Book Review: SNaP Module #5: Breakthru Strategy (2010)

Grand and petite strategies for success
by Brian Wright

Liberation Technology User's Guide Module #5: Breakthru StrategiesThe 5th installment in the SNaP[1] series is Breakthru Strategy, which discusses the so-called Grand Strategy for dispelling the Barrier Cloud, by moving along all three liberation axes, particularly overcoming mind control. The module describes lesser, or petite, strategies, as well, for achieving a society of reason and liberty in the context of modern Western culture. Then the book talks about several “Home Run” solutions, which lead to the street-level tips of Module #6: Productive Action.

Audience of Book

This particular book—which is actually a 28-page, easy-to-read booklet—follows on from the fourth module (The Barrier Cloud) of the SNaP series and provides the deep thinking behind getting beyond that barrier to human destiny. The audience for Module #5 is necessarily more composed of liberty activists who live for the day of deliverance from statist handicaps.

Publishing Method and Context

The modular concept for the SNaP is a new idea for marketing the content: to bring the core ideas of the Sacred Nonaggression Principle to the marketplace. I made the decision to break the SNaP book—first published via Lulu—into seven distinct “modules…” for the younger, who do not like to read long stuff, and for the older, who find it difficult to read long stuff. These are the seven standalone modules, each approximately 28 pages:

  1. The Kindergarten Rules—“Don’t hit, don’t steal, don’t lie.” The nonaggression principle comes from simple truths, core values.
  2. Nonaggression 101—The fundamental rule of live and let live, and why it needs to be sacred. NaP knowledge and subconcepts.
  3. The Roots of Nonaggression—Psychological qualities that promote a society without coercion, the sine qua non of enlightenment.
  4. The Barrier Cloud (this book)—Addresses main causes of obstacles to movement along the Nonaggression Vector.
  5. Breakthru Strategy—Grand and petite strategies for busting through the Barrier Cloud.
  6. Productive Action—Taking it to the streets: undoing the state and asserting our natural freedom to live our lives.
  7. Nonaggression Faith—Undoing state coercion by developing and practicing a belief system that worships the SNaP. References.

The book size is now 5.5″ by 8.5″ (vs. std. ‘paperback’ 4.250 x 6.875) and text size was also increased to 13 point Times Roman, with plenty of spacing. Then, in keeping with the whole goal of approachability and usability, I conceived of the set of documents as a series of stepped- learning training manuals, each addressing a fundamental area of understanding and/or action about the SNaP. Hence, the tongue-in-cheek title for the series: Liberation Technology User’s Guide. Finally, I changed publishers from Lulu to Amazon’s Createspace, to take advantage of automated ISBN assignment and much wider distribution.

Breakthru Strategy Basics and Details

Those who stand to gain by the Barrier Cloud certainly have an elaborate plan for global domination and enslavement of psychologically (more) normal humans. So, too, we normals need a Grand Strategy—and a Petite Strategy—for world liberation. And these are the subject of the Module #5: Breakthru Strategy. Both these grand and petite strategic components are vital to our success. Here is how I see them broken down into the general and more specific:

  1. Grand Strategy—at this level, especially for prosecution of the SNaP, we are concerned with growth of the individual’s own body, mind, and spirit.
  2. Petite Strategy—the subordinate idea(s) for effecting a society without coercion contains all of what we generally refer to as political action.

I elaborate both of these strategies in the book, then develop a handful of tactics that appear to have good chances in the near term. [No one has a monopoly on the best ideas for effecting a free world; I’m only hoping to add to the creative mix.] Finally, Module #5 presents some key qualities of attitude essential for implementing positive ideas, as well as showing the importance of having the Grand Vision. So it is a combination of abstract and concrete, practical thinking put out there to achieve the desired result most efficiently.

Positive and Productive

Here are some points from Module #5 that naturally follow from following the vision quest for freedom along the lines of the SNaP:

    • Each of us as natural human beings, in general, and as freedom-loving people, in particular, has an incredible creative power to make the world according to our own imagination. When humans discover this amazing power, en masse, as I believe we are within a few years of doing, the Manipulator Class will blow away like a tumbleweed on the Bonneville Salt Flats.
    • At the same time, many people will discover the creative business or occupation they have a burning desire to pursue. They’ll restake claims to their precious childhood dreams and never again let outside powers put them in a box. A new alternative economy is emerging now, as we discard the centralized hierarchies—the patriarchy—of the corporate state and carve out an abundant, passionate productive life with our own name on it. Some refer to our age as the Transition… to the New Paradigm.
    • This hugely creative and motivated force will not be denied. I’m happy to be a practitioner. If there’s anything I’m convinced of, it is that success requires reaching people with the language of success—whether we’re in business or politics. Think. Act. Persist. TAP. Problems exist, meaning we win by setting and achieving goals.
    • The methods of success we apply in our economic lives, we will apply to freeing up the world. TAP the SNaP and SNaP the TAP. May whatever honest business or occupation you choose lead you to the time freedom, the health freedom, and the financial freedom to be able to lend a hand toward the political freedom… which, system wide, is the nonaggression ideal.

The foundation for a successful strategy for ‘clearing the cloud’ is a positive mental SunFLOWerattitude. Because of the accelerating and intensifying challenges posed by the “Men of the Power Sickness,” whatever strategy we adopt will require the best we have to offer in order to succeed.

[1] Sacred Nonaggression Principle: the idea that eliminating the initiation of force from human relationships is our highest calling in a social context.

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