Donut Whole: My Michigan State Rep Campaign, Position Paper #1: Vaccines

Vaccines: A Cautionary, Rights-Based Approach
By Brian R. Wright

A ‘retired’ BSME engineer, I’m a part-time driver/medical technician for a company that provides a mobile swallow-test service to patients at rehabilitation facilities. Our team consists of a driver tech, a physician, and a speech pathologist to conduct the studies. Two of our young speech paths are pregnant with their firsts. With the autism epidemic in full swing (CDC: 1 in 36 kids) and childhood developmental disorders at an all time high (CDC: 1 in 6 kids) .AND. the CDC PROVING THAT A MAJOR VACCINE ON ITS SCHEDULE, THE MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), CAUSES AUTISM, I’m in a quandary…

Note: CDC stands for the federal government’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (under the Health and Human Services department). THE official top government. banana for research and public policy of the healthcare industry.

Big Pharma, who pays $billions to doctors, media, and politicians, is squelching any precautionary information about vaccines that mothers and families need to make informed choices. Thus the general public—not to mention most healthcare workers—still react to any questioning of vaccines as if you’re blowing your nose on the curtains of civilization.[1] Yet facts are facts: 100s of thousands of people, mainly children, are maimed or killed worldwide by these ballyhooed sacred cows year after year.

I very much like my speech paths and do NOT want them, their husbands, or their offspring to suffer the horrific downside of Vaccine Roulette… I feel it my humanitarian duty to warn them of the hazards despite expecting that any such appeal will be rejected with an inner shriek you can hear across Lake Michigan. What’s a fellow to do? I got it: kill two birds with one stone and write an open letter to serve as my position paper on the subject for my 2018 Libertarian candidacy for 38th district Michigan state representative. [I address both in a singular pseudonym.] Continue reading