Brian’s Column: Step Up for the Liberty Dollar 4

Kevin Innes, in particular, wrongly jailed in North Carolina
via gross petit treason, needs our help
by Brian Wright [posted originally June 14, 2010]

Whenever any government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it…. – Thomas Jefferson

We must all hang together

I’ve written before about the Liberty Dollar and its founder, the feisty Bernard von Nothaus. In one of my earliest Coffee Coaster columns (12/2006: Liberty Dollar: Federales Fear Honest Money) I commented there on its potential as a store of value and ideal replacement for the Federal Reserve note… which, of course, the LD sorely troubled the Fed and the Mint, to the extent some Mint official sent ominous threats to Bernard (but never specifically stated what law was being violated).

Then “the Raid” took place on November 14, 2007, by a dozen agents of the FBI and Secret Service. SWAT-team thugs and looter-killer suits simply swept into the Liberty Dollar’s facilities in Indiana and Idaho taking everything they could get their hands on. In my column on that event (11/2007: A Call to Arm…chair Libertarians: Time to load the muskets and hook up with the Patriotic Resistance!), I chided Libertarians and libertarians—notably the incipient Ron Paul campaign—for ignoring this government atrocity and not rallying to the Liberty Dollar’s defense.

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My third column (09/2009: Liberty Dollar: Game On! Feds step into trap; real-value currency to come?) dealt with the formal arrest, of Bernard and three others, on charges of “conspiracy and other charges in connection with an alleged unlawful operation to publish, possess and sell for profit, coins in resemblance and similitude to U.S. coins.” [Clearly, the Liberty Dollar was intended as a well-published eventual voluntary alternative to US money, not a counterfeit system; it was never represented as legal tender.] I again pleaded for freedom movement people to put aside their quibbles with the LD marketing strategy and rally ’round the statist victim du jour.

Well, here we are again. The government as usual is dragging its feet. The trial, if the government doesn’t succeed in its efforts to get the “defendants” to plea, may be as long as another year away. Three of the “defendants”—I have a hard time thinking of them as being accused of a crime—have been able to post bond. However, Kevin Innes, who headed the Asheville, NC, Liberty Dollar franchise, remains imprisoned, now, for almost a year, in what appears to be a hellhole of a tawdry, little maximum security jail in Charlotte, NC. The feds, believe it or not, consider him a flight risk. He’s a Canadian who had yet to apply for American citizenship… which is now in process.

Please read Kevin’s heart-felt thoughts and feelings here, in a touching handwritten message from jail late last year. Instead of a full column of my own, I’m going to simply publish Bernard’s Liberty Dollar News for May, which details everything. I ask everyone on my mailing list for the Coffee Coaster to do what Bernard says by sending a letter and donations to Kevin himself, then a letter to his federal defender (pretender) to get going on the government’s trial (that the government is afraid of losing). I will be putting my letters and some money for the poor guy in the mail today.

May 2010 Vol. 12 No. 05
Do You Still Have Liberty Dollars? If you don’t want to lose your money, please take immediate action.
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1. Please send a Letter – TODAY.
2. As for my Case
3. $1 Tea Party Dollar
4. $25 Silver Ron Paul Dollar!!!
5. Thanks for the Support
6. Donations for Kevin
7. National Debt Explodes to $13 TRILLION
8. Liberty Gold Card Receives Patent!
9. Real Estate Humor & “The National Juggernaut”

My Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters!

1. Please send a Letter – You help is urgently needed.
A few mornings ago I received a call from a close friend and Liberty Dollar supporter. I was surprised by the call as I had reached out to this individual several times, without a reply. Naturally, I had taken his no reply personally and felt abandoned. But that was not the case.

He called to ask me why he should write to Kevin Innes’ Federal Defender, Claire Rauscher, as I requested in my previous Liberty Dollar News. Here is the answer and an urgent cry for you to write a letter on the First Anniversary of the Liberty Dollar Four arrest.

Shortly after the raid, Assistant US Attorney Thomas R. Ascik notified my civil attorney that he was moving quickly to forfeit “his” seizure for immediate liquidation at auction. In other words ‘steal your property’!! He mistakenly thought that this was just another federal raid and was simply doing his ‘job.’ Of course, he did not realize his error without some help. That help came when thousands of Liberty Dollar supporters answered my call for action and wrote to him as ‘interested parties’ barring him from liquidating their property and requiring him to keep them informed of any action. And it worked! Ascik quickly responded and stated that NO action would take place until all interested parties were informed before any court action regarding their property. You WON!

Immediate similar action is needed AGAIN. It has been a year since Kevin Innes, Sarah Bledsoe, Rachelle Moseley and Bernard von NotHaus were arrested. And again, if you don’t want the **** government to steal your property, this is an urgent and critical call to write to Claire Rauscher.

If you are holding any Liberty Dollars in metal, paper or digital form, you should immediately write to Claire Rauscher, who is Kevin’s defense attorney and as head of the Federal Defenders office, appoints all the CJA attorneys for the other co-defendants.

Doesn’t it just seem reasonable that something should have happened about your property and our case in a year? Yes! But very little has happened. In fact the only thing of note was my recent visit to review the confiscated physical files a month ago. And that was after months and months of pushing my non-defense attorney, Deke Falls, for some resemblance of action. It seems that if the defense attorneys were serious about defending the Liberty Dollar Four they would have contested the search and seizure, or had an evidentiary hearing or more than a dozen other motions in a case such as this.

The bottom line is that NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN WITHOUT YOU TAKING ACTION. Rauscher, as head of the Federal Pretenders Office assigned herself to represent Kevin Innes. Now, while I have no idea what has transpired between Kevin and his attorney, I suspect that Rauscher is nothing more than a front for the DOJ and has tried to convince Kevin to cop a plea so the government can win.

The ugly truth is that the court appointed attorney’s true function is to bully their clients into copping a plea. How else does the government “win” 95% of their cases by plea? As the prosecution attorneys cannot talk to defendants it is the Federal Defender’s job to talk the defendants into copping a plea!

I know this because, my POS court appointed, do-nothing, non-defense attorney, Deke Falls, tried to brainwash me into copping a plea. At one time, he got so frustrated that he even yelled at me that I was “GUILTY!!!” because I would not agree that I was guilty. And that is by the very person who was suppose to defend me!

Just think about the largely black, uneducated, alienated, indigent defendants sitting in a rat infested county jail and the only person who is advising them are Federal Pretenders who sell them down the river and into prison. Why does the United States have the largest prison population in the world? Because of the stinking “legal system” of Federal Pretenders and court appointed CJA attorneys.

Now, while I cannot speak of Kevin’s case, I can speak of what has happened with my case. A year of nothing! It is self evident that the government’s game plan is to sweat a plea out of Kevin. The government has no case and they know it. And if none of the Liberty Dollar Four cop a plea, the government will lose and you will get your property back. Rauscher needs to hear that from YOU and a lot of other people.

Please dash off a quick letter to Ms. Rauscher and demand action with the Liberty Dollar case. It need not be long. The shear volume of letters is what counts. YOUR LETTER COUNTS! Please don’t let the government prolong the imprisonment of Kevin and your money any longer. Please write to Rauscher and urge her to defend Kevin as she is sworn to do:

Ms. Claire Rauscher
Federal Defenders Office
129 West Trade St.
Suite 300
Charlotte NC 28202

And if you don’t have time to protect your money for 44 cents, please email her: and BCC me at Thank you for your immediate action.

2. As for my Case
While I am not aware of my co-defendant’s case, I can speak of my case. But just consider the government’s own statistics, 95% of the Federal Pretenders “clients” cop a plea. 95% plea guilty! Simply amazing odds!

After almost a year of non-action, I fired my court appointed attorney, Deke Falls and then sued him! Of course, all this played out in court. So, Claire Rauscher, as head of the Federal Pretenders office in Charlotte, had to appoint a new attorney for me because my case is way to complex and difficult for any prose representation. This lead to a telephone call between Rauscher and myself. WOW!!! That was quite a call because I promptly told her exactly what I thought of “her” legal system that forces unsuspecting defendants to cop a plea an astonishing 95% of the time! I don’t think she liked that call.

But without Falls to represent me, Rauscher still had to find an attorney to represent me and she did her job. She talked James (Jim) P. McLoughlin, an old friend, into taking my case and saving her a lot of grief. So I got a call from McLoughlin who is senior partner with Moore & Van Allen, one if not the largest, law firms in Charlotte. The firm has over 300 attorneys so it would employ over 1000 people! This is a BIG firm with deep pockets. So you might think it would be a great firm to represent me and save the Liberty Dollar. Right? Wrong!

First Jim expressed that he was very leery of representing anyone who had sued his attorney. Then he confirmed that he was an old friend of Rauscher and Deke Falls. Piranha all swim together. Finally, if became obvious that Jim was willing to take the case as a favor for Rauscher who is an old friend if I would drop my suit against another old friend, Deke Falls. Nice eh? And if that was not telling enough, I discovered that while Jim had been an attorney for over 25 years, he had tried less than two dozen criminal cases and had only ONE acquittal! Well that is like asking a doctor, who only had one patience who survived, to save me. First, I did not think I should be intimidated as a requirement for counsel. Second, Jim appeared to be much friendlier to the do-nothing non-defense co-counsels that defending me. As this was a setup for me to lose, I told Jim, no thanks.

But Rauscher, as head of the Federal Pretenders office, still had her job to find an attorney for me, which she did. I was just informed that I have been assigned to Aaron E. Michel, Attorney at Law, 3736 Surry Ridge Court, Charlotte, NC 28210-6921. I will give Mr. Michel every opportunity to prove or disprove himself regarding my case and withhold my opinion. You can google his name for more info.

3. $1 Tea Party Dollar

I understand that a new copper $1 Tea Party Dollar is in the works by Joshua Deatherage. I don’t know the particulars, but I did license my Tea Party artwork to Joshua. Please email Joshua for more info at:

4. $25 Silver Ron Paul Dollar!!!

Recently I was commissioned to design a new half ounce silver Ron Paul Dollar with a MSRP of $25. If this “Paul Dollar” issue is like the other Ron Paul Dollars, this could be a very hot collectible. For more info please contact one of the three distributors found at

5. Thanks for the $upport

Thank you for supporting Kevin Innes, the only co-defendant of the Liberty Dollar Four who is still in jail. Kevin has been able to maintain his inner-strength and vegetarian diet thanks to your donations.

6. Donation for Kevin

Please send a letter of support directly to Kevin:

William K. Innes
2351 Morganton Blvd. SW
Lenoir, NC 28645

And if you would be so kind, please send a few dollars to Kevin c/o his wife who opened a special account for Kevin. Please let him know that you appreciate his dedication to the values that the Liberty Dollar represents. Please send your letter and money to:

Julia Gaunt
16 Norman Austin Dr.
Asheville, NC 28804

Thanks again for all your support.

7. National Debt Explodes to $13 TRILLION

Don’t look now but the US dollar is accelerating into a black hole. And if we are to learn anything from history, it is that the hyperinflation of a fiat currency always ends in a dictatorship. Please take action to protect your family, money and sense of value before it is too late. More info on the National Debt Clock at

8. Liberty Gold Card Receives Patent!

I am pleased to inform you that Liberty Gold Card, the world’s first payment card system that transacts in gold and silver, has received their patent. If you are a qualified investor and want to be apart of this exciting project, please contact Al Wagner, CEO for Liberty Gold International, a New Zealand corporation via:

9. Real Estate Humor & “The National Juggernaut”

Hitler had his problems too. Click HERE for a short video.
Click HERE for “The National Juggernaut” A cartoon that seemed far-fetched in 1948.

Closing Remarks:

There you have it! Your quick action is urgently needed. A quick letter to Claire Rauscher would make a world of difference and speed the recovery of your money.

Guess what? The Department of Justice does not care about right or wrong. The truth means nothing. The rule of law means nothing. They lie at will. The government does not care about you, me or the law. Your life, my life means nothing! They only care about winning. Nothing else matters. The title of Michael Jackson’s theme song was right on: “They don’t care about us.”

Many thanks for your continued support. For it is only by banding together and adopting a free and independent currency that provides us with “just weights and measures” will we be able to throw off the yoke of a manipulated monetary/tax system and generate a peaceful and prosperous society.

Thank you again for all your efforts to return America to value – one dollar at a time.

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect/Editor

At this point I want to state that the recent guest column by Mr. Dean Hazel has accurately laid out the punishment that by law at one time would have attended all these malicious and cruel prosecutorial actions: hanging. For they are nothing but petit treason. An enraged citizenry is needed for justice to be accomplished. Even though, we will probably only submit these fed-government traitors to truth, reconciliation, and humane-prison, it may be prudent for us to have them become aware now of what a noose might feel like. “Desist and repent… or stretch.” The people may insist.

People should not be afraid of their governments;
governments should be afraid of their people.
—V for Vendetta

Those of us who fight for freedom and are on the outside need to speak up for and fight for the liberation of our colleagues who have been imprisoned/tormented/killed by an out-of-control coercive government. As Reverend Niemoller put it, otherwise (as the holocaust proceeds) “there will be no one left to speak up for us.”

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