Guest Article: Post-Election Notes to the Donald and to the CtC Community

Comments from Pete Hendrickson on the occasion of Trump’s amazing feat

trump_t-shirtWhat a night, November 08, 2016. “What were you doing on the historic evening, Daddy?” Or Grandaddy? Yours truly had bounced back and forth between support for Trump or support for the LP Gary Johnson ticket. You can read my columns here, here, and here, for example (from most recent to least recent)… and you’ll see I did agonize over who to vote for or to advocate voting for. What ultimately put me squarely in the Trump camp was a) he targeted the global mob in a comprehensive fashion and b) all the Wikileaks and other info coming out on Hillary just so totally blew her out of the water as to make the choice a #HillaryForNevermore one.

Well, to answer the question, “I showed up at the local election party of our conventional Republican Congressman, Dave Trott (MI, 11th District) to enjoy the company, partake of food and adult beverages, and watch the TV coverage. [For more than a year now, I’ve gone without cable TV in my home.]  I’ll insert some emphasis and comments of my own into Pete’s analysis. — bw

Word To President-Elect Trump

CONGRATULATIONS! Now comes the serious part.

As you make your plans over the next few months prior to taking office, I hope you’ll keep firmly in mind that you don’t “drain the swamp” by putting swamp creatures into positions of power and responsibility. As you consider people for your cabinet you must eschew everyone aligned or associated with the policies of the status quo which we just rejected. Continue reading

Articles: Liberty Republicans for Peace (2015-8-27)

Michigan Republicans raise high the banner for peace/sanity in the Middle East
Letters to Congressman Trott from Dennis Marburger and David Lonier

IranLunacyEarlier in the week I received a note from my 14th District Congressman and Home Foreclosure King, David Trott, that he had “heard the people” at his recent town hall calling for an aggressive approach against Iran.[1] Which I take to mean to launch a war of conquest and aggression against Iran to satisfy the Israeli military and foreign policy establishment that runs Washington… and works seamlessly with the US neocon homeys of both parties for aggressive crimes against humanity. I, of course, as a radical libertarian preferring a Ron Paul Freedom Philosophy noninterventionist — and certainly NOT a continuation of the ‘Greater Israel Project‘ — policy… demurred. Indeed, I sent a note to Messrs. Marburger and Lonier expressing my hope that someone would step up and make a strong statement against these lunatic-fringe War Partiers who never seem to get the message.

Thankfully, both Dennis and David had presumably already launched solid responses. Dennis’s responses have been ongoing to officials in the Lakes Area Tea Party (Oakland County, Michigan) and on the Group’s Facebook incarnation. So I’ll just condense the main ones and let the reader follow up on other channels. I’ll follow with Dave Lonier’s excellent rebuttal email to the Trott insider warmongering mailing to his district.

Note the visuals and verbiage above are solely my own. — Brian Wright, Proprietor Continue reading