Stonebeam 14. The Emperor’s New Clothes—2d ‘Little Boy’

Story Shot 14, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 27 November 2020

“The Emperor is naked.
‘‘Covid’ is a complete Fraud with a
capital F.”

The news conference hailed from a live feed on the MLive corporate media network outlet in Owosso, Michigan. The room filled with several anxious mask-muffled reporters and story editors rustling about in a stupefied state as Dr. Nathan Welles, radical new head of the Michigan Health and Human Services Department rolled on.

First, Welles cited the recent news conference from reelected President Donald Trump’s lead medical advisor, Dr. Charles Atlas, who had just last night listed virtually the identical items he was about to affirm locally here. “Think of me as the Second Little Boy in the classic fable, ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes.’[1] I’m only reiterating what Dr. Atlas stated from the White House last night. Here’s the list:”

  • “Covid was always a black operation, not a disease.
  • “Preplanned at the highest levels of the Global Crime Syndicate (GCS).
  • “World Economic Forum, UN Agenda 21/30, WHO, ChiComs, the usual suspects.
  • “No SARS CoV-2 ‘virus’ (“sole-cause of COVID-19 disease”) ever identified.
  • “Fully contrived (by device-set # of cycles) false-positive ‘cases’ by the PCR test.
  • “90% of cases asymptomatic or mild cold symptoms from ‘non-novel’ origins.
  • “Obscuring real causes of extreme symptoms via intentional poisoning.
  • “Widely targeted toxins—esp. 5G, pollution, vaccines, GMOs—depop agenda.
  • “Extreme symptoms cured readily 99%, proper use hydroxychloroquine-zinc (HCQ).
  • “Perps slipped up forgetting HCQ-zinc; other solid therapies-cures emerge.
  • “All cures suppressed in lieu of killer-zombie vax (KZV)—mandatory, universal.
  • “Full censorship regime planned via cyberwarfare program of ‘Great Reset’.
  • “Universal masking essential for psy warfare herd-mind submission to agenda.
  • “No reason masks—per early CDC, WHO, US Surgeon General—except control.
  • “Masks pose serious body-and-mind harms, the more they are worn.
  • “Strategy: If people wear masks for no reason, they’ll submit to KZV same.
  • “Lockdown: trade one’s humanity for a pot of porridge (BK Whopper with fries).
  • “End game: from perps’ perspective, is Armageddon for the submissives.
  • “Meaning end of them, too… since perp tapeworm is parasitic organism.

“I’ve read all the sources and references in detail, heck I’ve even called the doctors and researchers on the phone. The citations are listed in the handouts, which I’ve posted as an ongoing list with short descriptions on my Website.”[2]

Conversation in the media crowd, like the townspeople in the fable, centered on just how this rad doctor slipped through the cracks of the Michigan Dem bureaucracy. “Who IS he?” everyone wanted to know. The answer turned out to be a little more intricate than any of the pseudo-journs was really prepared to deal with: Welles was a genius who had taken up with the Thrive movement, and gone undercover ‘til now.

Perfect qualities for a Second Little Boy who had just made his mark on history by bringing down the Deep State ‘Potentate’ and its fellow travelers and swindlers here in Wolverine State, and by extrapolation, all the other states’ wannabe sub-potentates.

[1]  The official fable has the little boy’s father saying, “Listen to my boy, the voice of innocence.” Whereupon the townspeople ‘twitter’ and, as one, affirm that the boy is right, the emperor has no clothes. Welles’ version of the tale has the townspeople first telling the little boy to shut up, to not offend the king… until a SECOND little boy joins the first one and points out the obvious. Only THEN do the people stand up and voice the truth en masse.

[2]  Ref.,, [Also, intl: Corona Investigative Committee.]

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