Brian’s Column: Special Announcement: 9/11 Truth Film Launch

Breaking_Free_w_911September 5th, 7:00 p.m., at the Detroit Fillmore: Anatomy of a Great Deception

Be there or be square. Very exciting news, and I thought I would post my letter here on my Coffee Coaster site for convenience of reference. I’ve already sent out numerous bccs to my email distribution lists that I’ve been maintaining. This film is quite likely the breakthru event of the general truth movement, leading to a disinfection of the ‘giant tapeworm’ that’s camped out on the people of the West and shows every design of ‘eating out our substance and reducing us under absolute despotism.’ — Ed.

Title of Email: Quick Satyagraha Note Esp. if Near Detroit on Sept. 5

Satya… what a?

Satyagraha is a term coined by Mahatma Gandhi meaning ‘global force for truth.’ By which he meant the kind of truth that people speak to power–the non-PC truth, the real truth, the hardscrabble facts and evidence that expose coverup/wrongdoing by government and its puppeteers.

Today, by stated public policy the US government conducts mass assaults on every one of our liberties (and lives) as enshrined in the Bill of Rights. The only reason it has been able to do so is that the broad masses have given it a moral blank check to “fight terrorism.” “Why?” “Well, because of 9/11, dummy.”

9/11 is the linchpin of our modern regime of imminent military dictatorship, its sine qua non.  If the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 can be shown to be untrue we the people will reclaim our freedom and begin healing our world.

RedCarpetGood news! The official conspiracy of 9/11 has been shown to be untrue. By hundreds of independent scholars, scientists, engineers, architects, and thousands of citizen researchers. Beyond a reasonable doubt. To the point of metaphysical certainty.

But as in the fable The Emperor’s New Clothes, the average adult subject doesn’t feel comfortable stating the obvious. Not until a child points it out, then a quick, overwhelming majority of less fearful consciousnesses come forward to allay their anxiety of standing out against the king and his men.

Here in Detroit, that ‘second little boy’–his name is David Hooper, an independent businessman with no prior film making experience–decided to make a movie to demonstrate to his doubting loved ones and friends that the official story of 9/11 is so untrue as to probably be one of the Biggest Lies… like, you know, ever.

[Guess what. After watching the advance copy of the film, his friends and family all came to agree that the official story had to be a lie, the perpetrators were insiders in and around government, they remain at large, and they must be brought to justice with a full investigation of a fully empowered grand jury(s) of our peers with subpoena authority.]

He arranged crowdfunding via Indiegogo. On Friday Night, September 5th, premiering right here in the Motor City, at the renovated old State Theatre now called The Fillmore, the world will see Anatomy of a Great Deception. It will be a gala affair, tickets still available and reasonable, and at the door.

Hope to see you there.

Brian Wright



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