Movie Review (II): Anatomy of a Great Deception—The Happening

Launch Party premier of extraordinary film by David Hooper
Event commentary and movie review by Brian Wright

Marqiuee_DaylightThis column is as much a ‘Happening’ review as a movie review. The Happening is the actual debut of the film, in Detroit, Michigan, at the Fillmore entertainment center (for most of its life, the State Theatre). Mr. David Hooper, producer and writer/director of the film, is on hand, as are the many people on the production and promotion team. In addition, Mr. Richard Gage, founder and director of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (, comes into town to introduce Dave on stage and generally contribute to the success of the launch. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Special Announcement: 9/11 Truth Film Launch

Breaking_Free_w_911September 5th, 7:00 p.m., at the Detroit Fillmore: Anatomy of a Great Deception

Be there or be square. Very exciting news, and I thought I would post my letter here on my Coffee Coaster site for convenience of reference. I’ve already sent out numerous bccs to my email distribution lists that I’ve been maintaining. This film is quite likely the breakthru event of the general truth movement, leading to a disinfection of the ‘giant tapeworm’ that’s camped out on the people of the West and shows every design of ‘eating out our substance and reducing us under absolute despotism.’ — Ed.

Title of Email: Quick Satyagraha Note Esp. if Near Detroit on Sept. 5

Satya… what a? Continue reading

Brian’s Column: An Inconvenient ‘Poof!’

A bedtime story for my seven-year-old
by Brian Wright

WTC7_CollapseVirginia, just for a moment I want to tell you a story about what happened after a mysterious big ‘blowup’ in a major American city to see whether public officials and law enforcement persons observed the highest professional standards in finding out what caused it. What happened was the complete destruction of a tall steel-frame building in lower Manhattan Island of New York City. First, please view the video of this building falling down by clicking the image on the right. Note that the video is only nine seconds long, and several of these seconds record the astounded reaction of people on the street. Continue reading