Guest Column: Open Letter to the Governor of Michigan

… and its legislators… regarding saving the environment
by David Lonier

New Picture (15)If our governor is serious about cleaning up the environment perhaps he should take a good look at what government could be doing to stop the pollution our air, food and water.,4668,7-277-57577_57657-326217–,00.html

  1. Air: Place a statewide ban on the spraying of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. Chemtrails: Not a conspiracy theory, but a fact:

  1. Air: Place a statewide ban on health-threatening surveillance devices known as “Smart Meters” State House Bill 4315, State Senate Bill 816,
  1. Food: Place a statewide ban on genetically modified crops in Michigan. Not only are GM crops toxic to ingest, but they have spawned an uncontrollable super-weed epidemic. Over 60 countries have banned GMO crops.
  1. Water: Place a statewide ban on fluoridated water.
  1. Water: Place a statewide ban on hydraulic rock fracturing: 140 billion gallons of ground water per year are rendered undrinkable due to the process: [I’m personally against fracking, for a number of reasons, some cited in David’s referenced article. But to develop an informed opposition, I suggest considering alternative perspectives such as this column by published by Sarah Harris, which looks at fracking as a relatively (or potentially, anyway) benign transition technology away from fossil fuels: — ed.]

This information is provided that we might see government get serious about a real cleanup of our environment.

David Lonier
Republican Precinct Delegate
Auburn Hills, Michigan

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