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Rand Paul: Shoots Campaign in Foot, Twice!

shootnfootBefore even getting started, the campaign of Rand Paul has brought his chauvinistic (anti-choice) positions on immigration and reproductive freedom to center stage. Thus demolishing, in two quick swaths of self-destruction, the fragile alliance of liberty Republicans that had formed to make an iconic libertarian leader of his father, Ron Paul—an alliance that is making great strides in rolling back federal power via Nullification and the growing Truth Movement (re: 9/11, smart meters, Obamacare, mass surveillance, Common Core, climate engineering, GMOs, etc.). Here’s hoping Rand will reconsider and put the foot-shooting genie back in the bottle.

Faux Pas # 1: Border Security: 01/23/14

Campaign Letter:

Dear Brian,

I published an op-ed in The Washington Times about how crucial securing our border is to any immigration reform effort. Time and time again the American people are told that now government is serious about taking meaningful action to secure our border.

And yet every year they see Congress failing to live up to their promise of fixing the problems with our immigration system. Unfortunately, Thursday’s vote to table my Trust but Verify Amendment is another example of Congress ducking their duty to secure our border.

I hope you’ll take a few moments to read my op-ed below and, chip in a contribution so I can continue to lead the fight to push Congress to secure the border before enacting any immigration reform.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

My response

Here’s a letter in response to a mailing by Rand Paul regarding the Trust and Verify approach he proposes to ‘immigration reform.’ (That approach includes building the Southern Wall… I suppose not to preclude building an All Directions Wall down the road.) Anyway here’s my letter, open now for all my libertarian friends and Friends:
You just lost my support, Rand. I don’t want another Big Government program to fence people out (or, what’s really the purpose, to fence people in), with addition of thousands of armed government thugs to swell the ranks of DHS, TSA, and all the other police state apparatus that you claim to be fighting against.

Building a fence makes no sense. (If you build it on the southern border, why not build one on the northern border, or all around the country, or what about a wall like the Zionist Israelis have built all over Palestine, or, hey, I know, build a fence to keep residents of Detroit from moving into my suburb of Novi, Michigan, I sure don’t want any more darkies coming into my neighborhood and sucking up public resources.) It’s a boondoggle fitting to an militarily occupied territory and you’re showing the traits of most other right wing politicians… pandering to the jingoist-cretin element among us.

The only real contextual solution to immigration reform is simply to issue blanket visas unless you have some reasonable and verifiable suspicion the individual is an aggressive criminal. We need to turn INS into a skeleton, just like the rest of the federal government, not feed it like a Thanksgiving turkey. The way you control misplaced government benefits and whatever is to require citizenship for those ‘benefits,’ including the right to vote. Problem solved. Daddy understood that. I can’t believe you’re beating the drums for such a bonehead, chauvinistic approach to a nonproblem.

Brian Wright

PS: I’ll give it a few days for you to reconsider, but otherwise I’m going to be rescinding my membership in the Facebook Group working for your election. No way you’re going to inspire the libertarian resistance with such statist ‘solutions’ as beefing up border security. Sorry. I had such hope with your NSA class action suit and Fourth Amendment movements. I’ll still support those, of course. I suspect that I’ll find you also have other bad policies that your father at least shied away from. Too friggin bad! Fortunately, I only purchased a couple of bumper stickers.

FAux Pas #2: Federal Life Begins at Conception Law 1/28/14

Campaign Letter:

Dear Brian,

Since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, 55 million abortions have taken place in America. The question remains, can a civilization long endure if it does not respect life? It is the government’s duty to protect life, liberty, and property, but primarily and most importantly, a government must protect life.

In order to protect the unborn from the very moment life begins, I introduced the Life at Conception Act. Today, our nation wavers and our moral compass is adrift. Only when America chooses, remembers and restores her respect for life will we re-discover our moral bearings and truly find our way. As a physician, I’ve looked into the eyes of one pound babies. I’ve cradled their small precious bodies in the palm of one hand.

And I defy those who are careless – who disregard life – to come to the neonatal nursery with me and look at these tiny little miracles and say “we’re not going to protect that.”
That’s why I hope you’ll sign your “Right to Life” petition today. During my time in the Senate, I’ve led the fight to end abortion on demand in America. etc.

Senator Rand Paul

My Response:

I’m a prochoice libertarian. The federal government has no business in family matters. Rand’s support of federal intrusion into women’s bodies is outrageous, not to mention destructive of the fragile coalition we’re building to throw off federal tyranny.

To Local Activist:

Ron Paul was smart enough to not make it [anti-abortion] a focus of his campaign(s)… at least to the point of my not ever knowing Ron supported such an obvious federal overreach of authority. I think Ron realized the 10th Amendment problems in mandating gestation at the federal level. He was always deflecting concerns of the choice (libertarian) community by pointing to “let the states decide.”

And it’s plain silly–as we sit here with a fragile coalition of liberty-oriented Republicans on the eve of absolute totalitarian statism–to torpedo that coalition by raising theocracy (abortion) and security-state-security chauvinism (immigration) to what appear to be heading toward central planks of his platform. If I didn’t know better I’d think Rand is fifth column working for the globalist agenda… or just plain stupid.

But, we’ll see. Maybe, Pop will provide sage counsel.

So there we are. Rand Paul had a chance to run a principled campaign against the Leviathan state, but on two important issues he wants to impose federal domination of individual free choice. That will not win. It will not even show. Game over on the federal electoral front. It’s all right, the people are turning to Nullification anyway, which is showing signs of success already.

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