Guest Column: The ‘Grand Paul’ Movement Lesson

Republicans rage as the Great Burning arrives
by The Daily Bell

From the post-election November 08, 2012, Daily Bell report.

Daily Bell“Republicans descend into civil war as Tea Party movement vows to drive party further to the right … The Republican Party was last night descending into a civil war over control of its political future, as recriminations raged about its failure to oust Barack Obama and take control of the US Senate. Some conservatives warned colleagues that they risked annihilation by refusing to change and appeal to the women, younger and ethnically-diverse voters who had stood by Barack Obama since 2008. Yet many supporters of the Tea Party movement – whose agenda was rebuked across the US – claimed Mitt Romney had actually not been conservative enough, vowing to drive the party further to the Right.” – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme

Republicans are out of touch. Democrats are not. The Tea Party is dead.

Free-Market Analysis

Post-election, the US Republican Party will go about the business of tearing itself to pieces, as well it should. As observers of directed history here at the Daily Bell, watching the past ten years of politics presented via the prism of what we call the Internet Reformation has been instructive indeed.

There IS no real (legitimate) Republican Party left, from what we can tell. Before the violent and thuggish deconstruction of the libertarian Ron Paul Revolution, Ron Paul was on his way to taking over the Party. We watched it happen.

Crowds were growing, delegates were falling into line. Ron Paul was attracting bigger and bigger audiences. The powers-that-be had tried everything – ignoring him, ridiculing him … even controlling the “movement” by placing “handlers” around him surreptitiously.

Finally, as none of it truly worked, the top GOP began to use violence and outright fraud. Ron Paul delegates were intimidated, beaten up and banned. Rules were changed, votes were ignored and the election, which was trending toward Paul, went to Romney.

It is important to assert these things because the stealing of an election has already gone down the memory hole. Of course, in this analysis, we should offer a further reality: Ron Paul is not insane. He likely didn’t ever intend to win and sabotaged his own campaign in evident and obvious ways.

But we don’t begrudge him that. He intended to educate and succeeded beyond anything he’d ever imagined. He succeeded because in the US – in the West in general – there’s a great craving for freedom and economic literacy. This craving, nurtured by Paul’s financial literacy, has been inordinately strengthened by his four-year historical and economic lecture tour.

Millions have been exposed to the brilliant, clarified concepts of human action and have come to understand the corrosive effects of the modern central bank business cycle. This knowledge will continue to percolate. It runs like acid through the fragile facade of illiteracy and socialist lies that the power elite constructed over centuries to try to obscure the truth about human relations.

As the veil shrivels and smokes, one cannot look away. Once one begins to understand the truth about how the world works, there is no going back. The shock to the system is profound. It tends to take over one’s life. The idea that every nook and cranny of one’s consciousness has been controlled and “directed” is an overwhelming concept.

People who come to such conclusions find their lives have changed. It is physically and mentally impossible to ignore it. And it is difficult not to proselytize because the reality is so profound.

For the mainstream media already it is as if the Ron Paul candidacy, which shook the establishment from top to bottom, never existed. But ignoring the candidacy and its violent repression is a bit like trying to ignore the aftermath of an earthquake. The ruin is all around you and trying to pretend it is not there won’t make it go away. The political landscape in our view has changed irredeemably, as we long ago believed it would.

We have tended to believe that William Clinton’s presidency was the first Internet presidency and that George Bush’s was the second. After that, we used to write, we didn’t know what would happen to the faux-political consensus because the Internet itself, acting like a huge magnifying glass, would have presented the truth about US politics to an increasingly alienated electorate.

What would have become clear is that the “directed” view of history is the correct one: The power elite controls monopoly central banking and has used its unfathomable capital flows to reshape society toward globalism.

Agents have apparently been planted at the top of every facility that matters, from the military to universities, to the media, to think tanks, to political parties and legislatures. With just a few powerful people placed at the proper places, the elites successfully manipulate conversation and steer the world toward the internationalism they prefer.

Society is controlled by intimidation, censorship and fear. Ever expanding spy technology wielded by invasive and growing Intel agencies is the methodology of choice. Of course, you can never have too much control, or too much economic ruin, or too any wars.

The elites cannot rest. They have been exposed by the Internet just as the Gutenberg press exposed the power elite of the day 600 years ago. Counterattacks have been mounted in the past decade, and especially recently. False flags abound now and even apparently neo-Fabian economics have been trotted out – perhaps to blunt the freedom movement and distract people from larger truths about free-market thinking.

Paul EffectsBut given the choice, people will usually opt for more freedom, not less. More personal control and less statism. And as it is economically impossible to bribe all of the people all of the time, the freedom movement will continue to grow. Once people “get it,” the insights become part of their psychological fabric. They grow around it, and it reshapes their lives.

This has happened to an entire generation of young people thanks to the Internet and Ron Paul’s relentless proselytizing. This is the reason that the Republican Party faces a civil war – one that authoritarianism likely cannot win.

The reality will continue to resonate; the reshaping not just of people’s lives but of society will continue and expand and the Internet Reformation itself will evolve in powerful directions. There is nothing more unstoppable than an idea whose time has come. It will overwhelm literally trillions of dollars put in place to stop it and every false flag that is placed in its way…

Read the fabulous full column at its source here. — ed

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