Guest Column: What We KNOW about 9/11

From the article “911 Truth and Obama’s Birth”
by Mr. Miles Mathis (

Now let’s look at what we know (about 9/11): After_911_Truth_Cover_Front_Reduced

  1. We know a plane didn’t crash at the Pentagon.
  2. We know someone ordered a military stand down, so that nothing was done on 911 to stop whatever it is that happened.
  3. We know a plane didn’t crash at Shanksville.
  4. We know the buildings in New York didn’t come down due to planes or fires. We saw with our own eyes that they exploded.
  5. We know that WTC7 was pulled in a demolition.
  6. We know that the residue of exotic explosives was found in the dust.
  7. We know that WTC7 contained SEC documents, CIA offices, the mayor’s (Guiliani) emergency offices, IRS offices, Secret Service offices, Salomon Smith Barney’s main offices and documents, NAIC offices and documents (insurance regulators), and bank vaults that included the largest cache of Kennedy photos in existence.
  8. We know that Larry Silverstein, who owned the leases on the buildings, OK’d the demolition {“pulling”) of WTC7, since he told us this himself, on TV.
  9. We know that cellphone calls from the planes were faked.
  10. We know that video of the planes going into the towers was faked.

  1. We know that many people, including newspeople, were paid to tell false stories.
  2. We know that video from the Pentagon was suppressed.
  3. We know that the 19 hijackers were either made up or were under the protection of the US government.
  4. We know that there is no evidence the alleged hijackers were on the planes, and that there is much evidence that many of them were not on the planes.
  5. We know that top officials, including Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rice, have been caught lying about 911.
  6. We know that the 911 Commission suppressed evidence, and that they did it on orders from the administration.
  7. We know that the Pentagon perjured itself repeatedly, lying in front of Congress.
  8. We know that Bush and Cheney dodged testifying and refused to do it under oath or separately.
  9. We know that evidence was destroyed by FEMA, the FBI, and others, on orders from the administration.
  10. We know that FEMA and NIST have provided false information and cover.
  11. We know that the EPA gave false testimony about the safety of the air and water in New York.
  12. We know that some people were warned beforehand about 911, and that some of them tried to short the stock markets.
  13. We know that Al Qaeda was created by the US decades ago, and that the US still controlled Al Qaeda in 2001.
  14. We know that Osama bin Laden had been a CIA asset for decades.
  15. We know (from Richard Clarke) that members of the bin Laden family were in the US on 911 and that they were given special permission from the administration to fly out despite restrictions.
  16. We know that the US media has been censored by the CIA since 911, to prevent stories about 911 from being printed.
  17. We know that voting machines have been tampered with in all the elections since 2000, and that votes were purposely suppressed in Florida, Ohio, New Mexico, Oregon, and other states, not only in Presidential elections, but in many others.
  18. We know that both Democrats and Republicans have been complicit in widespread voter fraud.
  19. We know that both the Democrats and Republicans have not investigated vote fraud, especially by the use of computers, that they have blocked inquiries, and that they have stalled, covered up, or suppressed evidence.
  20. We know that both the Democrats and the Republicans in Congress have allowed the coverup of 911, first by singing God Bless America on the steps of Congress, and since then by doing nothing.
  21. We know that Congress has passed the Patriot Act(s), the Military Commissions Act(s), and that through much other legislation it has given the Executive Branch dictatorial powers in dealing with any “crisis”, foreign or domestic.
  22. We know that the Democrats have not overturned any of these powers, and that Obama has these powers just as much as Bush did.
  23. We know that both parties and all three branches have gutted the Constitution on purpose.
  24. We now know that 911 was the manufactured pretext for all of this.

For the full article, “9/11 Truth and Obama’s Birth” (and other articles by Mr. Miles Mathis), please go to the following Webpage:

[Also please read my book After 911 Truth and give it a favorable review on Amazon, find here a list of 15 contradictions to the Official Conspiracy Theory of 9/11, and find here a questionnaire posing obvious truths about the 9/11 attacks. Thank you. — bw, editor]

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2 thoughts on “Guest Column: What We KNOW about 9/11

  1. “Fool’s names and fool’s faces, are always turning up in public places!” Kind of applies to both our state and federal legislatures!

  2. Every election, something that my Grandfather had said about graffiti comes to mind: “Fool’s names and fool’s faces are always turning up in public places!

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