Brian’s Column: After 9/11 Truth

Moment of truth is near, let’s start planning for the aftermath

911_KnockoutYes, one should never assume victory in the middle of a fight, because then you can let your guard down and lose it. But in regard to learning the truth about the 9/11 attacks, we’re at the tail end of the fight and the Big Lie has run to the corner of the ring all bloodied and waiting for the official decision. It’s really all over but the shouting… and the forces of the truth movement stand at the threshold of a major, species-saving victory. There’s just so much evidence now, and the books, studies, and videos keep on truckin’. Let me name only a few—from my own little part of the ring:

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Book Review: Two Truthful Books (2004, 2005)

The New Pearl Harbor New Pearl Harbor
Disturbing questions about the Bush administration and 9/11
by David Ray Griffin

2004, Olive Branch Press, 168 pages

911 Omissions and DistortionsThe 9/11 Commission Report
Omissions and Distortions
by David Ray Griffin

2005, Olive Branch Press, 295 pages

“What makes [Dr. Griffin’s books on 911] so special
is they explore the most sensitive and controversial terrain—the broad landscape of official behavior in relation to the tragedy of 9/11—in the best spirit of academic detachment, coupled with an exemplary display of the strongest scholarly virtue: a willingness to allow inquiry to follow the path of evidence and reason wherever it leads.  And it leads here to explosive destinations, where severe doubts are raised about the integrity and worldview of our leadership in those parts of the government that exercise the greatest control over the behavior and destiny of the country, particularly in the area of national security, which includes a war overseas and the stifling of liberties at home.”—Richard Falk, from the Foreword
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Brian’s Column: Outstanding News!

A Pay it Forward Letter for Truth and Justice

canstockphoto7415683This letter, adapted to email form, has been a long time coming. It represents my attempt to foster a grassroots ‘pay it forward’ message that stands a good chance of advancing Satyagraha (the Global Truth Movement) via the linchpin issue of 9/11 Truth and Justice. Without a doubt, if the 9/11 attacks were planned and executed by an cabal of dark rogue-state security operatives inside and around  the US federal government—which massive evidence says they were—the purpose of the attacks was to further this cabal’s plans of domination and war. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: 911 Truth and the Grand Awakening

The cathartic potential 911 Memorialof unraveling the Big Lie
(1st posted 12/10/07)

Always in the news… until the people do come to the truth of things. Exposure of the reality behind what happened on 9/11/2001 has the greatest potential for liberating and empowering humankind. I feel this column from 2007 still has a lot to offer to those who care about life, liberty, and integrity.

In the course of discovering evidential grounds for believing in the alternative theory of what occurred on September 11, 2001,[1] two salient characteristics of the phenomenon of “9/11 Truth (911T) ” became abundantly clear to me: Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Stepping up to the Law of Causality on 9/11

An open letter to my engineering colleagues concerning the tragic realities of 9/11

My Dearest Friends of Reason and Science:

Open Letter re: 9/11First, please forgive the presumption— should it indeed be a presumption—that as a corollary of your being an engineer you have a absolute devotion to the validity of reason and science.  It’s entirely possible in the years since graduation from engineering school someone may have convinced you otherwise, i.e. that things are true or false based on what God reveals or what other agencies (secular or clerical) claim to be true based on “higher authority” than objective reality as judged scrupulously by your own mind.

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Book Review: The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7 (2010)

Why the final official report about 9/11 is unscientific and false
by David Ray Griffin
Review by Brian Wright

Mysterious Collapse of WTC 7In the grand scheme of the cosmos of the Official Conspiracy Theory of 9/11 (OCT), the United States Government (USG) has produced several official documents purporting to describe the causes and effects of the 9/11 attacks (9/11), particularly the destruction of the Twin Towers (WTC Buildings 1 and 2) and—after a popular outcry—WTC 7… which disintegrated in symmetrical free fall at 5:21 in the afternoon on that fateful day. The government’s primary documents are roughly described in the following sequence: Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Destruction of 9/11 Evidence

Spirit of ’76 Requires Truth of ’01
Or at least evidence not destroyed w/o penalty
by Brian Wright

Global Outlook, Issue 13As this critical Independence Day 2010 passes, Americans are at a turning point in history. For several generations, this Land of the Free that our forefathers risked all to create has been systematically turned toward tyranny. One might ask, “Qui Bono?” Well, it’s always the same small cast of rich, powerful psychos, isn’t it?

Men with hearts of common criminals, yet possessing cunning minds to deceive their way into unconstitutional power over normal (nonaggressive) humanity. In the West today, we can identify them as the ruling class, the banksters, the Pathocracy… and it’s becoming clearer every day precisely who they are. The showdown between these “legal” criminals and the people looms: nowhere more critically than in the ongoing movement to ascertain the pathocrats’ role in the 9/11/2001 attacks. Continue reading