Donut Hole: Facebook to Merge with Hooters?

Strange ads for audio language training system
may presage new alliances in mind control via titillation
by Brian Wright

Facebook_HootersOkay, look at the combination graphic I recomposed from several of my Group pages on Facebook on the right hand side there. What’s the first thing you notice? Oh, all right, if you’re a heterosexual man with no geometry handicaps—what springs into your mind in a nanosecond? Right, the fact that every one of the pictures contains an extremely ample bosomed woman in her 20s… smiling, happy, and/or self-confident. And what’s your first urge? Like a four-year-old at Christmas handed a gift-wrapped toy… right?

Sorry for the poor quality of the graphic, but the (super)womanly imagery more than gets the point across. [Let’s dismiss the the video game advertisement on the bottom. Kind of old hat, you expect modern video game companies to use sex with righteous abandon to ply their wares to pubescent males via primordial hormonal incentives.]

It’s the three ads on the top that suggest a new corporate sales approach worthy of the movie Idiocracy.[1] The template for the verbiage in each of these ads is:

“If you do not know <a second language, or a specific language, e.g. Spanish> and you are <age>+, you’ll want to see this (click on the link) immediately.” What I’ve seen for <age> on my pages is usually 60. (I’m 63.)

For the past month or two, virtually every Group page I visit—I have about half a dozen Facebook Groups where I post, usually my Coffee Coaster writings—shows one of the Bazoomba Galore ladies on the right hand column. The girl with ‘what looks like a provocatively wetted gossamer fabric showing the most cleavage while seeming to rise from the water near a beach‘ appears on my pages more frequently than the others. Let’s call her Amy. Is Amy a distraction? You bet!

A couple of weeks ago, I even conveniently used Amy to bale on a thread on a Group where I felt the conversant was being dilatory. Rather than telling him avatar to avatar that I didn’t see any point in taking time to continue the discussion, I asked if he saw the same image as I did of Amy. Then I briefly described her and admitted that my attention span had been compromised outside my control—you know, like when you set up someone to give you a telephone call to get you out of a boring meeting—and it was just as well because what he was posting was about as interesting as watching a debate on how to pronounce tomato.

Even if I were still embedded in my ‘season of the rising sap,’ as Tom Wolfe describes it, what good does it do for a man to be bombarded with enticing images with no possibility of connection either romantically, sexually, or even commercially? In the good old days of sexploitation, you’d see a beautiful woman promoting, say, potato chips… no problem. You choose to transfer your one appetite to the other… or not. Plus you see the hot chick. Thanks very much. Next.

But in the Amy ads, it’s not just bait and switch, there’s absolutely no connection between the bait and the switch. The company being advertised is not exotic dancing, or travels to Hawaii, or even fine dining at Hooters—rather an audio language course called Pimsleur. [Interestingly, I browsed its homepage, and the product looks legit, possibly even worthwhile. But if I were not writing about it, especially as a 60+ year-old man, in a million years I’d never click on the site link. It’s so obvious a rip.]

This whole discussion of ‘sex sells’ reminds me of a cartoon I once saw in Playboy Magazine: In an office environment, three young, attractive women are passing by a young man. One of them announces to him, “We’re on our lunch break and decided to find a room then roll around together on the floor naked. Why don’t you join us.” The caption in the cloud over the man’s head says, “This must be a trick!”

Will oodles of rising-sap young men click on the site linked to the Amy ad? You bet. Will any of them buy the language training tool? Perhaps I’m naive, but I can’t see a single guy—young, old, horny or not—buying the training. Let’s say you’re a young guy with raging hormones, you click on Miss Amy thinking, “Oh boy, some kind of hot stuff here!” Then a link to teaching you language? Unh uh.

Something else is going on here. These ads are the equivalent of junk email… or the ‘glitter-flicker-bang-bang’ that composes the mainstream-media nightly news. What if there’s a longer-range hidden purpose (set in motion by manipulators even more sophisticated than Zuckerberg and Co.): to accustom men, in this case, to a barrage of pieces of an Alice in Wonderland reality. Why? I’d only be speculating, but it seems the ones who want to centrally control everything and everyone these days benefit by inducing a trancelike state in people… which bombarding our consciousnesses with meaningless or irrational perceptions probably fosters.

We know the ultimate barrier to the ‘controller class’ is the community of independent individuals—focused, conceptually competent, living, authentic human beings. [Now I’m starting to sound like Jon Rappoport, and I’m definitely not versed enough to write authoritatively on these matters.] I’m simply suspicious that there’s more at work with the Amy ads than ‘sex sells.’

I wonder if any of my readers have similar thoughts, or take a different tack on all these links SunFLOWerbetween bodacious bazoombas and learning how to speak Spanish if you’re over 60. In these days of Big Brother false-flag state-terror operations, doublespeak, and propaganda, nothing surprises me…. Please use the Reply box below.

[1] It’s the movie starring Luke Wilson where the intelligence of humanity has waned to lower than whale feces; the favorite TV program for guys is “Ow, My Balls.”

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2 thoughts on “Donut Hole: Facebook to Merge with Hooters?

  1. FWIW, I think the competition for eyes has reached such an extreme that they’re finally pulling out the (pardon me ladies) really big guns.

    My question is, where do they go from here?

  2. Brian, don’t go that route! You are a very educated man. Stay above that slippery slight down.. “ONE WAY ONLY”!

    At this point in time, concider what you went through..gine yourself anough time to stop spinning till the ground you walk on is solid and steadfast once again.

    Ask yourself this: would Mom approve? Would she give you a “thumb’s UP or “thumbs” DOWN ??? Therein lie’s your answer..

    Take care of yourself! Grant yourself some time to deserve it!
    Best regards,

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