Book Review: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (2004)

The inside story of Pax Americana foreign policy
by John Perkins

ConfessionsIt’s been more than 10 years now since Confessions of an Economic Hit Man was published. And still the mainstream media is effective in blocking common understanding of how the Western banking cartel leverages Wall Street, the national security wonks, and the US military empire—in the guise of ‘economic development’—to transfer wealth from other countries into its clutches… with payoffs in the hundreds of $billions throughout its gorged network of corporate baronies.

John Perkins was a premier agent for these ‘developers.’ Boots on the ground, negotiating with statesmen and kings, skillfully articulating the contractual intentions of his Mob leaders to often reluctant representatives of the target countries. Continue reading

Guest Column: Secular Fundamentalism

Fundamentalism: A Psychological Problem
by Robert J. Burrowes

Snake Oil

Snake Oil Absolutism

This column was sent to me by a fellow 9/11 truthwalker in connection to a conversation we had last night locally (in SE Michigan) regarding the problems faced when advocating the truth to those who simply refuse to look at the evidence. In the case of 9/11 truth, many of my peers in the routine engineering profession—especially as they tend to be nearing retirement and have a significant psychological investment in the central American political authority—react with the zealous certainty of a Bible Belt preacher when that authority is questioned: “How DARE you question the mighty OZ (the immensity of the virtue of the American government)?!!” Continue reading