Brian’s Column: Truth and Justice Caucus

Proposing a Truth and Justice Caucus for the Libertarian Party​
[… and perhaps apply it to the other political parties]

2d_revolutionIn the interests of growing party participation toward the ultimate goal of a free society worldwide, I’m forming the ‘Good Neighbor Truth and Justice (GNT&J) Caucus’ to persuade LP and Libertarian Party of Michigan supporters to take a new political strategy along the lines advocated in my books, Leaving the Sandbox ( and After 9/11 Truth ( (and other sources). Specifically, the caucus will:

  1. advocate globally for truth per the Thrive Movement ( model—to address what I have identified as the Old World Order (OWO) Threat Matrix (, which needs to be further refined. [My recent Toto Worldwide Foundation ( launch is directly pertinent.]
  2. advocate amiably at city hall to defy, resist, and nullify Threat Matrix high-crime assaults of OWO functionaries.
  3. in terms of practical immediate legal strategy, advocate (according to Appendix C of After 9/11 Truth: fully empowered grand and petit juries of our peers (to bring the people’s justice to particular government criminals and their associates: as well as to spread the ‘Hendrickson Discovery’ ( for legally, prudentially defunding the federal Leviathan.

Note: Recognizing that the official story of the 9/11 attacks is a ludicrous lie and insult to human intelligence—the following one-page list of 15 Official Story contradictions ( will help you draw the obvious conclusion (in case you’re one of the few remaining consciousnesses who believes the 9/11 Emperor is somehow still splendidly attired)—is probably the highest-priority linchpin truth for the caucus. The Party needs to take the lead in pushing for a fully empowered special grand jury to begin a true investigation bringing indictments of legitimate suspects in the 9/11 crime (… ASAP. The other high-crime assaults will rapidly be resolved following the 9/11 prosecutions.

Please contact me here if this caucus approach is something that interests you and you may actively support. I’ll be doing some additional work to formulate the basic program in the next week or two. This will be a document outlining the simple Caucus program. [I’ll also put together a Facebook Page most likely, or at least a Group.]

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