Brian’s Column: Where Can I Do the Most Good? (Part 1 of 2)

Panic attack at a GOP county convention

republican_symbolNovi, Michigan. It came on suddenly, triggered I think by the invocation—in this WASPish crowd, always a nod to the Christian God—that meandered to an end by stating how we should always cherish our great friend, Israel. What?!

First—and I’ve felt this way about virtually all of the Republican meetings I’ve been to since becoming a precinct delegate roughly two years ago—what’s an invocation of faith in ‘God’ doing at a political meeting? This is America, where people’s religious beliefs are their own business so long as, “they neither break my bones or pick my pocket,” as our great sage and secular saint Thomas Jefferson put it.

Second, what is the state of Israel doing in a Christian invocation? Is the speaker trying to ward off accusations of excluding Jews?  If so, why not say, let’s be nice to Jews… not let’s be nice to Israel? Then if we’re invoking kindness toward Jews, why not Muslims, Buddhists, humanists, and Great Pumpkinists? Which leads to the obvious conclusion that it’s best to dispense with religious observances in secular gatherings of this nature. If you want to solemnize the occasion, lead a moment of silence. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Detroit Breakdown and New Pledge of Allegiance

Omen of the Times, Need to Rethink America, New Citizen’s Oath

ManMauledDetroitFrankly, I’m reluctant to lead with such a horrifying story that heralds the degeneration into Third World chaos in what was once a damned fine city… and believe it or not, still can be again. But we’re all going to have to face facts that affect the whole rest of Michigan, the country, and the world. [If you want to read the report on a man who was mauled to (probable) death, then click on the scanned column segment here on the right from Saturday’s (10/4/2014) Detroit Free Press.]

Savage behavior unleashed on unsuspecting persons is not confined to the Motor City or Rust Belt cities that have been destroyed by the ‘Podocracy'[1]—via runaway statism. And this incident in unfortunate Detroit should serve as a wake-up call across the world that Western civilization stands in dire peril of complete collapse… if enough of us who can still think for ourselves do not make a clear stand. Continue reading