Book Review: The Third Terrorist

Mideast connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing?
by Jayna Davis

The Third Terrorist“Why do questions swirl around the official account of the massacre in Oklahoma City? A CNN/USA Today poll—taken shortly before publication of this book in 2004—revealed that 68 percent of Americans believed other bombing conspirators were still out there, somewhere. I found them,” writes author of The Third Terrorist, Jayna Davis, “hiding in plain sight.”

Investigative reporter Davis’s alarming book describes a personal journey from the rubble of the Murrah Federal Building on the fateful 19th day of April, 1995, to the large and varied evidence of mysterious Middle Eastern suspect initially designated John Doe #2 by the FBI—who later insisted he never existed:

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… the FBI’s section chief for governmental relations, impudently conceded that Hussain Al-Hussaini (the Third Terrorist) had never been interviewed. Arlen Specter, a lawyer renowned as a preeminent legal mind, neglected to question why the Bureau shirked its lawful duty to interrogate the immigrant about his alibi. The FBI, after all, had corralled hundreds of John Doe lookalikes while pursuing additional conspirators, but it refused to even speak to a man whom a plethora of witness affidavits named as Tim McVeigh’s principal accomplice….

…. the sworn statements in Senator Specter’s custody identified the Iraqi soldier (Al-Hussaini) in the company of McVeigh prior to the bombing at an Oklahoma City dance club. A gas station attendant fingered him as the customer who paid one hundred and twenty dollars cash to fill up a large Ryder truck with diesel fuel on April 18, 1995. Two witnesses named Hussain Al Hussaini as the dark-haired, olive-skinned male whom they observed timing his run at top speed from the Murrah Building one block east shortly before daybreak on April 19. He was seen climbing into the cab of a Ryder truck that reeked of diesel fuel at a local motel an hour before the explosion. Witnesses indicated that Timothy McVeigh sat behind the wheel of that truck when it pulled out of the lot and headed toward downtown.

Furthermore, Al-Hussaini was positively identified sitting in the passenger seat of the Ryder truck next to McVeigh a few blocks north of the Murrah Building at 8:30 a.m., stepping out of that truck at ground zero directly in front of the federal complex moments before the massive fertilizer bomb exploded, and speeding away from downtown in the brown Chevrolet pickup sought by law enforcement.

Five witnesses independently fingered Hussain Al-Hussaini and several of his Middle Eastern associates as frequent visitors to an Oklahoma City motel in the months, weeks, days, and hours leading up to 9:02 a.m., April 19. On numerous occasions the Arab subjects were seen in the company of Timothy McVeigh, and during a few rare occasions, associating with Terry Nichols.

The library of witness testimonies also implicated several of [Al-Hussaini’s] Arab coworkers….

Folks what we have here, and what Ms. Davis makes abundantly clear, is a massive FBI coverup of the evidence of who participated in the bombing of the Murrah Building… a deceit and coverup going to the highest levels of government. Any FBI agent or other law enforcement official stumbling on the truth and wanting to follow the leads was simply reassigned or removed from public access. The fix was in, apparently very shortly after the explosion. Because immediately the FBI had issued an APB for the above noted brown Chevrolet pickup then four hours later ordered all law enforcement agencies to simply pull the APB. They were going with the cover story of homegrown right wing fanatics.

Davis’ book is a remarkable compendium of detective footwork, in which she obtains affidavits from multiple witnesses to John Doe #2, Hussain Al-Hussaini, and to other Mideast Arabs having roles in the bombing. The FBI and (during the prosecution of McVeigh and Nichols) Justice Department simply quashed any evidence that didn’t support their scripted outcome. Other information has surfaced over the years that shows complicity and culpability of various agencies of the federal government, certainly in this coverup of a potential Middle East connection. But I keep asking myself, if Mideast Arabs were involved, why wouldn’t the powers that be have wanted to expose them and prosecute them? The Cartel’s[1] ‘rogue network’ (CRN)[2] running the Oklahoma City bombing would certainly have benefited by creating evil-Arab-Muslim terrorism in 1995, just as much as it has ‘benefited’ by creating it in September of 2001.

Was the CRN afraid the connection between its own—esp. US—state terror organizations and their Mideast Arab (faux radical Muslim) functionaries could be too easily drawn in 1995? Quite likely. Higher-echelon FBI’s fingerprints are all over OKC as much as they are on the failed WTC bombing of 1993. In the linked article, WTC 1993, OKC 1995, and WTC 2001 are part of a continuing strategy to create constant war—the lifeblood of the banksters and the money power—by creating constant fear. My guess is the decision was made on high that in 1995 that any libertarian movement counterforce had to be discredited by painting it as a bunch of whacked-out militia guys.

So I disagree with what I perceive to be Jayna Davis’ implication that these Mideast Arabs she identifies were terrorists acting independently as an anti-American vector. As her work so clearly shows, all the Mideast Arabs connected to the OKC plot had to be, knowingly or not, under direct leadership of CRN moles in the federal government. Now with the 9/11 Truth Movement in full swing we can see how the CRN contrived the Mideast radical Muslim terror threat to finish off what was left of American rationality and liberty.

But The Third Terrorist is a first rate work of independent journalism. It also reads astonishingly well: exciting on the one hand, exasperating on the other. When the chips fall, after the restoration of the Republic and resurrection of the truth of so many public-affairs’ nightmares, Ms. Davis will be standing proudly and point us to a new paradigm in getting the news. Her bravery and moral and intellectual courage are an inspiration.

[1] Lately my preferred term for the concept of the <central controlling entity>, aka the Money Power, the Power Elite, the Kleptocons, the Pathocracy, etc. Alex Jones and others refer to this entity as ‘the Globalists.’

[2] CRN: Here I’m referring to the intelligence/military/security state terror organization(s) that actually conduct false flag and other black operations for the Cartel, e.g. CIA/FBI/ONR/NSA, etc.

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