Guest Column: After Obamacare

PhotoObamacare will fail even if it works:
No health care system is affordable
unless it’s based on nutrition and prevention
by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews column 11/20/2013) Forget the name “Obamacare” for the next few minutes. Because it doesn’t matter if you call our national health care system “BushCare” or “ReaganCare” or even “CarterCare” — it has forever been based on allowing food, beverage and pharma companies to sicken the population while invoking costly “interventionist medicine” to “manage disease” rather than preventing disease with nutrition.

I’m here to tell you that no system of health care which isn’t based on the nutritional prevention of disease will ever survive in the long run. That’s because the very idea of managing disease will always, inevitably, irreversible bankrupt your nation.

Obamacare will fail even if works

Even if the website magically works on November 30th — a far-fetched idea if there ever was one — the entire concept of Obamacare is based on nothing more than cost shifting the burden of paying for disease management.

Obamacare is modeled on the idea that a sufficient number of young, healthy people who aren’t yet sick will sign up and pay rip-off rates in order to subsidize the sicker people who are going to cost a fortune to manage. Why will they cost a fortune? Because America treats disease with monopoly-priced medications, surgery and chemotherapy instead of cheap-but-effective nutritional therapies, botanicals and simple lifestyle changes that have almost miraculous healing effects.

For every cancer patient where the government spends $500,000 on “disease management” interventions such as chemotherapy, there’s a bona fide cure to be had for less than $5,000 worth of nutrients and botanicals. That’s a 100-to-1 savings and it has a far better outcome, too, since chemotherapy actually causes repeat cancer as well as permanent damage to the kidneys, brain and heart.

Preventing disease is not profitable

But treating patients affordably is not a profitable business model for the so-called “sick-care industry.” There’s money to be made from sickness and disease, after all, and there’s even more money to be made in keeping people sick for a lifetime. The sicker they get, the more drugs they need, and drug companies have already proven over and over again that they’re willing to bribe doctors and commit felony crimes in order to push their often-deadly drugs onto the market.

As long as the health care industry is based on profit, it will never produce healthy outcomes for patients. There’s simply too much money to be made in ongoing sickness and disease.

People don’t want health insurance… they want HEALTH!

As it turns out, there’s only one person who has any financial interest in keeping you healthy, and that’s YOU! While insurance companies, drug companies, hospitals and doctors all rake in the profits the sicker and more medicated you become, your own quality of life, happiness, productivity and longevity improves the LESS you depend on insurance companies, drug companies, hospitals and doctors.

Until a national health care system aligns itself with this individual interest for low-cost, high-return health abundance, it will never be viable in the long run. No nation has a real future if half its economy is based on how much money can be made from keeping people in a downward spiral of sickness and disease, after all. And that’s precisely where the U.S. economy is headed (health care costs are fast approaching 25% of the national economy).

How to really solve Obamacare and put America on the path to healthful abundance

As a result of all this, Obamacare is fatally broken even if it magically works. They may be able to (eventually) fix the website, but they can’t fix the underlying MODEL of Obamacare which is really nothing more than playing musical chairs with the ever-increasing costs of funding a national policy of disease management and medical crisis intervention.

What you really need if you want a sustainable health care system is something like the following:

  • Outlawing all drug advertisements that target the general public. Drug ads do nothing but convince people they need more drugs even when they don’t. (All such drug ads were illegal before 1997.)
  • Ending the FDA’s censorship of truthful health claims on nutritional supplements, thereby allowing sellers of herbs, superfoods and dietary supplements to make truthful, qualified, scientifically-validated claims about the ability of dietary products to treat, prevent and cure disease. Vitamin C, for example, cures scurvy. But the FDA does not allow this claim on a bottle of vitamin C.
  • Breaking the state medical monopolies that marginalize chiropractic, Chinese medicine, herbal practices and other holistic healing arts. State medical boards needs to be reined in with a national “Medical Bill of Rights” that guarantees freedom to practice the healing arts without oppressive interference from state medical boards (which are almost always run by conventional medical monopolists who have financial ties to Big Pharma).
  • Ending all drug patents and shifting R&D to publicly-funded universities. This would immediately take the profit out of junk science drug promotions and sharply reduce the cost of drugs to the public.
  • The outlawing of all toxic, disease-promoting ingredients in the food supply (HFCS, aspartame, sodium nitrite, etc.)
  • The breaking apart of the FDA into separate “Food” and “Drug” regulators.
  • Reforming the mission statement of the NIH to study causes of health rather than causes of disease.
  • The outlawing of FDA, CDC, USDA and FTC employees from accepting jobs inside the very industries they regulate. (Stop the “revolving door” of regulators taking jobs with pharma.)
  • The outlawing of drug company bribery of doctors, financial influence of medical schools and commercial funding of science journals.
  • The total ban of mercury from all medicines, including vaccines where they continue to be used. This ban also must encompass dental amalgams, where mercury remains one of the top sources of contamination across the population.
  • Ending poisonous agricultural practices such as GMOs and the widespread use of glyphosate.
  • Ending all government subsidies of agricultural products that promote disease such as high-fructose corn syrup and processed, refined sugar.
  • Restoring patients’ rights to sue vaccine companies for the permanent health damage caused by their products. Across the board, due process must be restored for patients who consume health products.
  • A forced repeal of the FDA’s utterly ridiculous “flat Earth” belief that there is no such thing as any vitamin, mineral, nutrient or botanical that has any ability whatsoever to treat, prevent or cure any disease. This absurd belief is hopelessly outdated, and it results in patients and health care providers being unable to find or recommend affordable, safe and efficacious nutritional therapies that prevent and in some cases even help reverse disease.

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