Brian’s Column: Doreen Hendrickson, American Gandhi

The good word from Doreen’s husband Pete is that she’s on home tether
The epochal word is their message of truth and peace is about to break thru

IRS on TrialLet’s all liberty lovers share in Pete Hendrickson’s elation that his dear wife Doreen has now been released from federal prison where she was serving an 18-month sentence for refusing to commit perjury under orders of a federal judge. Yes, you read that correctly. The facts are plain and well presented in the video on the right. →

Doreen is now in home confinement… with the proviso that within 60 days she swear to a lie that her economically-gainful activities in 2002 and 2003 (and Pete’s) were taxable activities, rather than activities of common right in which the government has no ownership interest. [The statements have been written by the government and Doreen is meant to swear them as being her own words.] Almost certainly, at the end of 60 days, Doreen will again refuse to commit perjury[1]… “and THEN… and THEN… uh uh… and then along came Jones…” as the song goes.

Along Comes the Great Spirit of Mohandas Gandhi and Rosa Parks

Make no mistake about it, the federales have tied themselves up in a Gordian Knot… through stupidity, arrogance, and just plain meanness. What is Rogue Judge #2 going to do when Doreen continues to refuse to yield to Rogue Judge #1’s unlawful command? Send our hero back to the West Virginia federal compound for life?  Even in the toxic, dumbed-down, lackey-media country we’ve become, Doreen’s struggle and truth will break through.[2] She will have become an insuperable moral indictment of the rotted system for all to see, which system will unravel as the British Empire in India and racial supremacists of the Old South.

It is over. The establishment simply has no response that doesn’t expose it to sanction and imminent collapse. It has reached a point that the insiders have lost their stomach and their will to rule… a barrel of lies too heavy. Doreen supporters will grow exponentially. Why? Two reasons: 1) because the Doreen Hendrickson story will become a phenomenon and 2) because the Pete Hendrickson discovery of Cracking the Code will spread like wildfire. Simply dealing with the latter, the law—the code—that Pete discovered is exactly what he has stated. The upshot:

Cracking the Code, CtCThe federal income tax is not a direct unapportioned tax on earnings (because that would violate Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution which requires apportionment). Rather the tax is an excise levied on INCOME, which is the federally privileged activity of federal employment or an individual’s receipt of other federal government financial benefit. Pete made this discovery by careful reading of the federal tax statutes and code—which documents were only effectively available on digital computer in the late 1990s—and wrote the book, Cracking the Code: The fascinating truth about taxation in America, in 2003.

Since then, more than 200,000 individuals have recovered more than an aggregate $2 billion of their wealth incorrectly remitted to the IRS as payment for tax on non-income-generating activities. Naturally, the Treasury and its judicial partners did everything possible to suppress awareness of the truths of Pete’s book. But after 13 years, thousands of Americans are realizing the liberating benefits of understanding the law and retaining/recovering their property from the federal maw.

The proof for yours truly dawned recently: I believe it was Pete himself who observed that if what he wrote were not true, NOT A SINGLE INDIVIDUAL WOULD RECEIVE ONE RED CENT OF REFUND—rather than several hundred thousand individuals recovering $billions. Critical mass, in terms of brute force objective fact and sterling argument, has been achieved. Of course the government media and its zombie masses are holding back from acknowledging the truth. Unfortunately, the so-called liberty leaders also have been staying remote from the truth, in droves.

This is about to change: At least one leading liberty intellectual-author, Brian R. Wright, has made CtC and educated tax awareness-compliance a cornerstone of his Worldview. My first and foremost ‘Truth’ curtain in my novel, The Truman Prophecy, provides the recognition that removing the flow of living energy to the destructive federal-global beast is the foundation on which all American government excess and evil rests.

My own recent CtC story

2015_Fed_Refund_CheckIt’s important for CtC filers to understand that they are dealing with an immense, ponderous, but rule-based system. The system will obey the rules, 99% of the time, and if you don’t raise any rule-defying flag, you’ll get your property back. Shown to the right are the Michigan Refund_Blocked_Outrefund checks from my 2015 two ‘victories,’ state and federal. The paperwork resulting in these two checks is found on the Bulletin Board page.My_Tithe_Check

Note: I’m also posting a copy of my personal ‘tithe’ check of the federal refund made out to Pete and Doreen Hendrickson. [I signed my state refund over to Pete directly.] I want especially to draw the attention of longtime CtC educated filers who have been benefiting from the Hendrickson Discovery, some for several years and to the tune of 10s of thousands of dollarsyet who have not felt that they ‘owe’ the man who made it possible so much as the time of day.

Yes, in fact, no one technically owes Pete anything beyond having bought his $25 bargain book. But think of the big picture facts, dude. Because Pete has brought this immense good to Americans, corrupt officials who wish us to continue in ignorance have prosecuted and incarcerated both Pete and Doreen, respectively, in separate cases. These evildoers have turned the Hendricksons’ lives upside down and backwards, only because they CAN… and because the Hendricksons have lacked the financial resources to fight on equal terms.

If, over the past 13 years, only 50% of those receiving complete refunds—that is, conservatively, roughly 200,000 educated filings yielding an aggregate $2 billion —were to have sent to a general CtC legal protection fund a (devout Christian) 10% of their recovered amounts, THAT FUND WOULD HAVE ACCRUED AN AMAZING $100,000,000!!!! That’s correct. Think about it. Let’s say the Hendricksons had access to 10% of that fund for lawyers to deal with the federal mob targeting them for pro/per-secution. Would either Pete or Doreen have spent a minute in jail if they could lay $10,000,000 on their defense teams?!

And the remaining $90,000,000 would be available to help the handful of CtC filers who wind up in tax court or dealing with various government parries and ploys—many times because they get their egos into it, try to go it alone, or otherwise ignore the solid procedures and documentation Pete provides on the losthorizons site for handling problems with corrupt underling officials.

I’m just saying: As a general practice EVERY successful CtC filer should tithe (pay 10% of) what he recovers… for the time being, simply by sending a check to the Hendricksons, then imminently to a general defense fund that I foresee being set up to handle such contributions. It makes me angry that so many of the CtC filers who benefit do so in silence and don’t lift a finger to come to Pete’s and Doreen’s assistance in any way… when their material windfall is directly a consequence of the CtC discovery.

[Pete has never asked for what he deserves. That’s why I’m doing the asking—and I’m sure I speak for the hundreds who HAVE been there for him and his wife in their hours o’ need. Moreover, if Pete were to receive the $millions his work warrants, you know he would plow as much as he could back into the cause to spread the word to all Americans…  not spend it on showy materialism like some sleazy televangelist. So, EVERYONE OUT THERE IN CtC LAND, START TITHING TO THE HENDRICKSONS… or to the followon legal fund!]  


Nobody is out to get you for speaking out or being politically active; I, myself, am living proof of that: I wrote a book about Doreen’s ordeal (The Motor City Witchcraft Trials) and was a witness for Doreen at that proceeding. The prosecution, in front of the judge, quoted to the court from my Website, “… that this was a Kangaroo Court with a capital ‘K’… etc.” The prosecutor was outraged and the judge gave me a dirty look. They KNOW who I am and that I’ve pushed the boundaries of the 1st Amendment in condemning and ridiculing them.

[The only exception is if from very high in the management of that system, they want to single you out because you are threatening to expose them—as the diabolical Men of the Power Sickness running the US Justice Department (and/or perhaps Homeland Security) pulled the strings to lawlessly per/prosecute Pete and, then, Doreen… not even the Mafia goes after your family or women.]

So read Cracking the Code, DO Cracking the Code—using the simple templates and resources available on Pete’s site—, and take back your money and power by locating and shutting the spigot by which the Men of the Power Sickness drain your precious bodily fluids. It’s your blood and treasure. Take it and keep it. For heaven’s sake, stand up and man up for yourself and your family.

Join Doreen in her hour of triumph when because of her refusal to go to the back of the bus, we all strike a killer blow against corrupt power.

[1] If Doreen relents and chooses to commit felony perjury, basically sign under oath to facts she knows to be false, then she’s subject to even more serious prosecution by the the out-of-control federal mob.

[2] Here are some links that have nearly penetrated the media blockade already, including:


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