Guest Column: Democrats’ Violent Statements Need Censure

Open letter to Head of Michian Department of State, Jake Rollow
from John Zupanc, Electrical Engineer

In balance to Rollow’s comment on Michigan GOP Chairman Ron Weiser’s purported references to top Michigan Democrat officials.

Email date March 28, 2021

Mr. Rollow:

It is awfully audacious for you to want/expect MI GOP Chair Ron Weiser to apologize for his comments. What he said is not even worth mentioning when compared to the constant diatribe coming from Democrats, including our illegitimate Vice President, Kamala Harris, who are very much higher in their ranks than is Mr. Weiser.

That diatribe consists not only of insults and demeaning and threatening comments against President Trump, his supporters, 75,000.000+ million Americans, and other Republicans, but are also threats of violence or at least condoning the violence that has resulted in billions of dollars in property damage and lost lives.

The List

Viral Video Shows Leading Democrats Promoting ‘Uprisings,’ ‘Unrest,’ Harassment

Democrats encouraging violence compilation

Democratic Senator Kamala Harris Jokes About Killing President Donald Trump

10 Times Democrats Urged Violence Against Trump And His Supporters

Here are six videos of Democrats calling for violence or physical confrontations that are still active on Twitter

List: 15 Democratic attacks, assaults, threats on Republicans

Long list of media, Democrats threaten retribution against Trump supporters, Republicans

Video shows Democratic leaders, liberal pundits cheering and condoning violence against political opponents

Democrats Tell Supporters To Punch People Then Blame Trump When Riots Start

And last, but surely not least, are the comments made by one of the three witches, Michigan’s AG, Dana Nessel. Here she very publicly and intentionally accuses all men, half of Michigan’s population of being sexual predators.

So, who is it that needs to do the apologizing? I dare you to honestly answer that question.

People who live in glass houses should not be throwing stones. If you/the Democrats do not like what people are saying about you, it is you/the Democrats that need to change. Shooting the messenger won’t change the truth.

Any comments?


John Zupanc


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