Brian’s Column: Cops Goin’ Wild?

Open letter to a prospective county sheriff
by Brian Wright

Smoke_PotMike, so as a prospective sheriff candidate, how do you feel about the War on Drugs? [And I sent this link to him.]

Does the county get federal funds based on numbers of marijuana smokers arrested by sheriff’s deputies? The LP is of course wholly against laws against what drugs one prefers, and moreover, like Prohibition, to put it in the words of my favorite (ex) Michigan cop of all time, Howard Wooldridge, “the Modern Prohibition/War on Drugs is the most destructive, dysfunctional and immoral policy since slavery & Jim Crow.”— Citizens Opposing Prohibition.

Our Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate, Jim Gray, is a former federal judge. The end to the War on Drugs was his central platform during his campaign. Our presidential candidate in 2012 was Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico who opposed all drug prohibition laws for consenting adults. Does ending the prison-industrial complex and stopping the destruction of the lives of those who have not aggressed upon anyone sound like a public policy plan you could get behind?

Would you consider a sheriff’s candidacy as a Libertarian? All of these men—Wooldridge, Gray, and Johnson—would be very happy to chat with you, I’m sure.


PS: At a meeting of the Livingston County Libertarians a couple of weeks ago I asked one of the ringleaders of the young ‘Voluntaryist’ designation whether he’d like to visit or go on a ridealong with one of your officers, and he said he’d be afraid your boss, the current sheriff, et al, would use it as an opportunity to ‘disappear’ him. 🙂

I know it sounds funny, but from all the reports of increasing police violence on peaceful civilians around the country, but especially in Michigan, I can’t say I blame him. Here’s a website video from a friend of mine in the liberty Republican contingent: You can just go to the video on that page of The American Police State.

These are my people, Mike. These are the people that the federal government and federal tyranny will be rounding up, and, with local police help, would be rounding up right now if they could. Frightening stuff, Mike, and I’m certainly alarmed by the federalization and militarization of police all across the country. I think most people’s attitudes toward police of any jurisdiction is that they are thugs and aggressors, out there to abuse–strip search, torment–citizens and send them to jail if at all possible. That’s my reaction, they’re certainly not working for me, rather for the corporate-state mobsters that are paying them off. And the biggest mobsters are federal.

So at the very least–true or not true—local police, or county police and state police have a serious public relations problem.

So just wondering where you stand on this issue of bad cops and enforcing laws that violate the Constitution. Is the American Police State a reality for you, something we need to be wary of, or does it register that your constituents may regard it as a major problem? You could really do something to stand up for personal freedom, like Sheriff Mack, and openly resist the federalization and militarization process, even as sheriff lead the forming of a county militia, banding together with other county militia, to resist the illegitimate federal authorities. Have you ever thought about that?

I haven’t, to be honest with you, but a lot of good people are leaning that way. It would be nice to have a Michigan county sheriff take a bold public stand against the War on Freedom and against federal tyranny. You might be surprised how many good law-abiding citizens would agree with you and even take up arms in the cause of true homeland security. Anyway, as time goes on and the rulers try to control us more and more, there will be greater pressure on decent law enforcement personnel to turn on your own people. Even more than what’s commonplace right now.

You can tell I’m not afraid at the moment of being disappeared by you or your forces, but it’s not outside the realm of reason. Certainly people like myself and the libertarians who speak openly of resistance to federal tyranny are going to be at the top of the list of those going to the Gulag if the tyrants win. But I’m old now, 64, and NSA (and I guess the Israeli government) knows everything about me anyway. No sense getting on anyone’s good side. I think if you check out the links, you’ll see I have reason to be alarmed… and so do you. Nobody wins when the police state takes over, certainly not legitimate law enforcement.

Besides, if the shit hits the fan, I’ll just tell the SWAT team at the door that I have good friends in the county sheriff’s organization. But I won’t name names. And if you win office as a Libertarian, you can be the ‘shot heard ’round the world’ and we can avert all this SunFLOWertyranny and oppression business altogether. Have a bloodless revolution, prosecute the men of the power sickness in Washington and a serious handful in Lansing, too. 🙂 Get back to the business of living and tending our own gardens.

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