Brian’s Column: Falun Dafa

A cultivation practice that helps to bring positive life transformation
By Brian R. Wright

I have written this insert to accompany a DVD used to perform or learn the daily Falun Dafa exercises.

“Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) is an advanced practice of Buddha-school self-cultivation, founded by Mr. Li Hongzhi. It is a discipline in which ‘assimilation to the highest qualities of the universe—Zhen, Shan, Ren (Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance)’—is the foundation of the practice. Practice is guided by these supreme qualities, and based on the very laws that underlie the development of the cosmos.’”

[For full description and also to find others in your location, go to]

My history with the movement is, first, hearing of it from a friend of mine in the Free State (New Hampshire) in roughly 2008. My friend thought FD was notable for standing up for victims of the Communist China regime.

That sounded good to me, fitting in with my cause-oriented nature. I found a group locally in Southeast Michigan whom I learned the basic moves with after meeting with them a couple of Sundays in the spring of that year.

Naturally, it’s difficult to start your day in the presence of a group of fellow practitioners, so on a tip from one of the members, I bought the Falun Dafa DVD on Amazon—where you may still find basically the same version today. I started to incorporate FD into my morning routine, using some of my own preferences. The five exercises are:

  1. Buddha showing a thousand hands
  2. Falun standing stance
  3. Penetrating the two cosmic extremes
  4. Falun heavenly circulation
  5. Strengthening divine powers

The problem was that in so ‘rolling my own’ I never quite gained the spiritual sense of the process, until only recently.

Somewhere in mid-October 2017, I decided to reacquaint myself with the DVD by going thru the individual steps with full ‘mind intent.’ I was astounded how much more deeply each of the exercises moved me and had wonderful effects.

It dawned on me just how powerful the practice can be for energy, health, and peace of mind. I finally ‘GOT’ it that Master Li is effectively implanting the Falun or “Wheel Law” (miniature of the universe) into me by means of the DVD.

It is my own task or mission, then, as an independent consciousness to cultivate myself in the universal virtues of (my interpretation of the Chinese) “Truth, Tolerance, and Compassion.” The purest refinement requires a lifetime, BUT the exceptional thing about Falun Dafa is that once the wheel is planted, it cultivates you 24/7, without your conscious attention.

Believe me, after ‘GETTING’ it my whole sense of myself rose to a different, kinder, and more life-embracing level. I Feel the Wheel. The practice of Falun Dafa is perfectly complementary to the cause vision I’m diligently trying to create (reference my integrating site,

Yes, I believe I have some salutary ideas, but, as important, now is to share the FD practice one-to-one with other individuals whom I care for. So here you are, completely nondenominational and at your discretion: FD enables you to work in your own way, at your own speed.

If you are reading this as an actual insert with the DVD, you’re all set. If I didn’t give you a DVD, I am making copies for others from my own older version. That’s only if I can meet with you in person. The DVD is available via the Website:, or I’m sure on Amazon for a reasonable price.

First, just familiarize yourself with the whole DVD, where Master Li gives a lecture, then a narrator provides an intro, also walks you through each of the exercises in detail. You’ll set up the DVD for English, presumably, and tab around to get to the above screen.

I learned each of the exercises from the detailed descriptions. Then for my normal daily routine, I select “All 5 exercises”, which takes roughly 15 minutes. You will undoubtedly benefit from doing the practice communally, but even daily by yourself, you will grow the Falun and realize:

Truth         Tolerance        Compassion
Peace         Energy             Health

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