Guest Column: History of Michigan in Taxes

A longtime resident reflects on the effects of state taxes over the years
by David Lonier

IMG_20150220_174546My Letter to the Editors…

76 Years of Life in Michigan…

Raising taxes has never improved anything for those upon whom the tax increase was imposed. “Anything” includes roads, education, or the economy in general.

In fact, the quality of all three has declined in direct proportion to the amount of the tax increase.

All tax increases have ever done is take money from the rapidly dwindling working class and give it to special corporate interests or ever-expanding government/welfare programs.

No Sales Tax

When there was no sales tax, Michigan’s roads were among the best in the country, as they should have been in the motor capitol of the world. Also, Michigan’s prosperity was second to none.

4% Sales Tax

When the state imposed a 4% sales tax, Michigan became less prosperous and the roads were still pretty good until it came time to raise the sales tax again, and bad roads were held as ransom to get the tax increase.

6% Sales Tax

When the sales tax was increased to 6% Michigan became even less prosperous, people left the state in droves and the roads became worse than they ever were and now the lawmakers are once again holding bad roads as ransom to raise the sales tax by 17%.

Would it not be safe to say that raising taxes is counterproductive? Where would one look to find a lawmaker familiar with the term prioritize?

Vote NO on Proposal 1, May 5th, 2015
Live free! Together We Can Do It!

David Lonier
Auburn Hills, Michigan

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