Brian’s Column: Torture Boycott

America’s time to ‘Come to Jesus:’
Organize and join the ‘Torture Boycott’
by Brian Wright

Torture boycott… or at least think about maybe, say, between work, watching the hockey playoffs, and taking your kids to choir practice, possibly considering working with fellow citizens to, some would say, take a stand—no, stand is too strong a word: perform a fullblown, unapologetic sit—against, hmmm, how shall we speak of it, well, okay, torture by the US government…

You can see what we’re up against, can’t you?

My column this week was going to be ‘The Truth Torpedo,’ in which I raise seven Naked-Emperor-level truths or sets of political facts that are so obvious that the dimmest child can attest to them—and the policy and common practice of torture of ‘the other’ (and, lately, increasingly, ‘the us’) is probably the most evident of these self-evident truths. But with the several GOTUS[1]-domination tools of torture and sexual humiliation occupying most of my front-Web news during the past two weeks, I felt the need to reprioritize.

The Torture Reality

Per Jefferson, ‘let Facts be submitted to a candid world:’

First, let’s be aware that GOTUS from the middle of the 20th century has been a major enabler of mass-incarceration-torture-murder (MITM) operations of ‘friendly’ dictatorships around the world—primarily through the CIA. Especially with the emergence of MKULTRA following WW2, mind control and domination through physical and psychological torture of ‘enemies’ was official, though secret, GOTUS policy. What distinguishes more recent application of MITM is 1) GOTUS enforcers are directly involved, 2) MITM programs are widely expanded to apply to anyone close to the ‘terror front,’ such as sending Afghani sheepherders to Gitmo and drone-terror-bombing of Pakistani wedding parties.

[But since the new year, voluminous American forces’ atrocities or ‘urination miscues’ in the neocon-occupied territories are increasingly in the news—the mainstream media (MSM) probably reports on one in a hundred.] Also, more BushBama torture revelations are coming to light this spring, e.g.:

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Nothing has changed under Obama, he refuses to investigate or prosecute war crimes/torture, as he continues to commit the same offenses—adding to them ‘humanitarian bombing’ of Libya and meddling support of Egyptian tyrants and threatening World War III vs. Iran… so far. Floyd writes in Lawless Roads: The everexpanding torture matrix that we are now a society of Torture as Official Policy. Why?

Floyd refers to the latest SCOTUS decision enabling strip searches of anyone anytime for anything by any local government enforcer (and of course by federal enforcers). The strip search is a tool for breaking American citizens, much like the indignities of gate rape and pornoscanning employed by the TSA goon squad. Then Floyd refers to another of his brilliant pieces that shows the reality that those who torture, and those who lead them, do it because they’re perverts and they like it.

Which moves the question a little further back, as to why ‘we’ let the torture pervs rule the country. Again, Floyd makes some crucial insights into the general problem of militarism, how widespread MITM has been in Iraq and stands to become with such remote programs of civilian havoc such as the weaponized domestic drones campaign. When you combine such intrusive mass-surveillance programs with the recent purchase commitment by Homeland Security and Immigration for 450 million rounds (!) of hollow-point .40 caliber bullets, the handwriting is on the wall. GOTUS is preparing for war against the American people on American soil. Simple as that. What will GOTUS do with its American POWs (you and me)?

Hint: MITM. Camp FEMA; don’t worry, I understand that concessions have been arranged for Starbucks’ and Mickey D… and cooperative inmates (er, guests) will have 24/7 access to Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck reruns.

So, ‘Jail, Torture, Murder, Inc.,’ coming soon to a neighborhood near you. The handwriting has been blood-splattered on the wall for a decade. Accelerating Constitutional violations by ‘The Kenyan‘ et al now make perfect sense: When Oslammer claims the right to kill you or put you forever where the sun don’t shine (without telling anyone), it perfectly complements your local DHS-funded constabulary—these are the guys you knew in high school who hated you because the prom queen dissed them—knocking on your door and asking you politely to take a free bus ride.

The Torture Boycott

Here we are, then, facing a genuine general threat to American liberty the likes of which none of us could have ever imagined in our worst nightmares. It’s true and it’s real: if unopposed by the people now and en masse, the 900-lb. Gorilla of Tyranny will wipe YOU out. Not someday, but likely before the 2014 election cycle. What can we as ordinary citizens do realistically? The following (good) news story provides a clue:

RICHMOND, Va. – On Wednesday, April 18, 2012, the Virginia legislature overwhelmingly passed a law that forbids state agencies from cooperating with any federal attempt to exercise the indefinite detention without due process provisions written into sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act.

That’s right: Nullification, what Jefferson refers to as the rightful remedy. The Tenth Amendment Center‘s seed is sprouting virally: Missouri’s House has just overwhelmingly passed a bill that nullifies Obamacare in its entirety. Other states are climbing on the bandwagon as we speak. My priority as a liberty activist now is to promote Nullification and negate at the state level the unconstitutional measures—there’s quite a backlog!—that the feds have been acid-raining down upon us.[2] The strategy is working.[3]

But a countrywide protest-with-teeth against the outrage of torture, in particular, must be launched as a humanitarian necessity! Torture of the likes we have been made aware of, even so minimally through the MSM barrier cloud, is such an extreme horror—like the Nazi Holocaust or the Soviet Gulag[4]—good people as individuals must act in unison, outside the legal apparatus, to thwart it. Hence, boycott. Why? A boycott is the refusal to do business with someone until they abandon an offensive practice.

When a company or a government persists in a practice that is grossly inhumane, it will continue its aggression in the face of wide public opinion… unless that opinion is accompanied by direct action. The offender will not cease until the costs of its behavior exceed the costs of stopping. A boycott of GOTUS in regard to torture—which ultimately entails refusal of payment (taxes) en masse—threatens GOTUS’ fundamental authority, and hence its very existence. We the People would have GOTUS by the short hairs. Here are my seminal ideas for steps toward a successful boycott:

  1. Gather starter activists (approx. a dozen) who will commit to nonpayment of GOTUS until torture is identified/prosecuted/ended.
  2. From the Core 12, describe the boycott precisely, lay out a set of bylaws, arrange funding, build a Website, plan and recruit.
  3. Next threshold of support: 1,000 paying members. At this point, we solicit celebrities of left and right who will publicly commit to boycott.
  4. A key sales point may be that would-be payments to GOTUS instead shall go to an escrow account to compensate torture victims.
  5. Next threshold: 100,000 paying members. Celebrity connection will accelerate support, we’ll need to move fast at this point to be an effective organization that verifies when demands of ending/prosecuting torture are met.
  6. Hard to visualize next threshold, now, but I like 1,000,000, then 10,000,000. With 10 million boycotters, torture will certainly end, and side benefits of Constitutional restoration are likely to proceed.

I think it’s reasonable to reach Step 4 by the November general election, then Step 5 by April 15, 2013. If we do things right, the Torture Boycott will be 10 million-strong by November 2013, and torture will end by 2014 and the Constitution will be fully restored by the midterm elections, 2014. It all depends on you. Help me to seed the Torture Boycott, today.

I’ve looked around the Web and seen nothing regarding boycott of GOTUS, though several sites exist that are decidedly condemning torture. Am I the little boy in the Emperor’s New Clothes who is the first to exclaim the truth about the king being naked (i.e. GOTUS self-evidently tortures and must be stopped now), then the whole town sees it? Well, if so, so be it. As my old man always told me, “One man with courage makes a majority” (Charles Lindbergh). I never took that statement literally until now.

If you want to help, and move the organizing forward, please send me an email, and we’ll discuss. Or better, sign up via the Stop USG Torture SpeakUp! box below or on the lower right hand side of the home page.

The National Boycott


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[1] My term, I pronounce it go-tus rather than got-us: government of the United States = the rogue-criminal syndicate—employing Congress, the White House and executive branch, SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the US) and the federal courts—that has fully pressed legitimate popular, constitutional government into slavish service of the Western Financial Oligarchy (WFO) (bankster-hierarchy). The WFO is the epiphenomenon resulting from ‘the Power Sickness,’ the nature and cures of which I have identified in the Sacred Nonaggression Principle.

[2] My other activist priority at this point is to spread the truth about 9/11, a false-flag state-terror attack which was/is used by the WFO to justify perpetual war and the tyranny/torture/terror that attends it. Join me at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (or other Truth orgs); become an activist for seeing things as they are and steadily raising the torch for reason, liberty, and justice.

[3] Nullification isn’t perfect—to me, panarchy (freedom to choose one’s own government, i.e. nullification at the individual level) is the political ideal—but it offers a moderate, immediate solution that people feel comfortable with.

[4] … or the mass slaughter/dispossession of the American Indians … or the genocide of the Palestinians … or the post-WWII ethnic cleansing of Germans … the Inquisition, and on and on. The point is: torture as policy is equivalent to the most extreme acts of barbaric cruelty: civilized people wretch in repulsion to it.

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