Donut Whole: UNZAPPED at Last, UNZAPPED at Last…

… Lord God Almighty, UNZAPPED at Last!
Position Paper # 2 for the 2018 Brian R. Wright Campaign for 38th District Rep

Okay team, I’m doing my 2d position paper in stages, spurred by so many activists in the field who are fighting the electromagnetic field (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) high crime assaults that have a) already been unleashed en masse by corrupted public officials and b) are about to assume megalethal proportions as the US Congress is fast tracking a bill, S. 3157 that will…

“… preempt state and local government authority by enabling 5G ‘small’ cell antennas to be erected in neighborhoods—in front yards on utility poles, street lights, and buildings—abrogating the property rights of individuals and easement control by local governments.” [It will also restrict rates that local governments can charge to the telecom cartel (cell installations drastically decrease home values).]

That’s right, bipartisan big-government Big Brother is about to bust down the doors from Smallville to Metropolis, frying and spying you and your children… old people, dogs & cats, birds & bees, all living creatures great and small. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring on electrified steroids aiming to maim and kill all biological life, Planet Earth. Sadly, the apocalyptic vision is not just a bad dream.

“When you start to observe and realize that swallows and house martins no longer nest in towns and villages, when you realize that the sparrows have all disappeared, that in the evenings there are no bats flying in the dusk and that you no longer hear owls hooting, then you will begin to know what effect microwaves from cell towers and antennas are having on the environment.” — Salon

Joyous Vision of an Abundant, Benevolent Human Future

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Guest Column: Comment NOW! on New Michigan ‘Smart’ Meter Rules

New State Rules Will Force You into Orwellian Hell!
by Shane Trejo [from column for Michigan Tenth Amendment Center]


I have some troubling new information to report about Smart Meters. Unaccountable bureaucrats have cooked up some new rules that will limit consumer choices to maximize profits for the utility companies. This is another example of public-private collusion that has made our state government a national laughingstock.

I was able talk to Lori Ebaugh, an expert on the topic of Smart Meters. She was able to give me the run-down on the topic, along with some action steps on what you can do to fight back.

What are the most troubling aspects of these new proposed rule changes?

There are several troubling aspects of these rules. First, there was no input elicited from actual consumers or the public until now, although work has been on-going to rewrite these rules for over two years. Secondly, these rules cement the supposed right of the utilities to shut power off from customers who refuse installation of a new AMI (“smart”) meter. Thirdly, there is no provision made for customers who refuse a smart meter for medical reasons. These people may have doctor’s letters verifying their health conditions, electromagnetic sensitivity or cancer susceptibility. They may require electrical power for their medical equipment (for instance, breathing machines). Yet, there is no provision for them to keep their analog meter. In fact, there is not even the provision to delay a power shut-off for any length of time. Compare that to the extensive provisions given to customers who risk a power shut-off in cases of non-payment. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Warm Bodies for Liberty (WBL)

That is: Warm Bodies (Acting) for (Truth, Justice, and) Liberty
“80 percent of success in life is showing up.”

SymbolThe adage about showing up, most often attributed to Woody Allen, expresses a profound truth especially germane to achieving benign political goals. How many times have you joined a group of people working to end some aggression of the state—in court, on the streets petitioning, attending or speaking before your city council meetings, and so on—and the total entourage numbers three individuals!? Way too many times, I’ll wager. It’s totally discouraging. No one wants to go to the ramparts alone. This has to stop. We need to bring masses of bodies to bear on government crime and corruption.

I’m thinking of three notable incidents of my own experience where not nearly enough people showed up:

  1. In summer of 2014, Doreen Hendrickson was tried for criminal contempt of court—a second time—for refusing to commit perjury on a tax form. The judge instructed the jury that it was not to consider the lawfulness of the contempt order (which suborned Doreen to perjure herself). Hundreds of thousands of Americans have benefited from her husband Pete’s discoveries in his book Cracking the Code, with an average recovery of $10,000. At no day of the trial, nor in the subsequent sentencing hearing, did Doreen’s supporters in the courtroom exceed 25 persons.
  2. A couple of years ago, an electrohypersensitive woman in Oakland County, Michigan, Dr. Georgetta Livingstone, removed her biohazard surveillance electric meter for health reasons. She replaced it with a safe analog meter. The power company in Michigan, DTE, shut off her electricity. She installed energy alternatives. Her homeowners’ association (HA) has been fining her hundreds of dollars a day for refusal to use a ‘smart’ meter. The HA is taking her to court for the fines—scheduled for October 2016. She countersued, the HA moved for summary dismissal, which was granted by an Oakland County judge on May 11. In attendance to show support for Georgetta were perhaps 10 people. [This is a significant case and ‘smart’ meter opponent-activists in Michigan number in the several thousands.]
  3. The third incident is recent, a petition campaign put together by a few ‘liberty Republicans’ to put a Stop Civil Asset Forfeiture ordinance on the ballot for several communities in Oakland County. One of the key fiefdoms is Auburn Hills, which also has one of the highest signature count requirements (726). We go door to door, mainly, and the measure is an easy sell: anyone can typically get 10 signatures per hour, with practically no rejections. We’ve collected perhaps half that total with only three weeks to go. A lot of people show up at the organizer’s place to talk but thus far only perhaps a dozen persons have come to walk (gathering 10 signatures or more).

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Book Review: The Truman Prophecy (2015), Excerpt #7

From Part 2: Toto, Curtain #5: Fry & Spy on the Doorstep

Flag_II[Excerpt from The Truman Prophecy,
due for publication 12/25/15.]

“It is never wrong to take freedom for yourself…
It is never right to take freedom from another.”
— Jerry Day,

_____________________________ 4Q 2015

Auburn Heights, Michigan. Feisty, bantam-weight Jake Foster had scrapped for his living since he was a boy on the tough streets of Pontiac. This latest dustup with the Michigan monopoly power company (DTE Energy—nee Detroit Edison) would yield the same response: a fight… perhaps to the finish.

Could he and his dear wife, Brenda, prevail?

The cards were stacked against them.

Today, without so much as a pleasant voice on the phone or polite notice in the mail, a pack of variously uniformed human-shaped entities showed up in and around his yard to shut off electric power to his home. Continue reading