Brian’s Column: 9/11 Truth-Letter Closure Campaign, Part 3 of 3

Final Process and Project Notes and the First-Cut Letter Template

Breaking_Free_w_911Continued from Part 2.

Before I get to the actual 9/11 truth letter template I’m going to propose as the central format for the entire project across the Truth Community, let me say a few more words about the preparation and process. This letter template is just that, a template, actually a suggestion to facilitate—by not requiring a lot of heavy lifting as a writer—individual action. Each individual should feel free to deviate from the template based on his own preferences or personal style. The important thing is to get cracking without too much prep time.

Process/Project High-Level

My vision for the project is that each activist/letter (email) writer begins and completes his or her own outreach in the span of two to four weeks. This period includes:

  1. learning about and buying into the project thru the “After 9/11 Truth” columns or my book of the same name.[1]
  2. making groupings or distribution lists of your contacts.
  3. sending the letters (typically emails).
  4. gathering data from the responses to feed the campaign.

Expanding briefly on each step:

1. Learning and Buying into the Project

How do I define the point of consensus, where everything then becomes after 9/11 Truth? It is the point when a ‘fully empowered’ state or federal special grand jury(s) is empaneled by a judge to investigate and bring indictments of suspects in the crime of the 9/11 attacks. [Where a fully empowered grand jury is one which, with its elected foreman, holds full authority over prosecutors, judges, police, and other ‘officers of the court’ for this particular case. It is not a tribunal run by government officials, it is a tribunal run by 25 (or however many) of ‘our peers.’]

I’m selling the Truth-Letter Closure Campaign (TLC2) as a solid method for finishing the job. For reaching the goal of launching a fully empowered grand jury for 9/11. Researchers have assembled an irresistible wave of truth. All of us in the movement must direct that energy to crush the wall of denial and ignorance in one fell swoop. Which means, hand to hand, mano a mano, person to person, look me in the eye and do the right thing… because all of our futures are riding on it. To make it easier to reach individuals is why we break the message recipients into groups…

2. Organizing Your Contacts

This was touched upon in TLC2 column #1 where I identified my own distribution lists or email address groupings. Please do not take anymore than a week for this list making step. The After 9/11 Truth book explains more on how to build these lists, just remember you’re trying to reach out to and persuade four main categories of recipient:

  • Friends—people you are close to for a number of reasons, you see them frequently, they’re on your Christmas card list, you’ve gone through trying times together, they’re attuned with you emotionally, and you enjoy their company above regular acquaintances.
  • Family—including not only the blood relatives, or at least the ones who are speaking to you, but extended family with whom you have maintained pleasant occasional contact over the years.
  • Huckleberries—aka esteemed acquaintances: you hang with them but they’re not usually on your wavelength philosophically or spiritually; my examples: a fantasy football league and a larger group who formed a golf league from a company where I worked years ago.
  • Notables—This category is a recent thought: includes not only public officials who are in your service tree but especially, for 9/11 Truth letters, academics and perhaps mainstream media honchos.[2] Example: the dean of engineering at the school where you graduated.

The individualized letter—mostly emails, but for notables a hard printed mailed letter may be most appropriate—has a primary focus on convincing those who are in flat denial or who have refused to look at the evidence to do so. You will also have a number of truth-receptive recipients, and the objective with them is to have them publicly declare for truth and/or to join the TLC2 project.

3. tailoring and Sending the Letter

Remember, each mailing (email or snail mail) is to be individual. Dear <the person’s first name> (or if to a notable, you wish to be more formal with surnames and titles). For the TLC2 project you mainly use the distribution list groupings as an aid to tailoring your truth-letter to the individual. For example, you can refer to a common noteworthy event for that grouping, such as “remember the night I made the hole in one on Mystic Creek #4?”… well, I don’t either. 🙂

Note: Our goal is consistent with the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth objective, namely to seek a fully empowered grand jury(s) investigation and indictments of suspects in the crime and coverup of the 9/11 attacks.

4. Gathering Response Data

We’ll be building the project in the early weeks by organizing a Website(s) and reporting on results to, say, a 9/11 Truth-Letter correspondence committee. Thus we can share with others what verbiage works and what doesn’t, we can tweak the letter templates. What we need to report is our own activity: how many individual letters (emails) sent. Also, to ask for the recipient to inform us (a follow up inquiry is probably in order) whether he/she a) has chosen to look at the evidence, b) has come to seek the truth, and c) has publicly asserted his/her convictions in various ways and/or joined the TLC2 project.

Main Truth-Letter Template

Ta Da. Finally. The following will be going through some additional drafts in the next few days and weeks, especially as my book and book crowdfunding project for After 9/11 Truth take shape.

Title: … And Ye Shall Know the Truth

“The false narrative of what happened on 9/11 can no longer be supported or sustained by any reasonable person.”
— Acclaimed international journalist and author Christopher Bollyn in
his open letter to Pope Francis, March 25, 2014

 Dear <Firstname>:

Recent revelations of CIA torture via a US Senate Intelligence Committee report reaffirm wholesale crimes vs. humanity and the Constitution by the US government, which it has typically justified by pointing to the attacks of 9/11. A growing consensus of world citizens holds that the official conspiracy theory of those attacks—19 named-and-pictured Arabs commandeering four jetliners, causing the demolition of three NYC skyscrapers, damage to the Pentagon, and a mysterious sink hole in Pennsylvania—is a complete, “pigs fly out of my butt” absurdity. Especially when you consider the government has systematically, deliberately destroyed and withheld key evidence.

The good news is we are fast approaching the tipping point where every piece of credible evidence that conscientious people have retrieved leads to the stark conclusion that only a ‘cabal of insiders‘ at the highest levels of US and US-allied foreign policy, military, and intelligence establishments had the motive, means, or chance to do this darkest deed. Rather than detail all the telling facts—such as war games, stand down, molten metal, secondary explosions, free-fall symmetrical disintegration, nanothermite, impossible flight maneuvers, etc.—I’ll point you to this column by Brian Wright: “After 9/11 Truth.”[3]

The bad news is the Cabal controls the mainstream media and thus the perceptions of a large segment of the population who accept the unctuous network anchors as high priests of approved reality. Wag the Dog livin’ large. The Cabal also controls the military, the police, the money and lending gang—and is working to monopolize food, energy, and the rest. [Because most of us have been conditioned not to challenge anyone in authority  (especially when they fly the red-white-and-blue and stir the blood 24/7 with War TV), we generally have given the Cabal a free ride on their 9/11 deal.]


The potentially fabulous news is we normal, ordinary persons of Planet Earth can put a stop to the whole inhuman machinery of destruction, tomorrow. How? By choosing to look at 9/11 evidence—just one video or book will do it—then publicly declaring, “I want the truth, doggone it!” Like Toto in The Wizard of Oz, conscientious persons of the world en masse pull back the curtain and expose the vicious little whacker pulling the levers.

So, <Firstname>, I’m asking you to stand up to the false authority who has presumed to dictate your perceptions. Join the effort with me and millions of others worldwide to take action for 9/11 truth and justice.

and the truth shall set us free.


<Your name>

PS: If you have any questions about or issues with any of the evidence presented in the 9/11 Truth references, I’m glad to discuss them with you at your convenience.

PS: As you find truth in the one video or book you consume, please take action:

[ ] tell people in your social circle that you are a 9/11 truth proponent
[ ] write a letter to your legislator(s) or city council member(s)
[ ] join Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and sign its petition
[ ] write letters to the editor for a new investigation
[ ] study further and give talks on the evidence
[ ] buy the book After 9/11 Truth and/or participate in the truth-letter project

… then be so kind to let me know which of the actions you’ve decided upon. Thanks.

[1] The book is an integration of the “After 9/11 Truth” column and the subsequent series of three “9/11 Truth-Letter Closure Campaign” columns and is scheduled for publication 1/1/2015. It contains more detail for conducting the project. The book is also intended as a recruitment tool for truther activists to bring more of us into the project. And grow exponentially until breakthru.

[2] The truth-letter text for the notable category will have some essential differences from the standard truth-letter template. is cultivating a program for contacting academicians and scholars to overcome the inherent bureaucratic-fear resistance. Per this film: 9/11 in the Academic Community.

[3] These columns will become a book After 9/11 Truth in a few weeks’ time. Plus, I may add this note or footnote in the letter: “If you only have time to view one video or read one book, I advocate seeing Experts Speak Out from (Most of the videos cited are up for free on YouTube.)”

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