Brian’s Column: Cryonics Movement

Robert EttingerA New Spirit of Preservation
Cryonics movement, alive and well,
shifts into second gear in Clinton Township, Michigan

This is an encore column of mine from 2007, at the time when I had just renewed my suspension agreement with the Cryonics Institute. Since that time, Mr. Ettinger has deanimated, and his body is now stored in a cocoon of liquid nitrogen—along with upwards of 100 clients—at the facility in Clinton Township. I turned 64 this year, losing my dear mother in February. Twenty or thirty years ago I viewed my agreement with the Cryonics Society as insurance I would never need [because someone would  have cured aging by now]. Today, after my experience with Mom, I tend to look at cryogenic interment as a matter of efficient disposition of my body, requiring the least hassle and even a faint glimmer of hope. Continue reading