Brian’s Column: 9/11 Truth-Letter Closure Campaign, Part 1 of 3

Hastening the inevitable via personal, written appeals to action

Mate_in_TwoLast week I wrote a column entitled “After 9/11 Truth” with the intent to show how quickly the facts of reality are coming down the pike on the Big Lie of 9/11. The truth is manifest, simply ‘intuitively obvious to the casual observer,’ to use a phrase from my days in the  engineering world. By characterizing one’s ideas or statements as inevitable, one gets an edge over the resistance, especially if one’s ideas are consistent with reality. [I mentioned on my Facebook page how Leon Louw and Frances Kendall of South Africa accelerated the end of apartheid thru their 1987 book, After Apartheid.]

Note: As I got into the meat of this idea, it is becoming apparent that its full layout will be a longer undertaking than one column; indeed, I am now envisioning a short how-to booklet following from two to three columns. Part 1 is the preliminary setup, and I shall sketch a very simple basic request letter in Part 2.

Yes, 9/11 Truth is coming for breakfast, and I don’t see any way for ‘the establishment’ or the 1%, call it what you will—who is strongly implicated in the crime of crimes—to avoid its stark appointment with we-the-people justice. But the sooner the better. And just how do we on the leading edge of the 9/11 (and the embracing Satyagraha) global truth force close in for the checkmate? That’s the $64,000 question.

The finishing moves in a winning endgame in chess make a good analogy. The problem shown above-right illustrates that despite Black’s overwhelming force White will work his timing advantage as a rapier to the heart. That’s how it will go with us. I see two aspects to the victory: a) the actual knockout blow delivered by intelligent application of the legal system and b) developing the popular consensus that all ‘respectable’ individuals act to push for that application of the legal system to deliver the knockout blow.

a) Checkmate knockout final moves—grand jury investigation and presentments

As a matter of necessity, the perpetrators of 9/11 will be presented (indicted) to a federal trial jury by what I call a fully empowered grand jury, to be empaneled by a federal judge following petitions brought by citizen(s). No need for detail on the exact processes at this point; suffice it to say this will be a classic, thoroughly legitimate American grand jury.[1] The grand jury—using staff of its own selection—will have the ultimate authority for investigating, taking testimony, and bringing indictments. The indictments are the analogy to checkmate… because, no matter what the result at trial for each accused individual —who will all be government officials or their associates—the American people finally will have brought the most likely 9/11 criminals to justice.

b) Behind the actual final moves—the aroused American consensus

That’s where we come in, as truth leaders: create the irresistible consensus that leads to the proper launch of a grand jury. The organization leading the charge for a ‘new investigation by a body with subpoena power’ is Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (, of which this writer is a signatory and longtime supporter. [Note: the only realistic investigative people’s body with subpoena power is a grand jury (as described in Kelly Mordecai’s book The Hidden 4th Branch).] is on the best right track for success.

The leadership of the 9/11 Truth movement knows that consensus breakthru is imminent, as I just expressed in my After 9/11 Truth column. Now what we need is to build that personal bridge to our friends, families, and esteemed associates by sending a very simple and heartfelt note referring to that ‘inevitability’ column (or one similar) and then requesting that our friend, family, or associate act in some public fashion—if only to send along the note—for the obvious truth and justice that as Americans we need to stand for.

Preparation Notes

I recommend that everyone pursuing this plan to go through their email addresses and set up distribution lists (groupings) according to significant categories of your friends, family, and esteemed associates. Every sender is different, but let me show you how I’ve set up my major groupings of names, so you can get an idea of how to go about doing yours.

~ No.
Old friends, people I email regularly, stay in touch with, politically alive if not in tune with Satyagraha and the New Paradigm. For ex., my ex and her sister are in here.
Knowledgeable of Thrive, new consciousness, and the threat to humanity posed by the New World Order. Fluent in alternative media. Very much think for themselves.
The Ron Paul Libertarian type Republicans who have a number of strong political orgs, incl. select, more libertarian ‘Tea Party.’ Some actual public/state officials.
Already truthers I know locally, include on distribution for propagation reasons.
Fully empowered grand jury, tend to be truth receptive, include for propagation.
Two dist lists, these are ‘buddies’ who in my case are 50-70 yrs (I’m 65), tech world, engg., prime deniers, resist knowing, perceive threat to way of life.
Libertarian Party of MI, I have contacts because I cofounded LPM in 1972, still active, includes officers, intellectuals, mostly resist truth, long story, big opportunity.
Good persons that I have known over the years. Don’t see much anymore. Best friend types. High moral quality, smart, open-minded with high moral courage. Have two actual lists of them, one for Mich and one for non-Mich. Truth receptive.
Two lists, one literal family who I’m not in constant touch with, other like extended family whom I’ve stayed in touch with and run into now and then. 1/2 truth oriented.
Kind of celebrity libertarians, one or two with LP, former prez candidates, couple of authors, current officials, also noteworthy strategic thinkers aside from LP.
I was an early mover to the Free State of New Hampshire in 2004, then returned to Michigan in 2007. Many fellow libertarians. Liberty generally 1/2 truth:1/2 denial.
Also publishing, other authors, couple of celebrity authors, past workers, editing
Second chron group of coworkers, IT, but never hang with as much as Huck 2.
First chron group, but stayed with via golf league, basically. Engineers, ~govt, definitely corporate. H1 is half and half, H2 is basically denial, no lookie, engg.
Have 3-4 dist lists here, or so, secular humanists, truth worldwide, gmos-smart meters, etc. Generally, have a group for each category of the Threat Matrix.
I’ve known that I rarely hear from stay in touch with, old contacts, slightly significant
Special group, who ridiculed or dissed truth but were once really decent friends.

It was at this point I realized that the personal letter project needed to be broken up into a few simple steps, before it will be doable. I shall, however, post below a preliminary general letter template later this week. TBD.

[1] The movement to resurrect the American system of grand juries from disuse and subordination by runaway corrupt/criminal government is coming from a couple of directions, I’ll just call them system-external and system-internal, where by ‘system’ I mean what most people think of as the official ‘legitimized’ system (full of people with guns, badges, robes, jails) that almost everyone accepts as having the legal authority on the use of force in society.

  • The system-external (SE) grand jury movement (epitomized by the so-called National Liberty Alliance) seeks to form grand juries on their own recognizance—from volunteers—regardless of whether a system judge agrees to their formation.
  • 4thBranchThe system-internal (SI) grand jury movement wants to encourage judges to routinely, more-or-less automatically to refer substantiated citizen complaints of government corruption and criminality to sitting grand juries… or form special grand juries if warranted. SI grand jurors are picked randomly from registered voters and have some protections of confidentiality. This is the approach I favor, which I’m still learning about and pursuing. Refer to the book, The Hidden 4th Branch by Kelly Mordecai. And this is the method I believe will apply for bringing the persons behind the 9/11 crimes to justice.

Both approaches hold that the grand jury, with its elected foreman, holds full authority over prosecutors, judges, police, and other officers of the court. Grand juries investigate persons charged with a crime. They obtain testimony and recommend that those persons either be acquitted or indicted for trial by a petit (trial) jury. The SI grand jury is thus a preliminary tribunal for whom regular court officials are obliged to carry out its orders (subpoenas) to bring the accused and witnesses before it. The SI fully empowered grand jury has great latitude over its own procedures, but standard, routine practices would be followed for processing of testimony leading to presentments (indictments of public officials).

My vision of the grand jury for the 9/11 crimes: I see the need for a special federal (or perhaps international) grand jury whose 25 members will be randomly selected from registered voter rolls and seated in a major American city—my recommendation is Philadelphia, America’s cradle. Estimates of the number of real suspects, including foreign agents, are in excess of 300, possibly up to 500 individuals in and around the high echelons of American government, with major culpability. Therefore, since the investigation and indictment process may take one to two years, each juror shall be well-compensated for his time… I recommend $1 million each per year, with the grand jury foreman and special prosecutor (appointed by the foreman) to earn $1.25 million per year.

Part 2: 9/11 Truth-Letter Closure Campaign.

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