Brian’s Column: After 9/11 Truth, Ch. 12

Leveraging the TLC campaign to other causes

Sunshine“Walkin’ in the sunshine, sing a little sunshine song…” — Roger Miller

This is the ultimate and very important step for all who take up the 911TLC cause.

As a Campaign for Liberty activist strongly urged to me in the days leading up to completion of the book, we need to think of our rather low-effort 911TLC work, really—after all, we’re sending out letters and telling one another how great we are in Master Mind meetings (!)—in the context of the broader liberty movement.

In other words, each of us in the TLC program needs to lend a hand to those out there organizing and fighting for freedom on all the other issues.


How 911TLC Populates the Other Causes

One of the main qualities of the TLC program is “many hands make light work.” Please refer to Chapter 5 on mastering the inner game. One of the key discoveries from Gravity Golf and the practical ideal of Effortless Power is that ego and force go out the window. You begin to set goals and priorities, plan, and schedule without restriction, and you realize others can help. (!!!)

Big step to let go of the internal resistance to success.

Also note that 9/11 is a linchpin to the tyranny we fight:

Collapsing the Other High-Crime Assaults by the Junta

The following figure I’m giving a tentative title “All Fall Down,” to suggest that removing the linchpin of the 9/11 Big Lie and starting to bring prosecutions of legitimate insider suspects will rapidly bring down many other high-crimes for which the syndicate is also culpable.


Energizing Freedom Activists

So many of the infringements that we ‘children of liberty’ combat at city hall, the state, and federal levels are integral to the ‘Dirty Dozen’ crime categories identified in the above figure. And these central high-criminals will be hunted down and put away as soon as After 9/11 Truth becomes Now 9/11 Truth.

Which will take some time, to be sure.

Even with the aggressive schedule I envision (Appendix B), we still have several months of causes that languish for want of sufficient intelligent warm-body support. And we truthers would be remiss to confine our activism to solely knocking out the linchpin of the 9/11 Big Lie. Let’s each pick one other cause to aid.

The fact is many activists (and truthers) are already engaged in multiple causes, and thus spread far too thin to be effective. What’s needed is to attract more individuals to doing positive cause-oriented activity. Activity that gets results.

Good Neighbor Libertarian

I already have designed an effortless-power, low-risk program to effect the ideal of ‘large numbers of warm bodies’ agitating for freedom’s causes before public official bodies (POBs): I call it my Good Neighbor Libertarian (GNL) program or system.[1] I intend to document it to the point of launch by end of March 2015.

Much like the 911TLC campaign, GNL has each participant pick doable, low-risk, manageable actions and collaborate with others. Because no one is afraid of biting off more than he can chew, people step up in large numbers… according to their priorities. Many hands make light work! Plus it’s social. Blossoming.

My personal priority recommendations: 1) chemtrails and 2) anything having to do with nullification’of unconstitutional acts of the federales. In particular, look into the Tenth Amendment Center’s work in your communities. Also, PANDA, People Against the NDAA, which has a local activist package that rocks.


Use this book to get active for 9/11 Truth… and win.

Get out there: make lists, write letters, sell books… rescue neighbors from the Death Star via public truth declarations.


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