Brian’s Column: The SAILE Fallacy

Sacred-Authority Abstraction Impervious to Logic or Evidence
(Okay, it’s technically SAAILE… also more an addiction, syndrome, or disease)

VAQSo where did I come up with this line of thought? From near the front lines of the Vaccine Culture Wars… a college-educated lady friend recently reacts poorly to my communication of a succinct scientific analysis of so-called herd immunity with comments:

“Since the beginning of vaccination, there is little [i.e. no] proof [and no reason to believe] that vaccines are responsible for eradicating disease even when herd immunity vaccination levels (95%) have been reached. [Quite the contrary: ‘By the end of 1868, more than 95 percent of the inhabitants of Chicago had been vaccinated. After the Great Fire of 1871 that leveled the city, vaccination was made a condition of receiving relief supplies. Despite the passing of strict vaccination laws, Chicago was hit with a devastating smallpox epidemic in 1872. … vaccinating most of the population (which would later be termed herd immunity) did not protect the population from the scourge of smallpox.‘–Suzanne Humphries, Dissolving Illusions: Disease, vaccines, and the forgotten history. Innumerable instances of other mass vaccination failures exist, and for other diseases.] — parenthetical comments mine, bw

Note: virtually the entire range of fundamental logic that applies to the safety and efficacy of today’s vaccines is located in this essential column from investigative journalist Jon Rappoport. The knowledge in Jon’s column enables you to slice & dice provaccine shills. 

So I think to myself, “Why does this fine, dear-to-me person who otherwise exhibits the willingness and ability to think and reason—she’s a dynamite movie and book critic, activist for reform of the criminal justice system, can easily follow and make less-popular free-market arguments, and even questions GMOs and what all is in our food—just completely blank out against people who question vaccines… or the official story of 9/11… or that, as John Lennon once stated, “the world is run by insane persons for insane purposes”… who are consistently lying to us (or omitting vital information) about, well, everything?

And MORE, especially on vaccines, why does she treat me and anyone who questions these sacred cows—via logic, evidence, credible professional sources of information—as retarded savages? Also especially on vaccines, how can she dismiss so cavalierly the physical and psychological devastation caused by vaccines to our neighbors, to millions of real persons worldwide, who suffer and die—mothers whose children suffer and die—from vaccines? Why the German townspeople routine, who saw the trainloads of prisoners coming in, none coming out, who preferred to believe “they’re only burning leaves”? Why this completely inhuman blank out by the provaxxers?

Illustrative SAIL Syndrome Concrete Example—Victor Herman’s Parents

HerrmanI pondered the above with deep feeling, when suddenly I seized on a lead, a clue why so many educated people turn a blind eye toward the obvious—a condition only exacerbated by modern electronic media, esp. the Tube (TV): Grzelda, pseudonym for my lady friend, and I go back into late 1970s thru mid 1980s l/Libertarian politics. We both attended a Libertarian Party of Michigan convention in that span, that I organized, where I brought in one of the most noteworthy voices of liberty of our era to speak, Victor Herman.

A native of Detroit, Victor (16) had moved to Russia in 1931 with his family. Ford had made a deal with the Stalinist regime to send 300 Communist-sympathetic workers to Russian to build a plant (in Gorky). Herman’s dad was a union organizer and both parents were unquestioning advocates of the ‘Noble Experiment’ in the USSR. To make a long story short, Victor excelled at parachuting, came to athletic fame in the 1930s, refused to renounce his American citizenship, spent 18 years in the Siberian Gulag. He eventually was allowed to leave Russia. Wrote the above book, Coming out of the Ice: An unexpected life (1979), which was made into a CBS-TV movie (1982) starring John Savage and Willie Nelson.

The Point

What struck me as I read my priceless autographed copy of Coming out of the Ice is how Victor’s parents absolutely knew that millions of Soviet residents were being imprisoned, tortured, and killed in the Gulag… BY the Noble Experimenters.(!) Moreover, large numbers of Americans from the Ford contingent and other American-helper companies were being disappeared into the prisons… before their very eyes. More incredibly, they had received numerous banner-sized warnings that their son was in danger from the authorities. Yet they still clung to the SAILE, like a drowning person to his lifesaver, to the abstraction that the communist state was pure, virtuous, and, most of all, SCIENTIFIC…

… with the same hysteria of those who support vaccines regardless of concrete data.

Psychological Origin of the SAIL Syndrome

Bringing me to the observation that those who succumb to SAILE with such ferocity and oblivion—the Aztec rites accompanying human sacrifice come to mind—are victims of the most extreme form of what is known as the perceptual-emotional mode of consciousness. That is, they effectively have been hypnotized (usually intentionally by the power structure) by a powerful image or symbol into a feeling of absolute belief, even worship, in that percept and its related imperatives. Examples are many:

Image/Percept Emotion/Action/Belief
Hitler public speech performance Release, tears of joy, blind following, ecstasy
Dave Matthews Band concert ” “
American flag, president speaks ” “
American flag, Billy Graham w/ Bible ” “
Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup ” “
Jonas Salk, white coat, iron-lung child ” “, holy miracle of modern medicine
Smallpox pustules, children play in sun ” “, Edward Jenner, science, slay abject evil
9/11 images, Muslims, F4 bomber ” “, warlust, hatred of Arabs
Network anchorman, staged massacre Love of police state, prisons, take away guns

Rule_ShadowsI can think of a dozen more off the top of my head. Interestingly, different images produce ferocious loyalty in different groups of people. What I’ve shown in red applies to the vaccine mongers. The most red-meat vaccine partisans I know, the most resistant to logic and evidence, are educated like Grzelda, typically liberal, get their news exclusively from unquestioned trance-inducing mainstream sources, and feel the US government and all its corporate-academic associates are worthy authorities… the paymasters of which authorities then play the vaxxers using sophisticated manufactured-consent machinery per master propagandist of the 20th century Edward Bernays (ref. Rule from the Shadows).

For vaccine pushers and go-alongs, the lead cinch control factor is TV authority and media relentlessly propagandizing that vaccines = SCIENCE.

Deprogramming the SAILE Afflicted

Look at the table again. It takes little imagination to realize that a species buried in such mind control madness will self-destruct as it kowtows to the psychopathy of those pulling the strings. I’ve written here about the mind controllers, whom I call the Men of the Power Sickness. Self-awareness is the key to liberate the MOPS’ victims. From work by Neil Postman (Amusing Ourselves to Death, 1985) it’s apparent that humanity has entered a new, dangerous threat to conceptual consciousness from ‘the Tube.’ A quote from Marshall McLuhan:

“The media have substituted themselves for the older world… The new media are not bridges between man and nature—they are nature… The new media are not ways of relating us to the old world; they are the real world and they reshape what remains of the old world at will… In television, images are projected at you. You are the screen. The images wrap around you. You are the vanishing point… The whole tendency of modern communication… is towards participation in a process, rather than apprehension of concepts.”

This means that IF those of us who think for ourselves in concepts do not reclaim the material world with that appropriately human epistemology, we will be overrun by the vast mass of humankind who simply plug in and experience themselves as part of a collective ‘Matrix.’ Individual liberation via the conceptual faculty—leading to the Billion+ Points of Light society—is the aim of my work in the general truth movement via After 9/11 Truth and the Toto Worldwide Foundation. Also to be reflected in my novel.

In bulk numbers, probably 80% of Americans are majorly SAILE-afflicted. That percentage is rapidly declining, hugely good news. Leaving 20% of Americans either free of SAILE or significantly independent in consciousness. This number is rapidly increasing. (Again super good news.) Identification of the SAILE fallacy or syndrome is potentially a giant step in unraveling the celebrity intellectual-class whores[1] who have sold themselves to the Western Cabal and control the masses on behalf of the Cabal via the illusion of reason, science, and academic respectability. [The emerging Thrive movement promises to fatally expose their pretenses.]

Note: The acid test for SAILE assertions is their blatant appeal to presumed authority. You can thus detect a SAILE fallacy immediately because its practitioners invariably a) cite statements of their ‘sacred’ authorities as factual evidence and b) arbitrarily dismiss factual evidence that comes from anyone they deem not to be an authority.

When you unravel the intellectual pretenders via SAILE analysis or Thrive… that leaves their followers and sycophants nowhere to turn to justify SAILE-based assertions. Meaning the odds of a successful restoration of independent consciousness for the Grzeldas of the world are considerably improved. Thus we create much sooner that Billion+ Points  of Light society of peace, freedom, and abundance.

[1] These individuals are sometimes referred to as the ‘Jewish or Zionist neuroscientists’ (though not all of them have roots in Judaism) consisting of well known secular humanists such as Michael Shermer, Sam Harris, and Steven Pinker. They characterize themselves as free thinkers and skeptics, and have done useful work in challenging raw superstition. Qua scientists they tend to confer their stamp of approval on any government-corporate official story or orthodox ‘knowledge’ favored by the ruling class and its academic, media authorities: such as the official story of 9/11, the safety and efficacy of vaccines, the value of GMOs and geoengineering of the climate, the nonexistence of other intelligent beings, the international banking cabal, support for the Greater Israel Project (Biblically ordained conquest by Israel of the Middle East), collectivist transhumanism and robotics/AI, and disdain for the asserted attribute of volitional consciousness (free will) in humans. Their purported skepticism does not extend to the statements or positions of the Leviathan state, for which they pimp as high priests for praise and high pay.

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