Guest Column: What Kind of People…

… would look the other way in the presence of gross injustice?
Post by Thomas Are via Paul Craig Roberts [Original here]

What kind of people would enjoy a sumptuous meal in front of a starving child and simply say, “Go away kid, you bother me.”?  None that I know.  What kind of people would deliberately withhold food and destroy the means of growing food in the context of abundance surrounded by children reaching out for crumbs from the table and simply say, “I don’t care?” I don’t personally know anyone so calloused because I don’t personally know any Israeli Zionists.

Next month, Israel will be celebrating its 50th anniversary of occupying the Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza [and the June 8, 1967, deliberate, unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty… AND decades of ethnic cleansing and apartheid —ed.].  Is that something of which to be proud?

Since the Six Day War (and war crime attack on the Liberty) Israel has:

  • Demolished over 48,000 homes in the West Bank and Gaza
  • Confiscated over 586,000 acres of Palestinian land the West Bank
  • Created 300,000 Palestinian refugees
  • Colonized the West Bank with over 600,000 Jewish settlers
  • Enacted over 50 laws that discriminate against Israel’s Arab minority
  • Established an apartheid legal system with civil courts for Jewish settlers and separate military courts for 4.5 million Palestinians, including indefinite detention without trial and a conviction rate of over 99%.[1]

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Guest Column: Whackjobs for War vs. Iran

America Gone Stupid Over Iran [1] – An Analysis
by Lawrence Davidson

Iran Column from Lawrence DavidsonAn excellent column sent my way via Gerhard Fuerst, occasional contributor to these pages. The alert liberals are usually on top of the threats to peace; I only wish more than a handful would come out and admit they were wrong about Obama. Not so much for voting for him in 2008, but for thinking he hasn’t brutally betrayed every shred of support he showed for peace, civil liberties, and even a semblance of economic sanity. Again, due to the urgency of the message, this column is an excerpt without asking for direct approval from the author. He of course retains all rights to the piece.

It is estimated that up to a million people died as a function of George Bush Jr.’s decision to invade Iraq. According to Bush, that decision was made on the basis of “faulty intelligence.” This is the ex-president’s way of passing the blame. The decision was made by Mr. Bush’s insistence that the accurate intelligence he was getting from traditional sources was false, and that the lies he was being told by other parties (for instance, Iraqi con-men such as Rafid al-Janabi) were true. Continue reading