A Presummer’s Night Dream

A plush memorial-garden setting sets off a  barrage of heavenly imagery

Here’s the dream note from 6/1/16:

Godwithin7Williams [an engineering firm I worked for 35 years ago] has a memorial garden measuring 1/2 mile by 1/2 mile inside a full square mile grounds including the Michigan design and production facility. And I run into some of my engineering buddies nearby. Men whom I only knew remotely are speaking of my work for the company as splendid and caring, showing integrity. I feel poorly that I haven’t been more friendly to these men who obviously think exceptionally highly of me; though when we worked together, I was always courteous and complimentary. The garden is this amazing natural retreat, complete with a raging river with rapids into the corner of it, all so beautiful and full of life. It reminds me of heaven—a living heaven. There’s a spirit to it, yes of Sam [Sam Williams, the company founder], but also of everyone who chose to take part in his journey. I feel fulfilled and worth something far more than I customarily regard myself. I want Rose [former wife] to share this with me, and I also see on reflection just how beautiful my own soul is, how utterly amazing—despite the rough edges and early addictions—my creative work has been.


Gerry_HermanIt happens that one of the finer persons I ever met at Williams was a tall, bright Kansan[1] named Gerry. When I first arrived at Williams back in 1977, I went to work for the accessories group—lube pumps, fuel controls, start cartridges, electronics. There were only four of us at the outset; Gerry was the head ramrod of the electronics… and anything else that required more than simple arithmetic. He was, shall we say, the brains of the outfit… and without peer in that quality for most of his career at the company. Continue reading

Guest Column: What We KNOW about 9/11

From the article “911 Truth and Obama’s Birth”
by Mr. Miles Mathis (http://mileswmathis.com/strike.pdf)

Now let’s look at what we know (about 9/11): After_911_Truth_Cover_Front_Reduced

  1. We know a plane didn’t crash at the Pentagon.
  2. We know someone ordered a military stand down, so that nothing was done on 911 to stop whatever it is that happened.
  3. We know a plane didn’t crash at Shanksville.
  4. We know the buildings in New York didn’t come down due to planes or fires. We saw with our own eyes that they exploded.
  5. We know that WTC7 was pulled in a demolition.
  6. We know that the residue of exotic explosives was found in the dust.
  7. We know that WTC7 contained SEC documents, CIA offices, the mayor’s (Guiliani) emergency offices, IRS offices, Secret Service offices, Salomon Smith Barney’s main offices and documents, NAIC offices and documents (insurance regulators), and bank vaults that included the largest cache of Kennedy photos in existence.
  8. We know that Larry Silverstein, who owned the leases on the buildings, OK’d the demolition {“pulling”) of WTC7, since he told us this himself, on TV.
  9. We know that cellphone calls from the planes were faked.
  10. We know that video of the planes going into the towers was faked.

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Brian’s Column: Special Announcement: 9/11 Truth Film Launch

Breaking_Free_w_911September 5th, 7:00 p.m., at the Detroit Fillmore: Anatomy of a Great Deception

Be there or be square. Very exciting news, and I thought I would post my letter here on my Coffee Coaster site for convenience of reference. I’ve already sent out numerous bccs to my email distribution lists that I’ve been maintaining. This film is quite likely the breakthru event of the general truth movement, leading to a disinfection of the ‘giant tapeworm’ that’s camped out on the people of the West and shows every design of ‘eating out our substance and reducing us under absolute despotism.’ — Ed.

Title of Email: Quick Satyagraha Note Esp. if Near Detroit on Sept. 5

Satya… what a? Continue reading

Movie Review: The Anatomy of a Great Deception

How Building 7 woke me up
by David Hooper

Anatomy1This column is as much a ‘Happening’ review as a movie review. The Happening is the actual debut of the film, occurring in Detroit, Michigan, at the Fillmore entertainment center (for most of its life, the State Theatre) on September 5, 2014. Mr. Hooper, producer and writer/director of the film, has pointed me to an early draft version of Anatomy for review purposes. And… I… am… so… glad… he… did!

Like David, I came to question the official story of the 9/11/2001 attacks several years after they took place. But unlike David, my frustration in not being able to get friends, family, and huckleberries to so much as look at the evidence did not lead to creation of a deeply personal movie as a way around these obstacles. The same may be said for the soon-to-be millions of 9/11 truth activists (and Gandhian Satyagraha activists)[1] around the world. Despite mountains of evidence and persistent strong reasoning from objective reality, our collective batting average in convincing others to look at the evidence has been approximately 0.015… and that’s counting walks as singles.:) Continue reading

Guest Column: Take the Media Hypnosis Test

hypnosisA simple test to find out whether
you’re under the spell of media hypnosis…
from Mike Adams
Excerpt from Natural News 2/16/2013

Note: Within the next few days, I’m going to expand this excerpt to prepend, as a minimum, two test questions regarding the recent Boston Marathon incident and, say, the government’s claims as to the acceptability of GMO foods…  or forced vaccinations or stratospheric atmospheric engineering (chemtrails) or torture or drone kills of civilians or summary presidential executions or indefinite detentions without trial or federal gun confiscations or etc. etc. [obviously we can make a long list of actions the government and its media arm have been successful in snowing mentally susceptible people to the effect that such actions are quite fine and humane.]–Ed.

(NaturalNews) Here’s a valuable self-test to find out whether you’ve been hypnotized (and controlled) by the mainstream media and its engineered false reality. After you take this test, watch the stage hypnosis videos I’ve selected for you, below, and you’ll be astonished to learn just how hypnotized most people really are. Original Mike Adams article here. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Stepping up to the Law of Causality on 9/11

An open letter to my engineering colleagues concerning the tragic realities of 9/11

My Dearest Friends of Reason and Science:

Open Letter re: 9/11First, please forgive the presumption— should it indeed be a presumption—that as a corollary of your being an engineer you have a absolute devotion to the validity of reason and science.  It’s entirely possible in the years since graduation from engineering school someone may have convinced you otherwise, i.e. that things are true or false based on what God reveals or what other agencies (secular or clerical) claim to be true based on “higher authority” than objective reality as judged scrupulously by your own mind.

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Book Review: The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7 (2010)

Why the final official report about 9/11 is unscientific and false
by David Ray Griffin
Review by Brian Wright

Mysterious Collapse of WTC 7In the grand scheme of the cosmos of the Official Conspiracy Theory of 9/11 (OCT), the United States Government (USG) has produced several official documents purporting to describe the causes and effects of the 9/11 attacks (9/11), particularly the destruction of the Twin Towers (WTC Buildings 1 and 2) and—after a popular outcry—WTC 7… which disintegrated in symmetrical free fall at 5:21 in the afternoon on that fateful day. The government’s primary documents are roughly described in the following sequence: Continue reading