Brian’s Column: The Paterno Catharsis

Silver lining to cloud of Jock-Culture idolatry
by Brian Wright

The Paterno CatharsisEveryone who hasn’t been freeze dried or stuck in a cave for the past several days knows about the so-called Penn State Football Scandal[1], and I’m sure someone’s put up a Wikipedia page by now. What happened is a high-level football coach, Jerry Sandusky, under the college football icon Joe Paterno of Pennsylvania State University (Penn State)—according to a 40-count indictment for serial abuse of minors returned by a Pennsylvania grand jury on 11/5/11—’had his way’ with a number of young boys (aged 7-13). Several of the alleged sexual encounters/assaults occurred in the locker room and shower facilities of the Penn State Nittany Lions football team. A few were witnessed, and at least one was brought to the attention of Coach Paterno in 2002.

This link provides the best timeline of events I’ve found so far; the timeline includes charges from the indictment in the context of other key events.

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The Holy Paterno Blankout Syndrome

The whole question is—and the reason why it’s a scandal for Penn State and football coach Joe Paterno—why didn’t anyone in the hallowed football hierarchy put a stop to Sandusky’s aberrant behavior ten years ago… by having him barred, investigated, arrested, tried, and if convicted put away from normal society? If one reads the timeline, a number of incidents jump out at you that cry for follow up by adults—from police, janitors, prosecutors, Sandusky family members, so many others who had to know Mr. Jerry was a pedophile—who have to realize that failure to apprehend even such an immensely powerful insider means many more victims.

But one can delve into the young hormone-charged sports hysteria that overwhelms and often becomes modern American college experience to read between the lines. Anyone encountering Jerry Sandusky—or reports of his problems for the 17-some years he appears to have been acting out his predatory ways—was a full fledged, rah rah ‘citizen’ of the glorified Penn State enclave… even if they didn’t live in the Centre County, State College borough, University Park central campus per se. From ordinary Joes and Janes to governors to senators to NFL hall-of-famers, in or out of Pennsylvania, if they identify with Pennsylvania college football, they bleed Nittany Lion (NL) blue. Simple as that.

You feel sorry for the witnesses: especially then-graduate assistant Mike McQueary who in 2002 reports he saw the naked Sandusky subjecting a boy to anal intercourse in the NL showers. McQueary, who is now a wide-receivers coach with Penn State, according to the indictment, informed his own father of the incident, then met with Joe Paterno at Paterno’s home the next day and told JoePa what he saw. [It is probably going to be disputed what McQueary said to JoePa, esp. whether McQueary was explicit about anal intercourse or simply referred to the incident as ‘inappropriate.’]

What happens next is given in the timeline:

  • March 3, 2002 – Paterno calls Tim Curley, Penn State Athletic Director to his home the next day and reports a version of what the grad assistant (McQueary) had said.
  • March 2002 – Later in the month the graduate assistant is called to a meeting with Curley and Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Gary Schultz. The grad assistant reports what he has seen and Curley and Schultz say they will look into it.
  • March 27, 2002 (approximate) – The graduate assistant hears from Curley. He is told that Sandusky’s locker room keys are taken away and that the incident has been reported to The Second Mile. The graduate assistant is never questioned by university police and no other entity conducts an investigation until the graduate assistant testifies in Grand Jury in December 2010.

In other words, nothing… as usual.

Why not?

This is my point, my idea behind creating the term ‘Holy Paterno Blankout Syndrome (PBS):’ Penn State is (or was) the apotheosis of Jock Culture (AJC). AJC is an all-American patriarchal, hero-worshipping, martial system of belief and behavior that afflicts large numbers of (mainly) men and boys who prize loyalty to the AJC system symbolized by its father-figurehead (e.g. Paterno[2]) above any facts that would in any way diminish that system or symbol. The PBS means one looks away when system-connected men of power have their way with the innocent, even doubling and redoubling one’s demonstrations of loyalty to the system of the holy father. A microcosm of the Holy PBS: the Mafia; a macrocosm: the American Military-Empire Police State. [Or the Church of Rome.]

The ‘Paterno Catharsis’

What is the silver lining to the ‘Jerry Sandusky’ scandal? A catharsis is the purifying or cleansing release of the emotions or tension often through a big event. American culture is in the grips of a ‘patriarchal, hero-worshipping, martial system of belief and behavior’ analogous to the AJC at Penn State, which AJC, thanks to the persistence of one or two ‘disloyal’ whistle blowers, is now in its death throes. What the ‘death by truth’ of the Penn State AJC portends is a ‘catharsis—a radical emotional transformation—by truth’ applied to the infinitely more vicious, deadly, and deceitful modern patriarchal, imperial American State.

Thanks to the ‘disloyal whistleblowers’ in University Park, PA, one of the most noted AJC systems—after 20 years—is going to quickly unravel… and, with it, the Culture of Blankout on which it depends. Those who turned their heads, who blanked out, upon witnessing outrages of a high priest of the temple, will be punished according to their culpability. Regardless of their legal punishment, these ‘Blankouts’ will be branded forever as ones who did not act against blatant evil when they could have:

The day we see the truth and cease to speak is the day we begin to die.— Martin Luther King

Then thanks to what happens in University Park, PA, any AJC analog, most notably the United States Bankster-Driven Government, will unravel from the voices of dissent and whistleblowing that have opposed its many ongoing systematic atrocities—from 9/11 and other incidents of false-flag Globalist state terror, to the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to the mass imprisonment and torture of tens of thousands of innocent humans worldwide, to its bogus war on terror, to Homeland Gulagrity and prepping Americans for the death camps, to the continued support of Zionist-Israeli genocide of Palestinians, to poisoning the atmosphere and our food, to falsely imprisoning those who would lead us out of bondage (e.g. Pete Hendrickson, Bernard von Nothaus), to wars planned against Iran and Pakistan, to denial of hemp and marijuana, and so on.

The Paterno Catharsis is here, the New Paradigm at our fingertips. Truth-tellers, stay the course. [Everyone, this is no time to be a Blankout.]

[1] To be fair, the scandal should be referred to as Wikipedia has done: ‘Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse scandal‘. Certainly the Penn State football organization or athletic department or university is not directly responsible for the 40 counts of child abuse alleged in an indictment against former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. Sandusky is.

[2] Supreme coincidence: the root of ‘Paterno’ is pater, Latin for father.

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