Brian’s Column: The Morality of Microbrew

Imagining, reasoning, flourishing (first posted in 2007)

Beer Stock Photos - 10604123Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy.
— Ben Franklin

Morality is a code of values to guide man’s choices and actions. — Ayn Rand

Okay, so basically what happens is my favorite brew pub[1] back here in the SE Michigan region of the VAW (Vast Authoritarian Wasteland) goes corporate.  Bonfire Bistro, winner of awards and sporting a generous happy hour from 4-6 p.m. where a pint of premium fresh brew costs you a measly $2(!), is selling to an outfit named Groucho’s. Continue reading

Book Review: The Lonely Silver Rain (1984)

A later episode, Travis McGee no longer prime time
by John D. MacDonald

Lonely Silver RainBut still great writing as Travis deals more with his mortality

Of all the John D. MacDonald Travis McGee novels I’ve read to this point (I think I’ve done approximately half of the 21), I’m giving this one—the final one, published in 1984, in the series—my ‘least favorite’ assessment… for a couple of reasons: Continue reading

Book Review: Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do (1996)

The absurdity of consensual crimes in our free country—Peter McWilliams
Reviewed by Brian Wright

Ain't Nobody's Business if You Do1996, Prelude Press, 666 pages

“I never hurt nobody but myself
and that’s nobody’s business but my own.”
— Billie Holiday

It’s taken me too long to review this book because it’s taken me far too long to actually read this magnificent book.  Everyone in Liberty World knows Peter McWilliams and most of us have shed many a tear for this sensitive, kind, humane, supremely intelligent, humorous author, publisher, and advocate of fundamental personal freedom.  For this man. Continue reading