Donut Hole: Facebook to Merge with Hooters?

Strange ads for audio language training system
may presage new alliances in mind control via titillation
by Brian Wright

Facebook_HootersOkay, look at the combination graphic I recomposed from several of my Group pages on Facebook on the right hand side there. What’s the first thing you notice? Oh, all right, if you’re a heterosexual man with no geometry handicaps—what springs into your mind in a nanosecond? Right, the fact that every one of the pictures contains an extremely ample bosomed woman in her 20s… smiling, happy, and/or self-confident. And what’s your first urge? Like a four-year-old at Christmas handed a gift-wrapped toy… right?

Sorry for the poor quality of the graphic, but the (super)womanly imagery more than gets the point across. [Let’s dismiss the the video game advertisement on the bottom. Kind of old hat, you expect modern video game companies to use sex with righteous abandon to ply their wares to pubescent males via primordial hormonal incentives.] Continue reading