Movie Review: Sunshine Cleaning Company (2008)

Inspirational movie transcends quirkiness __ 8/10

Sunshine CleaningRose Lorkowski: (paraphrasing) Yes, I do clean up special sites, often after a tragedy such as a death or a suicide of a loved one. I’m extremely proud of what we do, especially how we touch people’s lives and help in a small way to lift their sadness and loneliness.

Written by Megan Holley
Directed by Christine Jeffs

Amy Adams … Rose Lorkowski
Emily Blunt … Norah Lorkowski
Alan Arkin … Joe Lorkowski
Jason Spevack … Oscar Lorkowski
Steve Zahn … Mac
Mary Lynn Rajskub … Lynn
Clifton Collins Jr. … Winston

On the surface , Sunshine Cleaning seems to be among the movies about quirky people, that is movies about individuals who are pleasantly offbeat or don’t fit the mold. But scratch the surface and there’s a firm reality to everyone on the set, from: Continue reading