Guest Column: What We KNOW about 9/11

From the article “911 Truth and Obama’s Birth”
by Mr. Miles Mathis (

Now let’s look at what we know (about 9/11): After_911_Truth_Cover_Front_Reduced

  1. We know a plane didn’t crash at the Pentagon.
  2. We know someone ordered a military stand down, so that nothing was done on 911 to stop whatever it is that happened.
  3. We know a plane didn’t crash at Shanksville.
  4. We know the buildings in New York didn’t come down due to planes or fires. We saw with our own eyes that they exploded.
  5. We know that WTC7 was pulled in a demolition.
  6. We know that the residue of exotic explosives was found in the dust.
  7. We know that WTC7 contained SEC documents, CIA offices, the mayor’s (Guiliani) emergency offices, IRS offices, Secret Service offices, Salomon Smith Barney’s main offices and documents, NAIC offices and documents (insurance regulators), and bank vaults that included the largest cache of Kennedy photos in existence.
  8. We know that Larry Silverstein, who owned the leases on the buildings, OK’d the demolition {“pulling”) of WTC7, since he told us this himself, on TV.
  9. We know that cellphone calls from the planes were faked.
  10. We know that video of the planes going into the towers was faked.

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Guest Column: Sandy Victims Still Need Help

Official channels corrupt and nonfunctional

HelpAfterSandyWell, the supserstorm, Sandy, came and went. It made landfall near Atlantic City, New Jersey, early October 29. Let’s see, 22 days ago. According to observers on the ground, “There are still many thousands of people without power and heat. Food is scarce and for many every basic thing from soap to clean socks is in short supply.” One of my major sources of real news is BrasscheckTV, who sends daily emails that get behind and beneath the official mainstream media (MSM) ‘news,’ which most conscious humans these days are finding usually consists of propaganda, spin, and coverup. (This column springs from a BrasscheckTV msg.) Continue reading