proliberty record from what I can tell)… and I’m sure there’s another one or two that just don’t come to mind—and perhaps a couple of dozen honest and mainly libertarian local officials. Can you say drop in the bucket?

As I left the courthouse, chatting with a few of Georgetta’s supporters from the anti ‘Fry & Spy’ meter cause (also here, and here), it dawned on me once more, strikingly, how the system is antihuman. [Just walking into the courthouse, as when I go to the state capitol, I feel I’m walking into some Medieval torture chamber administered by priests high and low, who mainly just go through the motions, follow a domination script set in stone by some unapproachable, ancient deity.  Continue reading

Guest Column: April 1 Cyberwarnings

“Be vewy vewy afwaid,” sayeth Uncle Elmer
by Electronic Frontier Foundation

FBI Issues Reflection Warnings

EFF_April_1Starting this week, department stores will begin affixing “FBI Anti-Piracy” stickers to mirrors, warning consumers that placing a reflective object in the same room as a television could constitute a violation of U.S. copyright law. In a related lawsuit, EFF is representing Dana Auerbach, a ballet instructor who was caught watching The Black Swan in her dance studio while on lunch break. She faces a $750 to $150,000 penalty for each of her infinite charges of infringement. Continue reading

Donut Hole: Facebook to Merge with Hooters?

Strange ads for audio language training system
may presage new alliances in mind control via titillation
by Brian Wright

Facebook_HootersOkay, look at the combination graphic I recomposed from several of my Group pages on Facebook on the right hand side there. What’s the first thing you notice? Oh, all right, if you’re a heterosexual man with no geometry handicaps—what springs into your mind in a nanosecond? Right, the fact that every one of the pictures contains an extremely ample bosomed woman in her 20s… smiling, happy, and/or self-confident. And what’s your first urge? Like a four-year-old at Christmas handed a gift-wrapped toy… right?

Sorry for the poor quality of the graphic, but the (super)womanly imagery more than gets the point across. [Let’s dismiss the the video game advertisement on the bottom. Kind of old hat, you expect modern video game companies to use sex with righteous abandon to ply their wares to pubescent males via primordial hormonal incentives.] Continue reading