Brian’s Column: 9/11 Truth Urgency

Must call out the Naked Emperor real soon…
by Brian Wright

Before you enter the temple, forgive. — Jesus

The Enlightenment Approach

Over the past couple of years I’m privileged to have become acquainted with the writings of an important modern spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle. His The Power of Now identifies the need for humans to move to the next stage of consciousness… which is to transcend identification with the mind and live in a felt oneness, and Presence, with Being. (To use the mind rather than having the mind use us.)

Then, last June I discovered Falun Dafa, a cultivation practice that employs five sequences of body postures/hand motions to align the energy of the universe with one’s own life-energy field. What distinguishes Falun Dafa is its emphasis on three fundamental qualities of the cosmos: truth, compassion, and tolerance. Reading between the lines in the translation from Chinese, Dafa encourages its practitioners to stand for justice—for biological, natural human beings living in fulfillment, free from addiction, without aggression—against tyranny.[1]

It is with this sense of devotion to the fundamental biological truth—to the spiritual essence that makes the nonaggression principle sacred for our species— that I offer my comments this week.

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The Barrier Cloud—Gone to ‘End of Days’

In my previous column I gave it up for the New Paradigm over the Old Paradigm with a recommended reading list. It is my humble opinion that humankind is at a survival turning point. As I describe in the Sacred Nonaggression Principle, a minority of humans suffers from a psychological syndrome that makes pervasive, stealthful aggression central to their lives. This minority—having coalesced and acquired immense material resources and political power thru the centuries—has demonstrated its intent to end us.

(Which, qua parasite, ends it, too; but that’s another story.)

As numerous sources demonstrate,[2] the attacks of 9/11 are almost certainly the product of this minority.[3] I state “almost certainly,” because in the absence of an impartial investigation we can’t assert the standard of legal proof. What we can state with metaphysical certainty is the ‘official story’—the government’s conspiracy theory that 19 Arab Muslims with box cutters, managed by a former CIA operative undergoing dialysis from a cave in Afghanistan, penetrated the strongest military defense in history to commit mass murder—is false.

When I say “false,” I mean it regarding causes. In other words, key parts of the official conspiracy theory (OCT) cannot be true because they contradict key facts (evidence) that we know are true… or, as with Flight 77/Pentagon, there is no evidence to support these key OCT assertions. The evidence (or lack of evidence) for major parts of the OCT numbers into the hundreds of separate items, 20-50 of which are major killer-contradictions,[4] each of them brought into the light of open discussion by scores of highly respected, professional, scientific, scholarly individuals… not to mention thousands of citizen-truth activists young and old, rich and poor, right and left and libertarian.[5]

Simple Rules

Instead of making this column an argument for the specifics of 9/11 Truth (i.e. facts and discoveries that disprove the OCT), I want to bring up a handful of principles of logic and objective reasoning we must accept if truth is to be the outcome:

The Primary Rule of Disproof (PRD)

Any theory of science or explanation of a crime must satisfactorily account for all the facts. If one fact contradicts the theory, then the theory must be revised or discarded as false. For example, if one proposes that Colonel Mustard killed the victim with the Monkey Wrench in the Library, and Mustard—even though he was in the Library—did not have the wrench, then Mustard is not your killer. PRD.

Or look at the Kennedy assassination: if the evidence is conclusive that Lee Harvey Oswald did not fire a rifle on November 22, 1963,—or any of a few dozen other contradictions to the accusation that Oswald killed the president—then Oswald did not kill the president. The official theory must then be considered defunct and abandoned—that is to say, disproved. And any legitimate criminal investigation moves on to different suspect(s) and theory(s). PRD.

The PRD also applies to 9/11. All one needs is one contradiction to the OCT to falsify it. Such as lack of any material evidence—publicly verifiable through direct access or publicly certifiable official chain of custody—that a Boeing 757 struck the Pentagon. Moreover, when examination of the crime scene reveals facts that make a contradictory explanation more likely— such as damage to the Pentagon consistent with a non-airliner projectile and/or explosives—a competent investigator knows to move his examination to the explanation that better matches the uncovered facts.

Irrelevant, Dilatory Questions and Assertions

When I assert to a ‘Denier’ that evidence (or lack of evidence) clearly shows the OCT cannot be true, typical responses are as follows:

  1. Corollary Assertion—The denier will claim some ‘expert’—a professional organization, a business group, government officials, etc.—did ‘something’ based on that expert’s acceptance of the OCT. (For example, a commercial building standards body decides to change its steel fireproofing procedures.)
  2. A Priori Question or Assertion—This is basically the practice of denying my evidence by asserting or questioning something else alleged to be more fundamental or axiomatic, i.e. that simply must be true or not true:
      • “How could all those people keep a secret?”
      • “If A did not cause B, what did?!”
      • “Only crazy people accept your proposition.”
      • “Per the government, your proposition is wrong.”
  3. Non-Responsive Argument—The responder will come up with an argument to demonstrate that something I’m claiming as evidence does not lead to a conclusion that I never made. Or that I’m claiming something as evidence that I never claimed as evidence. Sometimes called the strawman argument, e.g.:
      • “Video shows airplanes struck the World Trade Center.”
      • “How can you say cellphones don’t work at 5,000 ft.?”
      • “Hani Hanjour definitely took pilot training classes in AZ.”
  4. Assertion of ‘Royal’ Authority—This is basically the ‘argument’ that the Emperor cannot be naked because, well, he’s the Emperor. [Or if you’re George Bush, “he be da decider.”] This assertion is slightly different from the Corollary Assertion irrelevancy of item 1: the responder here is basically telling you, as a frightened tribe member might, he’s going along with the top dog because he’s the top dog… and he fears the consequences of disobedience.

There are a few other “irrelevant, dilatory assertions or questions,” as well as some I haven’t thought of. In fact, several of my educated friends simply refuse to discuss the subject. They don’t respond at all. And if you were to pin them down with evidence, they might say, “Even if what you’re saying is true, I don’t believe it.” This is not good, because without 9/11 Truth reaching a critical mass of minds willing to attest to it, the real criminals will have won… and “9/12” won’t be far behind.[6]

Still my point here is that in the simple matter of logic, my experience has been nobody who insists on maintaining the OCT has done so without flagrantly violating the most elemental rules of logical argument. None—probably the most celebrated written piece is from Popular Mechanics[7]—has done so much as lay a glove of contrary evidence and reason on any of the decidedly obvious propositions of serious 9/11 truthers… which seriousness, by the way, characterizes 99% of those who dispute the government’s official conspiracy theory.

Naked Emperor

Yes, the facts are in. We know to a certainty that the OCT is false. We also know to an incredibly high likelihood (99+%)—considering the nature of the evidence, along with motive, means, and opportunity to commit the crime (and past behavior)—that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated by personnel operating secretly under auspices of the US government in coordination with various allied ‘black’ contractors, governments, and financial interests. We further know the 9/11 Commission Report and all the various government reports purporting to investigate 9/11 are lies, omissions, and coverups… and that the CIA-controlled mainstream media remains nothing but a propaganda ministry whose job is to bury the truth.

So from the perspective of truth and logic, that’s it. Case closed. If you still lean toward denial, and you care, please simply read any of the major works I’ve referenced herein. [My favorite—though I’m a couple of years out of date—is Dr. David Ray Griffin’s Debunking 9/11 Debunking (because this book covers all the bases).]

9/11 is the crime of the century. And it isn’t a matter of truth or logic that a large—though rapidly declining—number of our countrymen and women still believe the OCT as an article of quasi-religious faith. It’s a matter of psychology: what I’ve referred to fundamentally in Chapter 4 of the Sacred Nonaggression Principle as the internal cause of the Barrier Cloud. In addition to my speculation on the psychological reasons for resisting 9/11 truth, please refer to Ken Jenkins excellent work dealing with the same subject. [ref. Global Outlook 13, p. 174.] We have to be considerate to the deniers… after all, most of us were deniers ourselves at one time.

But when all the smoke has cleared, denial is almost universally a case of “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” the classic parable from Hans Christian Andersen. In that story, swindlers convince the Emperor that they will make a suit of clothes so fine that it will appear to the unfit and to the stupid as if their wearer is unclothed—but to everyone else of distinction, the suit will appear as of the finest gold and silk. You know the story: The Emperor parades around in his birthday suit to the oohs and aahs of his loyal subjects until a child calls out that the Emperor is naked.

In 9/11 the swindlers and the sycophants (meaning: those who fawn over someone in authority) are, respectively, the killers who committed the crime and the vast minions of the collective unconscious that embrace the pathology of “blind nationalist faith in the US government.” The only difference between our modern Peers of 9/11 Denial and those who fawned over Andersen’s Emperor is, back then, the people appeared willing to accept, reluctantly, the clear observation of a child… and they weren’t dealing with a virtually incomprehensible crime of “self”-slaughter.

The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.
— J. Edgar Hoover

It’s my firm conviction that the ones whom the evidence shows actually did commit the crimes of 9/11 are preparing to strike again… broadly. Nor is that an isolated conviction. Check out my #1 item on the Brian Wright Reading List: Global Outlook, Issue #13 (2009). Or if you want something to give you more up-to-date nightmares: Alex Jones’ Endgame. We’re approaching such an endgame where the ‘money power’—the global bankster-corporatist cabal that recently effected a $12.8 trillion wealth transfer from (what remains of) the American productive class—is ‘evincing a clear design to reduce us under absolute despotism,’ not to mention abject poverty.

Shortest Path to the New Paradigm: 9/11 TruthGlobal Outlook Issue 13

My book extols the nonaggression principle and there is no doubt that elevating the simple and obvious NaP to the highest social ideal is the ultimate solution to all the world’s political and economic problems. The only issue is: we don’t have the time for the SNaP to work its way into everyone’s cultural premises.

The fact of 9/11 itself, executed as it was by a pathological minority who would wield absolute power over humanity, makes it clear that we’re in the end game. Every day new laws come from Washington that flagrantly violate our sacred documents and threaten to reduce us to slaves or chattel of the federal government. Posse Comitatus has been violated, detention centers have been set up, and President Obama—even more boldly than his moronic Predecessor-Puppet—has announced his intention to detain any individual he wishes to, indefinitely and without notice… and no one has arrested Obama for treason!

The barbarians are not only at the gate, they’re a-fixin’ to kill our women and rape our buffalo. Fortunately, we have a magic button—9/11 Truth—that pushing will turn the tables immediately. Not only will awareness of the truth about the attacks themselves avalanche within the general population, the broader awareness of the ‘coordinated hostile intent’ of this hidden cabal of rich, powerful psychopathic men will give the people an immediate edge in imminently and decisively ending the Oligarchy’s reign of terror indefinitely. Here are a few immediate benefits:

  • End of the “income” tax, money monopoly, central banks
  • End of the Patriot Act and imperial wars
  • End of the War on Drugs
  • Reduction of Washington, DC, power to night-watchman levels
  • Beginning of massive human wealth recovery from the banksters
  • Immediate end of the mind-control media/academia [8]

Reasons are practically self-evident why the above benefits ensue: If ‘the system’ performed 9/11, everything about the system must be quickly and radically excised. The world will be catapulted away from the Old Paradigm in which such men have had carte blanche to suck out humanity’s life force on a daily basis. Look forward to a remarkable 9/11 Truth Catharsis.

The Way of the Great Wheel

The way of the Falun Dafa is deep, passionate respect for truth over authority, even authority that we can’t grasp living without. As frightening as it seems—and we have all been brainwashed in blind nationalist faith from childhood—that the United States Government is in league with diabolical forces, it is our responsibility as human beings to face facts using our own independent judgment. It especially true now in humanity’s hour of greatest need: facing the alternative of a promising New Paradigm or the Great Abyss… of the old one.

“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It is simply too painful to acknowledge—even to ourselves—that we’ve been so gullible.”
— Carl Sagan

In the grand scheme of the cosmos, in another several thousand years, New York and Detroit will be buried once again in a mile-high sheet of ice. Certainly within a million years one of the super volcanoes will blow or a killer meteorite will plummet to Earth. Against such vast, deadly impermanence that characterizes the universe, whether humans decide, in their current five-minutes of geologic time, to take the red pill and free themselves from “the Matrix” hardly seems worth worrying about. And, as we come to realize, as individuals, our eternal union with the Universe, we do not worry.

But while we are alive, it is far, far better to flourish in reason and freedom. There are some very bad, sick men who want to sneak off with our money and our lives, who thrive in the dark. Like the bully on the school yard, we can avert our eyes and pretend he’s not there, but he won’t go away if we ignore him. These men killed ~3,000 Americans on 9/11/2001 and used that crime to justify wars killing hundreds of thousands of other innocent human beings. They regard normal humans as livestock and will slaughter us mercilessly. Thus, 9/11 is Humanity’s Ultimate Pearl Harbor: time to sign up for the War against the Oligarchy. If enough of us do so soon, “the human” will probably win.

[1] The Chinese government was initially accepting of the reemergence of Falun Dafa among the people (for its widespread health benefits). But when, in the late 1990s, the Dafa faithful started mass silent protests of government torture and confinement of democracy advocates, the government launched a vicious Persecution of Falun Dafa… which continues unabated to this day.

[2] On my site, the most popular column dealing with 9/11 is my 9/11 Truth Catharsis, but I have read and reviewed several of the works from distinguished professor David R. Griffin [a, b], among others [c, d, e] that bear on the subject. My other two columns on 9/11 Truth are Architects, Engineers, and 9/11 Truth and Stepping Up to the Law of Causality—which is an open letter to my science and engineering colleagues.
The Internet is full of the heroic discovery work of vast numbers of scientists, engineers, scholars, citizen investigators and concerned people from all walks of life. Best easy reference:, or my group: Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (

[3] Aside from my Sacred Nonaggression Principle, the most comprehensive and timely treatment describing who this sick, mega-destructive minority is, and how it functions, lies in the phenomenal publication identified in my Coffee Coaster Recommended Reading List as Global Outlook, Issue #13 (2009). I list it as my #1 recommendation because of the urgency of the threat.

[4] My book review of two of Dr. Griffin’s books contains a listing of 21 glaring contradictions or anomalies that the OCT does not explain.

[5] The DVD Loose Change in all its incarnations has sold several million copies and been viewed millions of more times on the Web. It started out as a student film project, produced on Dylan Avery’s laptop computer, in 2002. Probably the first Internet blockbuster.

[6] The expression “9/12” means the next act of state-sponsored, false-flag terror to be committed—an “incident,” a plague, a pandemic, a nuclear war, etc.—by the A2FCO (Anglo-American Finance-Corporatist Oligarchy). Also well described in Global Outlook, Issue #13 (2009), page 31.

[7] And thoroughly disposed of by Griffin’s book, Debunking 9/11 Debunking, as well as probably dozens of others by now that you can find on the Web.

[8] This immense benefit alone will lead to all the others: finally the MSM deliver truth. Knowledge-blocking has been the bete noir of libertarians from day 1.

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